Zong 4G Outperforms the Industry

Zong has announced its Q1 performance results as well as its future plans for the remainder of 2017.

The company has probably outpaced and outperformed all its competitors in terms of providing relief to its customers as well as leading the industry with the highest level of innovation and creativity.

Zong has seen a positive growth of more than 30% compared to Q1 results of 2016, outpacing any other operator for its GSM business. Its 4G subscribers have grown by 396% from June last year and 3G subscribers by 30%, total number of sites upgraded to 4G is 80%, which will be 100% at the end of the year covering more than 300 cities of Pakistan, a coverage trend no other operator has currently.

In terms of its innovation and creativity, Zong leads the industry with MBB and was essential in establishing the MBB and 4G device landscape in the Pakistani market.

Other than just the network, the company made a conscious effort to improve its visibility via television ads, newspapers, mega billboards as well as social media. This was a far cry from the previous years where Zong’s visibility was low. For any CEO, financial muscle and the ability to continue to invest in a challenging market is a key differentiator for his organization, but with the backing of CMCC (China mobile’s parent company), this seems to be a non-issue for Zong’s CEO, Mr. Liu Dianfeng.

The company, in Q1, announced financial spending of more than $200M on top of its $2B spent already in the Pakistani market to continue to expand its 3G/4G network in Pakistan even further. It is to be noted that Zong has the highest 4G market share of 75% in the nation.

The turnaround of the company doesn’t just stop at the network and commercial side of the company. In 2016, Mr. Liu Dianfeng gave a new vision to its employees, to help Pakistanis in improving their lifestyle and take it to a new level through the latest technology and innovation. Under this umbrella, Zong launched their first ever Corporate Social Responsibility report outlaying their plan to help the underprivileged people of Pakistan in all provinces by highlighting 4 major sectors including, Health, Education, Law and Order and the Civic Area, all areas where the company has launched and executed substantial projects in each province of Pakistan. Zong’s new initiative of its volunteers was also a key milestone under the same direction of their CEO tagged as “A New Hope”.

It is important to note that the company has undergone a major transformation in the last 2 years under the leadership of its new CEO, Mr. Liu Dianfeng, who in his past career has led the commercial domain in Beijing as Chief Commercial Officer as well as Chief Network Officer for more than 2 years each, leading him to understand and manage the 4G business in a better fashion. In 2016, due to the excellent performance of the company, Zong’s CEO announced the highest amount of bonuses to all its employees sharing the success of its business growth with the people who make it happen, creating a more stable and a more motivated team.

Highest ever recorded revenue growth, highest 4G market share, largest and best quality 3G/4G network, widest network coverage of 4G in more than 300 cities, re-launch of a new and more visible, vibrant brand, new product innovation of MBB, more and more platform partnerships like Facebook, YouTube and Google, a more streamlined focus to helping Pakistanis to an improved lifestyle, customized applications, is nothing but turning a struggling company around and are all key achievements for Zong under Mr. Liu’s tenure.

For the remainder of 2017, Zong has committed to increase, enhance and improve their network quality and coverage for the most far flung areas of Pakistan at the most affordable rates for its customers, having an even stronger and focused approach on its Corporate Social Responsibility areas to help the people of Pakistan in every sector.

  • Seems like a press release by Zong in praise rather than a propakistani article.

  • As a Zong 4G device user, i must say, speed is Amazing with a capital ‘A’
    They just have to announce some kind of unlimited plan, or select a time-frame like 8PM to 8AM unlimited.
    It’s quite expensive though.

    • It will never happen in Pakistan. Because 3G/4G isn’t a primary source of internet around the world. Fixed line DSL should be primary source for public but due to some kind of monopoly and ? service by PTCL situation is reverse in Pakistan. FTTH broadband is a nice service by few companies but unfortunately limited to selected areas of Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad and Isl/RWP only.

        • PTCL wale kamine, 8mb ka package apply kia tha 2 week hore hain abhi tak 8 mb ke speed nai mille mujhe. Best is TWA lakin mere area mein available nai hai.

    • I’m using the 6GB package for 600 Rupees. (You have to buy a credit of 800 Rupees) it gives you 6GB for a month and 1GB extra every night between 1am to 9am. It’s a total of 36GB in 800 Rupees.. I say it’s good enough

    • Yes their service is very very poor at a time on 4g you just can’t surf videos in sargodha

  • Amazed to read 80% 4G sites covered from Zong. I have visited daily three different locations, Zong Towers installed but still no 3G on their towers and you talking about 4G (very funny and nice marketing). I don’t know how they covered 80% 4G sites and where? Telenor & Jazz both networks 3G working all three locations since last 10 months but their quality very bad!

    • I work in the field (Assistant Manager Transmission Lines WAPDA(And No! I’m not responsible for the loadshedding :’D )) and while patrolling the transmission lines in remote areas even though you can’t see a single human being in a few kilometers radius I still had 3G service if not 4G. Been using ZONG since 2008, and when they launched 4G in Pakistan their representative called me and they delivered the 4G sim to my home address themselves. I’m a satisfied customer.

    • Zong 4G is still not available in Rajanpur district i mean it well populated city and district hq..but still no 4G and yet Zong says they had reached 300+ cities with 4G..totally disappointed…it means my tehsil Rojhan will get 4G of Zong in 3 to 4 years…worst network

  • Zong has definitely come a long way since their early days in the market. A lot of improvement.

  • Zong is good but i would say its data only… Can’t compete jazz when its comes to be an all rounder…. A satisfied warid- jazz user..
    As a postpaid user i have never come across any connectivity or coverage issues anywhere in pakistan

    • bhaye i am a loyal warid postpaid user for 10 years and after the merger warid service is unusable as hell, either call doesn’t connect says network busy and if it does there is no voice, random call disconnects are another problem. i m thinking switching to zong

      • Well i ported to mobilink in November last year so never faced any such issue…. Those on warid network are facing this issue probably

  • Wait till the “Empires Strikes back” in june with its Phentom Menace budget & even the Last jedi will be not enough for that Revenge of the Sith………….. #PurestanStarWars

  • no doubt regarding the performance but they are making fool by charging the Data consumption by fake calculation. i can not imagine that how can i consume 2GB data within 2 Minutes……Call Center said that you have consumed

    • that happened to me many time .(their system is just rubbish ..piece of garbage .. ).. now i am just looking for courage to switch my number to another network … bcz jis sa b pochu wo kehta ha chur hain saray …

    • Exactly the reason I switched from Zong. Everytime you call them on the matter, they don’t recognize your story and say system can’t be wrong. Funny thing is after porting, a Zong customer service employee called on my no for porting reason and said such matters are becoming common now and so they are doing a survey on user feedback. Strange

    • Second you on the data consumption – 2GB just magically disappears. Has happened with me too , many times. Their pulse rate is high I guess for data but still. Something is fishy..

  • 80% 4G sites? Bull Crap! In our distt. Hangu, they don’t even have a single 3G site let alone 4G. I’ve also visited many districts and the situation is almost similar.
    So Dear Zong, don’t count Khi, Lhr, Isb, Pesh, Qta, Fsb as a whole country. Maybe u have 80% coverage in those cities.

    • Yes, 80% means there are 20% sites which are not upgraded. Your city probably falls under that 20%. Thori math parhi hoti college main to itna rona na parta.

      • Read my comment with open eyes Mr. Mathematician. I didn’t just mention my city but also others I’ve visited myself and at many sites they don’t even have 3G. So I’m not buying that 80% 4G sites all over the country crap. Maybe they r ahead of all the other telecom companies in deploying 4G but that figure is certainly very much exaggerated.

  • currently zong has no competition in data sector which is bad, jazz telenor need to up their gane

  • زونگ فور جی ایک ڈرامہ ھے کم از کم ان لوگوں کے لئے جو شاہراوں پر بستے ھیں یا جن کا چھوٹے شہروں اور قصبوں میں بسیرہ ھے.آٹھ سال ھو گئے زونگ کی ٹو جی سروس مظفر گڑھ کے بیشتر علاقوں میں شروع نہیں ھو سکی یہاں نہ تو اسکے ٹاور ھٰیں نہ ھی سگنل.تھری جی فور جی تو دور کی بات ھے ان باکس ھمارے بھر گئے شکایات درج کرواتے مجال ھے جو کمپنی کے کان پر جوں رینگی.آپکو جنوبی پنجاب میں ھر نیٹ ورک کی تھری جی اور مکمل سروس مل جاے گی سواے زونگ کے.حیرت ھے یہ لوگ اپنے نیٹ ورک کی کوریج کو نمبر ون کیسے کہ رھے ھیں.

  • third class service of Zong. Indeed they will show profit because they are looting us by deducting mobile balance with even using any kind of service

  • salam all
    yahan sb log zong ki tareef kr rehain leken as per my testing jazz data network is better in speeds comparing to zong

    ap log b kr sakthay hain

    simply dono networks par same file download par laga kr dakh layn speed kis pr zada arehai

    speedtest pay to zong ki speed zada he ate hai .

    mainay zong pay speedtest kia to 31 mbps speed aye aur jab downloading start ki to hardly speed 8~9 mbps he ate rahe
    jab k jazz pay speed test 18 mbps aur downloading speed 34mbps say hore the ..

    speed test main to speed zada ate hai zong ki leken downloads pay nahe ate

  • I have used mobilink, warid and telenor services for years. But now a days, Zong is the best in packages, internet speed & voice. Most interestingly, Zong has designed its postpaid packages according to internet. They have made such a balanced packages that if u r a normal user and your “circle” also have Zong numbers, then u should forget all the tensions regarding mobile services. I always use mobile services which is the best of it’s time and Zong fits this criteria at present that no other company can beat it right now.

    • It all depends on the ‘circle’ with Zong. Me for example, I don’t have anyone on Zong which makes all their ON-NET minutes useless for me :)

      • It’s not exactly the case. Gone are the days when people made decision for a provider based on “on-net minutes”. Time has changed now and now a days we need a perfect combination of on-net, off-net and data. Zong has given their packages so intelligently that it’s very much cost effective as compared to any competitor.
        As far as “circle” is concerned, that can be converted with understanding as did I. Not an issue !

  • No other network comes close to Zong 4G speeds or service. Being able to use Zong internet without any drop outs is amazing.

  • I dont think zong is a good operator. worst in all respects. Looting pakistanies. I also have been looted for four time and now i am not using this pathetic network. I hate zong. Telenor is best

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