StormFiber Expands its Services to Faisalabad

StormFiber, an FTTH service that has been getting positive reviews in Lahore and Karachi, has announced the availability of its services in Faisalabad, we have checked with sources.

From what we have heard, StormFiber is also planning to launch its services in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Sialkot, Peshawar, Quetta, Hyderabad, Abbottabad and Sukkur as well.

Timeline for the roll-outs, however, were not shared with us.

It must be mentioned here that StormFiber is backed by Cybernet’s Back-haul network and on-ground staff is already operational in all above mentioned cities.

After this new development, Nayatel — for the first time in its service history — will face competition in Faisalabad for Fiber Optic based broadband, telephony and TV services.

StormFiber — that’s currently available in Lahore and Karachi — offers FTTH internet services with up to 30Mbps speeds for just Rs. 3,999 per month and Faisalabad users are going to get the same prices as well.

StormFiber lately came up with a special promotion, that is, if you pay for installation fee then you can enjoy free intenret, telephony and TV services for three months. These promotions are valid for Faisalabad as well as for consumers in Lahore and Karachi.

It must be mentioned here that StormFibre also maintains local mirrors of various internet services, including Netflix and other social media platforms for easy and quick access with enhanced user experience.

Additionally, StormFiber also offers HD TV services whereby it offers dozens of supported TV channels in high-definition.

Key Highlights:

  • All FTTH plans are truly unlimited
  • Plans mentioned above include the charges for TV and phone line as well
  • StormFiber offers 65+ Channels for analog Cable TV
  • Digital Cable TV (with additional set top box) is also available
  • Digital Cable TV comes with 160+ channels

We couldn’t confirm the coverage areas for StormFiber for now, but you can call them up to see if they are available in your area or not.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • Why? Why should us Faisalabadis have to wait? Are you Karachi gangsters more superior to us? I think for Karachi they have covered major paying areas of DHAs and Cantonments in Karachi and Lahore. Now they should give us deprived people in other cities some services before expanding more.

      • ohh hello karachi is one whos contribute 65% of the economy of Pakistan so yes we are superior . first try to contribute in Pakistan economy then say some think …..

        • Majority of multinational’s in Pakistan are based in Karachi they collect taxes from all over Pakistan not from Karachi hence it 65% it not all payed by people of Karachi get your facts straight

          • Exactly. I don’t know who makes them think that they pay 65% of the tax. They don’t even pay the electricity bills lol and think that pakistan is running because of them.

            • yes Pakistan is ruining buz of us. 2nd Majority of multinational’s based in karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, you know y cuz people of these city want there city grow not like other people who dont do any thing but always asking we need this we need that .. first do some thing for country then ask ..what your city economy contribution in pakistan economy…

              • Pakistan is spending billions on law and order in Karachi because people of Karachi never stood against it but voted for parties involved in murder, bhatta. Most electricity theft is in Karachi, they do it as their right. Most corrupt government they chose every time which never delivers but still they chose them again and then cry the most.
                Smuggling via sea, via airport is at the top as people of Karachi are serving in those organizations who are responsible to stop this

                Sindh govt couldn’t even aquire land on time for projects to be funded by Fed govt, did anyone complain?

                In short Karachites are used to it, those who aren’t used to this should be given priority. :)

        • LOL bhonk aise raha hai jaise 65% contribution teri jeb se ati hai. Piss off with your idiotic comments.

        • Bro, Faisalabad is the third largest contributor in GDP. Aur wese bhi companies ye nahi dekhti ki konsa shehr kitna kama k de rha hai Pakistan ko, wo apna profit dekhti hn.

          • google faisalabd gdp it;s 20% of whole country due to it;s textile industry so how karachi is 65 % strange

      • Karachi Gangsters ?
        Dont forget you too are feeding “Godfathers” like like Abid sher Ali and Rana SanaUllah.

      • Hahaha
        Karachi aur Faislabad k logon ko larta dekh Afghanistan aur America ka mazboot rishta yaad aa gaya, log ye bhool gaye k Dono Pakistan ka hissa hai, chalen larr marne den jab sab khatam ho jaye ga hum mitti daal den ge ?

  • What about covering Lahore first ? Even the main areas like Gulberg and Johar town are not covered and they are trying to expand it into other cities ?

    • Its about NOC sir. Get them NOC’s from all the areas and i can assure you they will expand within 3 months. Its hard to get NOC

      • NOC has requirements, if you damage roads and infrastructure you have to restore them in same condition.

        • Ali you have zero idea what you are talking about. Typical.
          All service providers are required to restore or pay for restoration.
          Getting the permissions is the issue.

          When govt of Lahore can give blanket permission to SafeCity project in Lahore for fiber and they don’t have to do any restoration then why are private operators being stopped.

          Really you are talking without knowledge.

          I am very happy FTTH providers are going to areas where they are being welcomed.

  • I have been using their 10mbps connection since 5 months and never had any problem. Their Speed is ridiculously consistent and their customer service is also very responsive.

  • Nayatel tu Islamabad ko pura cover nahi kar raha, I live in E-11 and can’t avail their service, hopefully they will cover our area

  • Same about Lahore. They have coverage in less then 1% of Lahore and where they does provide connection it takes them anywhere from 1 month to 6 months to deploy cables and connection to your house.

    For the past 2 years Wapda Town area in Lahore is listed as (permission in progress) and its still in that early phase. Shows you the speed and effectiveness of their staff.

    Good luck getting a working connection in a timely manner in Faisalabad except maybe 0.1% of specific area.

    • I guess you’re talking about fiber link and not storm fiber. Fiber link takes about 6 months to install the connection not storm fiber. Also stormfiber have covered atleast 20% of the lahore not 1 lol how can u say from the past 2 years when stormfibe rstarted there services 10 months ago in Lahore. Stop lying lol

      • I might have considered giving a more constructive reply to you but your grammar mistakes and excessive usage of “lol” has proven that you are 15yro or less so i am gonna pass.
        Enjoy your speedy connection.

    • I got myconnection installed in 3 days and another friend got his connection installed in a week. Don’t know where you’re coming from

    • Sohaib you don’t know facts. I am working for OPTIX Multinet service. Permission is not being granted from Wapda to anyone. We are trying for last 2 year. It is only with Worldcall which is having exclusive service permission in Wapda Town. Why u don’t ask Wapda town peoples first. Maybe issue is there and not with FTTH providers.

  • As usual the privileged Lahoris and Karachiiites are making a noise that their pretty corner of paradise is not covered yet so FTTH providers should not step out of garden of Eden. I salute StormFibre peoples for expanding the service outside KLI. I advise you don’t start in Islamabad but come to Quetta, Peshawar, Hydrabad, Multan, Gujranwala first. I know from my cousin that localities like DHA in Lahore was creating so many hurdles and demanding so many things from StormFibre so they started to go to other cities and areas which welcomes them with open arms.

    Please Storm don’t be discouraged from the arrogant peoples of Karachi and Lahore crying away and come to our cities. We are stuck with pathetic PTCL service. We need StormFibre to bring us to digital age. Our children need it for the homework, we need it for consultancy projects online and we can even sell our products over Internet. Stable internet is badly needed for us people. We were not born in KLI so this is not our fault.

    See you soon StormFibre. I will be the first one to get you.

  • Just one thing to say about all the Karachi/Lahore/Faislabad/Islamabad debate.

    Faisalabad bhi humara hai
    Lahore bhi humara hai
    Peshawar bhi humara hai
    Quetta bhi humara hai
    Muzaffarabad bhi humara hai

    Bottom line is ke har har shehar har har gaaon humara hai, so please yeh mera tera mat karo Pora Pakistan humara hai hum sab ka hai.

      • KMQ jaise ache log bohat kam hai Pakistan mein. I like both KMQ and Furiousninja, these two guys are the best in the comments.

    • Agreed. StormFiber is doing right thing and expanding all over Pakistan where communties managements are welcoming them. Where communities management in KLI don’t issue right of way because they want high charge, Storm is ignoring and moving to other cities.

      Right strategy. Benefits are going to all Pakistanis who deserve them.

  • Some FTTH service provider really needs to come in Islamabad and Rawalpindi real soon to break Nayatel’s monopoly. Nayatel is literally ripping customers off with their hilariously overpriced and outdated packages. I use Nayatel, but I was forced to get a PTCL VDSL 30 mbps package on the side because it’s not 2005 anymore and 5mbps at day and 10mbps at night just does not suffice.

  • Admin, can you please delete the hate filled comments here by some trolls? Besides, it is a good development. the more areas the better for people no matter where they live.

  • Guys the post ia about FTTH service by StormFiber not about tax ratuo so please stop fightin.

    • me to. i have heard that they are now expanding it to Gujranwala anytime soon. you have any updates? Pl do share with me

      • Haave been using it ffor a month. Its perfect. Gives hd quality streaming without disconnections

      • Go to Pakgamersdotcom and you can find a dedicated thread regarding StormFibre. For gaming the pings are a bit troublesome, but for everything else they are superb as of now.

        • They changed routing for me when I found pings were a bit bad. Turned out that it was on a certain route because of upstream (Transworld) cable had problem. But they are very responsive. Who provides or does this in today’s day and age.

          Send them an email on [email protected] and explain Routing situation in detail and they fix routing especially if affecting many people’s together.

          • Yep compared to PTCL’s customer support, everyone else’s is way much better. That is good that they actually change your routing if you are having issues.

  • O bhai Karachi ho, Faisalabad Ho ya Lahore ho yeh sb Pakistan Hai to hain….Try to not involve in Region based arguments within a country. Let it be a country.

  • I heard Optix by Multinet and TES by Transworld is launching in Islamabad also to give Nayatel competition. Any truth to this???
    Nayatel and StormFiber days are numbered?

    • I am hearing that news since a year now .. but no luck yet :( Nayatel sucks in the coverage though .. Waiting for other companies to come. Hopefully Stormfiber will have good coverage

      • Nayatel is the pioneer. Only need to provide packages like StormFiber and all set.

      • Optix and Transworld TES is going to destroy Nayatel and StormFiber.
        Transworld started price war, Optix and SF followed. Now Optix and Transworld are gotten together and trying to compete on price against StormFiber and Nayatel.

  • Dear All

    I spoke to senior people at StormFiber and showed them this rant on ProPakistani. Their response was simple: Our aim is to provide the standard high quality, fast broadband and HD TV service that we have been providing in Karachi and Lahore now in Quetta, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Peshawar, Abbottabad, Multan etc etc. They mentioned that for them all of Pakistan is exactly the same and their investment in Lahore is more than in Karachi because of more potential and lower tax for users in Punjab. They said many localities in Karachi and Lahore create a lot of trouble for right of way or demand too much money and in both cities cutting their fiber.

    I am only sharing this brief discussion for peoples information.

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