foodpanda & OPTP Bring the Perfect Meal for 4 for Just Rs. 699

When the food scene in Pakistan seemed not-so-happening, none other than foodpanda pulled together with nation’s number one choice for premium fast food, OPTP, to put up a stellar #WeekendMania for all the food lovers out there!

A true feast including 4 of OPTP’s top-selling GMC burgers, 2 original buckets of their signature Belgian fries and a 1.5 liter soft drink at an incredible price of Rs. 699 only, which means you can literally order a delicious meal for four by pooling a mere amount of Rs. 175 per head. Isn’t that unbelievable?!

Take note: This jaw-dropping combo is being exclusively offered on foodpanda from April 28th to 30th April only, that too with a limited stock available.

This news has taken digital media by storm and foodies can’t wait to relish this feast. Some plan to execute the long-awaited meet ups with their squad while others have intended to have a family weekend. Even the one who always goes light on the pocket are all up for a get-together because Rs. 175 is all you need!.

They say good things come to those who wait, but the call of the #WeekendMania is not to wait for! So grab it before it’s gone!

And here’s how to do it:

  1. Download the foodpanda app here or bookmark the website.
  2. Mark your calendar for Friday, April 28, 2017.
  3. Find the last 200 rupees you saved.
  4. Keep your fingers crossed that you are among the first ones to order it.
  5. Order OPTP as soon as the clock strikes 12 noon on Friday.
  6. Enjoy!

  • Dear Pro Pakistani
    It seems there a misprinting in above at point no. 2, date is mentioned as 28th January instead of 28th April 2017

  • order it at 12 noon and you probably will get at around 5-6 pm… last experience of Black Friday.. not going to order it this time…

  • Dear OPTP do you know that you guys have the most pathetic burgers in Lahore, kindly stop selling them and do what you use to do best…..sell only FRIES

  • close