TimeTrax: A 360 Degree Human Resource Management Solution for Pakistani Businesses

It is difficult to overstate the importance of leveraging information technology in any modern business. According to a study conducted by McKinsey, simply digitizing customer experience can boost profits by 20% in 5 years, while incorporating technology in operations and management tasks can reduce costs eventually leading to a 36% improvement in profits over the same span of time.

This is why companies need a digital solution tailored to their needs. EfroTech, a mature, 20 year-old IT provider offers a complete package for the human resource needs of companies in Pakistan and MENA. ET, as it is popularly known, is also behind famous software packages like orBItrax and BizzTrax, which help improve productivity and data analytics in all departments of any organization.

TimeTrax HCMS is one such product from EfroTech. It helps resolve all human capital management tasks through a singular, integrated set of tools. Its domain covers all aspects related to the HR function of a company. The management can make use of TimeTrax to keep track of employee performance and automate day-to-day tasks, which can help increase output.

Case Study – How TimeTrax Helped Nippon Paint Pakistan Streamline its HR Operations?

Established in 1881, Nippon Paint is a Japanese brand and the largest paint manufacturer in Asia. Following its entry into Pakistan through a joint venture in 2007, the company set up a local paint manufacturing plant in 2010. With rapid growth, Nippon Paint made the switch from manual operations to the automated TimeTrax solution from EfroTech, digitizing its operations and opening doors towards further growth.

Nippon paint currently uses eLeave, eAttendance, eDocs and ePayroll modules from the TimeTrax HCM suite. The purpose and benefits of these modules are listed below:

  • With the motto “We Pity the Boss, who has to Come Early to See Who Comes Late”, eAttendance is a comprehensive tool which integrates seamlessly with Biometric & RFID Devices to record employee arrival and departure times along with their attendance. Managers can get reports of overtime, late arrivals and early departures while on the move. It can even perform shift scheduling, penalties and send out detailed reports on department-wise attendance.
  • eLeave is meant to manage process flow for planning, applying and approval of employee leaves. It makes use of Employee Self-Service (ESS) feature which allows the employees and senior officials to manage applications on the go. Just like other modules, it can send out detailed reports and show long-term trends and statistics.
  • Whether you have 20 employees or 20,000 (or more), this [email protected] ICT Award Winner ePayroll Solution has been helping companies process Payroll as per local statutory requirements for over 20 Years. It completely automates and simplifies the payroll management. Not only is the solution easy to use, it’s very cost effective and accurate. Companies can even manage overtimes, bonuses and other pay related affairs at a central location while maintaining its accessibility across all branches. Employee loans and pay slips are also managed through this module.
  • eDocs is aimed to simplify the storage and retrieval of HR documents. It can help in finding documents quickly and to easily assign a document to an employee’s master file. eDocs has a Scan-to-PDF-to-upload feature as well.

According to Amber Fatima (Manager Human Resources at Nippon Paint), the company has seen major improvements since the days of manual operations.

Manual operations used to be slow, caused privacy and security issues and were very messy. Since we moved to the TimeTrax solutions, everything has been simplified and sped up. Everything can be seen at the head office. Even remote branches are now accessible and everything can be monitored,” said the HR Manager.

She was of the view that the product’s customer service was even more important than its quality. “Errors may occur anywhere, but if the support is fast and the support team immediately responds to your issues, it can make everything less stressful” said Amber.

HR related activities are now online and automated. The company has seen improvement in employee performance as well.

Amber claimed that since they started using TimeTrax, their costs have gone down and their HR employees and Line Managers now have more time to spend on work, instead of management related activities.

The Complete TimeTrax Suite

TimeTrax is a one-window Human Capital Management, Cloud-ready Software & Hardware Solution which incorporates 10 Super Modules, including an HR Dashboard to create a comprehensive and consistent interface for management. Here’s a brief look at multiple TimeTrax modules, each dealing with a certain aspect of HR management:

  • eRecruitment automates the hiring process and saves costs related to the recruitment function. The process of hiring requests and publishing job posts, interview calls and scheduling, evaluation summary of candidates and more is seamlessly managed. The whole module can be attached to a company’s website, eliminating third-party dependence. Candidates can view their application status and are psychometrically evaluated online.
  • eTraining is a solution for employee development. It helps track training information through an automated and simple environment. Employee skills and other information along with training calendars are all accessible through the online dashboard.
  • eTravel is a web-based solution for travel authorization, expense claims and approval workflows. It can help an organization save money on travel agents and administrative manpower. Everything can be managed remotely through the TimeTrax dashboard.
  • eAppraisal is used to encourage employees towards improved performance. It’s an automated web-based solution to judge performance, based on employee ratings. It can make use of a customized rating policy for salary increments, suggestions and more. It can help create an environment where performance is measured and then rewarded, eventually improving the bottom-line performance in companies.
  • eTMS is a Task Management and Monitoring tool for service and project-based organizations which are spread across multiple geographical locations, like chain-stores, Law firms, Consultants, ICT Companies, etc. Performance on assigned tasks can also serve as input to the Appraisal system.

All of the above-mentioned modules are easily accessible through a single dashboard to all senior management. The relevant employees and managers can also access certain aspects of these modules depending on the user-based access granted to them.

EfroTech’s HR & ERP solutions are ideal for mid to large scale companies looking to streamline operations and increase productivity in the wake of growth opportunities stemming from the development of the CPEC. Management can be improved along with employee performance, down to the lowest grades. Of course, being web connected and remote-user friendly makes TimeTrax just the right solution for companies looking to upgrade to the digital era. 

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