Bird Strikes Islamabad Bound Flight

A plane enroute from Karachi to Islamabad had to return back to Karachi airport after it struck a bird. The aircraft belonged to a private airline, according to media sources.

A few minutes after the flight took off, the private airline’s Boeing-737 turned back towards the same airport where it started its flight.

According to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), a bird hit the plane when it was about 16 kilometers away from the Jinnah airport. The bird hit the aircraft’s windscreen, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Due to the possibility of a malfunction, windscreen damage or visibility issue, the flight was asked to change its route and head back to Karachi airport. The passengers were safely escorted out of the plane. Media reports suggest that an investigation is underway in order to confirm the exact cause which forced the aviation authorities and the pilots to turn back the plane.

Bird strikes are a common issue in the aviation industry and cost airlines millions of dollars each year. According to a study published by Airbus, when a bird hits a plane, there is a 41 percent chance that its engine, nose, or windshield get damaged. On the other hand, there’s only seven percent chance that a plane’s wings or fuselage suffer any harm. The chances drop to three percent in case of landing gear and one percent for its tail.

Via: Geo News

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  • Have you got the chance to interview the bird as well, I want to know his side of story. Surely he will provide more facts than CAA and PIA. Please Mr. Sadman, update the article with bird point of view.

    • How do you know it’s a his? could be her..! Bird ke sentiments hurt huay hain.

  • If the plane was already 16 kilometers away from Karachi and presumably at a fairly high altitude, what was the bird doing up there so high? Trying to make conversation with the pilot?

    Seems like a poor cover-up and the potato quality picture doesn’t show anything, so there’s obviously something else going on here.

  • Only Serene Air operates Boeing 737-800 in Pakistan. So its obvious this plane belongs to them. No need to hide the identity.

  • first of all it was not 16 km away .. lolz .. secondly .. bird hits are common in aviation. entire reporting has errors.

  • You guys should watch Sully. Based on an actual real life captain who safely landed his plane in the hudson river in 2009 due to bird strike. All passengers survived.

    • Yes, I Have and I am aware of that incident. Hero banda tha woh. Tom Hanks Ne Boht achi Acting ki Hai Us Film Me.

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