Dawn Leaks 2 is Here and its to Malign CPEC: Ahsan Iqbal

Dawn today published another exclusive and it contained documents that the paper claims are the original plan for CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor).

These documents have been disclosed for the first time to the public.

It merits mentioning here that there has been no disclosure made by neither Pakistani nor the Chinese governments about CPEC — particularly on how funding is raised for countless energy and development projects and what are the repayment terms.

It is yet unknown how the funding will be repaid or what are the interest rates.

In the middle of such uncertainty, Dawn today published a story claiming that it has revealed all the details relating to CPEC, how it was planned, what was planned and so on.

Ahsan Iqbal, the person who is at the heart of everything that is CPEC, was quick to refute it.

Ahsan Iqbal further revealed that Dawn didn’t approach his ministry for any fact checking and that the documents — that Dawn obtained and based its story on — were just the working papers.

It bears mentioning here that Pakistani governments are known for secret deals, like the one they had with Etisalat of UAE for the sale of 26% shares in PTCL. It is not a secret anymore that that particular deal was a disaster and Etisalat still holds 33% of the total value it had committed.

We are not saying that CPEC is going to be a disaster, but it definitely needs more transparency on how funding is secured, how it will be repaid, what areas are we leasing to China and for how long.

This hesitation in providing details for CPEC simply provides fuel to anti-state elements who are maligning the partnership. If it really is such a good deal for both parties, there should be no issue in making it public.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • A popular saying:
    “There are no free lunches and free dinner.”

    Everything comes with a price tag.

  • Our media is the world’s first media who has no Ethics , no regulations, no ideology and no bindings to any law what so ever………. This is good to have this leak at least Ahsan Iqbal feels the paid how it was felt by army personals in first leak.

    • If you have to make someone “feel” at the cost of the country then such desires will destroy whatever is left.
      If army of a country topples an elected government this “feeling” ultimately starts in the society that …might is right. Don’t we Pakistanis have this born desire to conquer the weak and be strong by every wrong mean, misuse of authority, wealth, fame? Where this desire originating from ?

      Why can’t military “feel” how a civilian feels ? Anything that relates to military is hidden in the name of national security and that we want to know what went wrong by the regime from 1958 to 1971 that we lost east Pakistan. Let them understand our feeling that we feel as 2nd citizen in our own country and want to know real Karjil and OBL story.

  • First it were British, then Indians and after a long streak of Americans now China will own Paki asses

  • Media has got the story again. Name “Dawn” was in news for months and all channels got material to do talk shows of hours on it. In every regime civilian and military leadership has been debating on issues but local media never let this issue die for the sack of their PR. Not only this every channel has some political affiliation and has become a pressure group.

    Writer has given example of Etisalat deal in Musarraf regime, example doesn’t fit in as Etisalat never got full hold of assets which were sold to it and that is the reason it didn’t pay to GOP. Wrong example.

  • I agree with Ahsan Iqbal, this is malign campaign against CPEC. I am sure he is going to release the final draft to the public so all these factually incorrect stories can be put to rest once and for all.

    • I was surprised to see whole nation being one on CPEC, but happiness is going to be over very soon.
      If army is considered as protecting national interests of Pakistan and not civil governments then I am sure Raheel Sharif and Bajwa are not in favor of CPEC without going through the plan.

  • Why is dawn so anti-pakistan ? Jab bhi dawn me jao top comments Indians ke honge against Pakistan aur sab se zyada likes ya thumbs up jo vi ha ussi ko milen honge. And article me Pakistan ke khilaaf hi kuch kaha hua hoga. Problem kia ha inki ?

  • I believe government don’t have any idea how they will repay such a huge debt to China, the loan china provides for infrastructure development and energy is being used by the Chinese companies itself and Pakistan will pay a huge interest and meet tight conditions against it. As they say there is nothing free.. China will require Pakistan to pay back the amount or give authorities in CPEC-OBOR constituencies… more or less China may increase its influence in Pakistani matters. Which i believe good for Pakistan when it comes to leadership, eradication of corruption, allocation and management of resources, eradication or suppression of religious extremism (terrorism) etc…. ‘My Point

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