Minister Recommends Ban on Cinemas in Ramazan

Following the unanimously approved Ehtram-e-Ramazan Bill by the Senate Standing Committee on Wednesday, not only the existing rules have been revised but some additional restrictions and penalties have been put in place.

The bill warns media organizations, people, cinema houses and hotels to abide by the rules in the amended Ehtram-e-Ramazan Ordinance or face stiff penalties if they violate any of its provisions.


Any hotel who is found guilty of violating the Ehtram-e-Ramazan Ordinance, 1981, will be fined Rs. 25,000 now as opposed to the previous fine of Rs. 500.

Public eating and smoking will ensure a Rs. 500 penalty and even up to 3-months of imprisonment.

Religious Minister Recommends Closure of Cinemas

Previously the committee recommended that cinemas should remain closed for a total of six hours – three hours early in the morning and three hours after Iftar during Ramazan.

The Minister of State for Religious Affairs and Inter-faith Harmony Pir Amin Ul Hasnat Shah however, suggested that cinemas should remain closed during Ramazan in Pakistan.

Furthermore, TV channels have also been cautioned along with the movie cinemas who will be fined Rs. 50,000 or more, if found violating the Ehtram-e-Ramazan Bill.

Senator Tanveer Khan introduced the amendment bill earlier this year and further requested Senate Standing Committee on Religious Affairs to look into it.

During the meeting, Tanveer suggested the committee to take strict precautions against people who violate the law during the holy month of Ramazan.

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        • How is it “secular” thinking? In these days more people watch TV & movies using torrents and sites like iflix netflix etc. Even you have used torrents haven’t you?

          If the goal of the minister is to prevent people from watching movies in cinemas due to religious reasons, then logically the ban must extend to youtube, netflix etc. Or how do you justify it for cinema only?

          • Yes more people watch tv, movies, torrent etc. But that’s their individual role, whatever they do, do in their private places. Whereas cinema is a public place. How come banning cinema according to you is equal to banning torrents etc?
            So you have problem banning lewdness publicly only for 1 month in respect of the holy month of Ramadan since Pakistan is an Islamic state?
            So hope cinema ban is justified to you now. Or u can understand like this if you roam naked in your own home or place nobody can stop you but if you’d say people allow you to roam naked on roads as well then no that can’t be allowed. So hope you understand difference of both.

            • I don’t think they are watching movies in cinema IN FRONT OF YOU. It is not a public place. They go to a private place (cinema theater), pay money for ticket, and watch it there. In what way is that different from watching torrent on your computer? And of course if five or six friends get together and watch a movie at someone’s house where they have a 60 inch TV, that is still same level of privacy as cinema.

              Instead… if they go down to the neighbourhood market (which is 100% public place) and watch the movie using a projector TV, then it is public. How can you mix those two up?

              Second of all, who said anything about lewdness? The minister didn’t say anything about lewdness, he said ALL CINEMAS ALL MOVIES. Even kids movies are shut down. Do you atuomatically think movie = lewdness? If so, correct yourself.

              Thirdly, where is the religious argument in favour of banning movies in Ramzan? Is there one? If so, then why doesn’t the same argument apply to banning movies 365 days of the year? Please tell us.

              No one is walking naked. Please stick to facts in question.

              • If you still see no difference than you should go back to school and learn some basics, because your above story speaks itself.

                • My basics are clear: a cinema is not a public place. It is not broadcasting the movie and sound to everyone to watch & hear. You have to PAY to enter, no one FORCES you to watch or listen to a movie. Therefore, under no circumstances, is it a public place. Even if the cinema is right outside your house I do not see how it affects you at all whether people go there to watch movies or not. And apparently you can’t explain your feelings either.

                  If someone says “I will close down my restaurant during fasting hours to all people except the sick (like diabetic) elderly, the pregnant, the children, and I will only feed them” then what he is doing is not against Islam, but it is against the ruling of the government of Pakistan. Why do you want to punish Muslims, ZAB?

                    • I do not. The article you linked to clearly says

                      A broader meaning of public space or place includes also places where everybody can come if they pay, like a café, train, or movie theater.

                      Under heading of

                      Semi-public spaces
                      All Cinema I know are CLOSED to everyone who does not pay to enter. You cannot stand inside a cinema and watch a movie or even listen to it if you don’t pay first. Which means my point in my comment is still right: they’re not public places. They are places FOR the public, but they are not public places.

                      if someone goes to cinema and watches a movie
                      if someone streams movie on their home computer from netflix

                      SAME ACTIVITY

                      but only one is banned.

              • I dont understand how can you defend your comments. Do you have enough time in Ramadan for movie??. I assume Ramadan is month for Allah, not for your movies. If you pary 5 times and recite Holy Quran atleast once in Ramadan (I assume You are doing so), I think you must not have enough time for such bull-shit activities.
                Now please don’t arg for rest of 335 Days. If you need clarification for rest of year, this is another topic, (so lets discuss it in separate thread).

                • I can defend my comments because everyone else’s doesn’t make logical sense.

                  Do I have time for movie in Ramadan? Yes. A movie is 1.5-2.5 hours. If you tell me that in a whole month — let’s say 29 days x 24 hours = 696 hours — if you tell me in 696 hours over a period of a month you do not spend even 2.5 hours on non-worship tasks, then I have to say I don’t believe you.

                  You do spend time on other things. Everyone does. Especially if you are married and have children.

                  And if we are talking about me, I work a full 8-9 hours a day in Ramadan. My schedule shifts a little but the total amount of work expected of me does not go down.

                  • yar ye ramzan itni jaldi kyon ajate hai aur sardi mein rakhna chaiye na ye ramzan inko jaise chrismas har saal 25 december ko ati hai …garmi ke maare bura hal hai aur uper se bila waja ka khan peena bhi bund ..i hate ramzan!!!!

              • Kash ke tum shaitan ki bajaye Allah ke haq mai taqreer kertay tau akhirat mai perhaps Allah tumhe mu laga leta

                • When you decide to understand the problem, you’ll realize you’re only insulting yourself.

          • No one can interfere your personal activities like Internet, youtube, and other sources, Its all about You how you respect this holy month, But at least as Islamic republic this is responsibility of government to restrict such activities. This is responsibility of each individual Muslim to respect Ramadan and welcome such decisions held by Govt.

            • There are certain things that are forbidden for Muslims to do during hours of fasting, but they are not forbidden after sunset and before Fajr. The government aims to make something that is NOT AT ALL forbidden inside or outside Ramazan forbidden for whole month.

              What you are practically saying that Allah will not punish me for such non-religious activities in Ramadan that are also not anti-Islam, BUT the goverment of Pakistan will. You defend the government, even though there is simply ***NO*** religious reason given in the Quran or Hadeeth for such a ban.

              Again, I will bring up the point: anything that is allowed outside the month of Ramadan is also allowed outside of fasting hours. And there is no justification, religious justification, for banning watching movies that are not anti-Islam. Prove me wrong if you can.

              Lastly, your point that “no one can interfere with personal activities online” — I point out that the minister in question, if he had the ABILITY, he would do exactly that. Because what is the difference, again, between watching a movie in a theater and watching a movie on Netflix? Zero.

        • Tu Ramazan mai bhi chahta hai k tere penon ko loog frienf request bhejain aur un k sath datain marain cinema mai, western shit u r and the word is secular u pisss

  • Islam is a religion of peace & tolerance, even non-muslims are living in Pakistan and I suggest as a sign of respect they must avoid eating in public places but ban on cinema is not justified.

  • Zia Ul Haq ki Baaaqyaat will turn this state into Saudi Arabia. Soon minister will pass a bill in senate that women must not be allowed to drive. Remember, there are also many minorities living in this country including Hindu, Christians and Sikhs. Keep calm!

    • Bhai agar Pakistan main throughout the year Christians ke liye legally sharaab mil sakti hai… to ek month Christians agar cinemas main movies na dekhein to koi farq nahi parta… Just Saying! :D

    • muhay tu baaqyaat mai aap nazar aa rahay hain. 1 month, yaar, 1 month. Cinema jab nahi tha tab loog roza rakh letay thay, aap bhi rakh lo ya movies khol kai rakhna hai.

  • Cinema minorities ki worship place nahi hai k woh apnay religious right se mehroom ho jayien ge. Minorities ko koi problem nahi hogi is say, is liye aap apnay pait ki maroor bhi theek kar lou.

    • khulay aam khana aur peena sy to masla hy na? agar apki ankhi jawab de gayi hain to dekhain ky menay cinemas ki baat nae ki.

  • Really immature. Rather than banning public eating and cinemas, why don’t they ban bribery. Trust me, it is a much more serious offense and will actually benefit the common man.

    • You cannot ban or stop bribery now, it is now in deep roots of our nation. Our Nation cannot survive without it. This is Fact now.

      • Waah bhai. Rishwat rok nahi saktay coz its part of our system. Kal sharaab aur mujray bhi part ho jayen gay system ka to ussay bhi ban mat karna

        • you talk like a kid bro kabhi sarkari idaron sai wasta naye para apka yahi baat h bas rishwat to dour ki baat abto reference bhi naye laita hain khta hain sirf jaib garam kro

  • Cinema Should be closed on all religious holidays & speical religious day. including all Friday, Special religious month like Ramazan, MUharram, Rabio Awal, Rajjab etc,
    Sare Cinema ko ek time Chalna chahyeh : na k 24 hours service ho :.

    • Wahab Mian, shayad aapko maloom ho ya na ho per hum woh badbakht koum hain jahan pe har new movie Jummay k Mubarak din hi release hoti hai. Aur tum keh rahay ho k jummay k din cinemas band hon. Yahan tou sirf ki baat hoi tou tou mombatti mafia sargaram hogai hai minorities k hukook mangna shuru kar diye hain.

    • That is your opinion. Now, justify your reasoning by telling us why only religious days, or months, and why not 365 days a year.

      Should we also ban cricket matches on Fridays and in four holy months? Why or why not?

  • As a pro paki good decision indeed… nashayye logo ko 1 month aram krna chahiye.

  • The sick, elderly and women on periods (and people who are traveling) are exempt from fasting. Should we follow government and this minister or follow teachings of Islam?

  • So watching movies on cable TV is fine during Ramzan, but cinemas are definitely run by the shaitan? Ever heard about something called YouTube? There is this thing called Netflix as well. PTCL has its own movie-channel for crying out loud.

    Clueless schmucks and religious zealots, hello?

  • Just cineman, i think there should be a ban on restaurants, cafes and bars as well jahan addhi nangi lurkian londoon ke saath rooza pakka kernay aye hote hain.

  • close