Careem Starts Adding 25,000 Taxis to its Fleet

In an excellent development, Careem has started adding local Taxis on its platform in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Starting today, customers will see the new “TAXI” car type as an option.

Overall, the company will add over 25,000 taxis to its fleet and make them available for its customers.

“We want existing taxis to benefit from the ride hailing revolution. This will increase the number of rides they get and reduce the wasteful kilometers spent looking for rides or the hours they spent waiting at taxi stands. For the customer, it brings ease of hailing to a familiar option at the absolute lowest cost” said Omer Zabit, the General Manager of Careem in Islamabad.

“In line with our vision to improve and simplify the lives of people, we want to bring technological and financial inclusion in addition to enhanced earning for taxi drivers.”

Customers who wish to ride in Taxis will no longer have to physically go to and look for one, neither would they have to haggle as trip fares will be calculated by state of the art metering system of Careem.

“We welcome all taxis in the twin cities to join our platform. This is yet another step toward fulfilling our commitment towards providing safe, reliable and affordable rides to our customers ” Mr. Zabit said

  • Marvelous decision, i must say. I always felt bad about the taxi drivers because of these Uber and Careem, but now they can officially join the modern ride hailing activity.

  • No one will opt for it as taxis are old with pathetic cars of 90s model + their badshah attitude and old tactics like sir odar say road kharab hai tarfic bohat hai etc etc lets go from other short cut XD

    • Yes, yes and yes. My thoughts too. But still I have optimistic hopes. Chalo dekhte to hain kia hota hai.

    • Once they’re IN the system they can’t do that.
      Careem will (hopefully) do counseling.

    • Nahi ab yeh nakhray nahi chalien ge taxi walon k, coz there will be fixed metering n charging. And the good thing is taxis will earn more plus it’s also good for customers coz sometimes the service is short of rides and one is compelled to pay higher charges. So now there will be variety of options to choose from n the rates for those taxis will be cheaper too. Personally i have no problem with the old cars n taxis as long as they take u to ur destination safely n timely. Their condition doesn’t affect as we r not going to own one personally. Kuch minutes ka safar hai guzar jaye ga. We shouldn’t be so pampered.

  • mr omer zabist would you liketo setup a meeting of 15 mins ?regards kashifshabbir raja ceo of skylarks tourism :03455309915

  • Careem should place all these taxis by making Taxi icon in the app. Wese kaun jaega inn kacharra taxio mei ub.. Puri dunia mei careem jese services chel rahi hain like uber and lyft. Careem is a blessing in Pakistan!

  • Had hai – @careem will lose its credibility by this! As 80% people use careem as secure and comfortable journey. Most of the people will never use the old 90’s FX/Boss with no AC and goda gitty farigh, gandi seats and no wiper with nala pani wali seat belts and special sweating badboo of the driver! Had hai! Its all over for Careem then!

    • They are clearly telling the customers that “Taxi” is an ordinary taxi. People wishing to use better cars may still call Go, Go+ or Business. I think, it’s going to be great.

  • JazakAllah! Wise step in the right direction. Kindly continue the same in other cities of Pakistan!

  • I hope first of all Careem gives some proper training to the local Taxis because their attitude is not good at all. Their cars are way too old and they don’t listen to you either.

  • Has anyone here used both careem and uber? How would you rate the experiences after trying them?

    • I have been using both, there is not much difference also the rates are almost equal. Sometimes if there is a surge in Careem it charges you more and same goes for Uber. Having a subscriber for both Uber and Careem I opt for the one which offers me lower rate at the specified time.

      Based on the article if Careem adds up those old 90s taxis into its fleet than its over for them. They would have to chose the vehicles wisely.

    • IMHO Careem is way better than Uber (50+ rides experience).
      I rarely see Peak factor in Careem but on the other hand I see Peak factor most of the times in Uber.

  • its a good step, provided its pros and cons are kept in mind by the careem management. I have been a careem user for quite some time now, and I have preferred careem over Uber due to the better service quality offered by careem. The cars that are part of careem service have been better than what uber offered , the careem app UI is also better, but the best part is the security the careem service has implemented before getting a captain on board. I wish they would do the same for TAXI option.

  • This is a great initiative, atleast, Careem took stand for OLD TAXIss. Be positive yaar, akhir unkay sath bhi tu pait laga hua hi and most of them only have a single source of income to support their families,

  • YES there is a quality control in Careem and YES this is the step in right direction. How can you forget UBER rickshaw ???

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