Only 2% of Candidates Pass CSS Examinations

A report from Islamabad has revealed that in the Central Superior Services (CSS) examinations of 2016, just two percent of candidates passed. Three female candidates managed to score the top three positions offered in the examination.

The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) revealed the results on Wednesday which showed that only 2.06 percent of all applicants had managed to score even the minimum passing marks.

A Matter of Concern

A member of the commission, Ahmed Farooq, said that “the poor result is a matter of concern… there is a need to bring improvement in the higher education sector of the country.”

Furthermore, Farooq also said that over the past few years CSS results had been declining but the commission was adamant that the quality of the examinations should not fall at any cost.

Only 3.33 percent of students passed the examination two years earlier, an even lower number of 3.11pc in 2015, and 2.09pc last year.

He said,

The mushroom growth of higher learning institutions, particularly in the private sector, is one of the major reasons behind the declining results.

200 Out of 9500 Passed

More than 9500 candidates took the CSS examination in 2016 out of which a dismal number of only 202 managed to pass and get through to the next round.

There were further eliminations in the next round, the viva voce, out of which 199 candidates passed, 114 male and 85 female.

A press release by the commission announced that 193 candidates have been given recommendations for job appointments (84 female and 109 male).

The press release also directed the recommended candidates to contact section Officer (T-V) of the Establishment Division in Islamabad for further communication.

All the top three positions that were taken by the females, Maleeha Iesar, Qurat-ul-Ain Zafar, and Mariya Javaid were from the Punjab province.

Issues With The Examination?

The Higher Education Commission Chairman, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, said the commission along with the FPSC was trying to figure out the reasons for this decline. He added,

I do agree there are quality of education issues and we are conducting audit of universities; secondly, I think there is a gap between assessment of students and the subjects they are being taught in universities.

Furthermore, he also added that Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) and the HEC were working in collaboration to try and improve the higher education sector of the country.

  • o yar waise toh bade number lete hain 1150 mein se 1135…. gpa b badi badi lete hain uni mein yahan pur kya hota hai inko , RATA nae lagta sahi?

  • Those 2% didn’t know the “Ratta-fication” model or rest tried to use their Minds for the very first time. I wager :D

  • I don’t know why they say they are auditing and blaming higher education. By the time most students reach University level, they are already mentally wasted. They do not learn the right things, and they do not learn the right way. University is also supposed to teach people HOW to learn but what can you do when students entering are already too far gone?


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