Ufone Highlights Another Extraordinary Pakistani

Ufone continues to work with exceptional people of Pakistan. These are people who are leaving their mark in the society by demonstrating unwavering commitment to entrepreneurship and attaining success through aptitude and sheer hard work.

The telecom operator uses their campaign and platform to commend the efforts of these extraordinary Pakistanis, inspiring more people by their example.


From Parveen Saeed of KhanaGhar, a social worker; to Ghina Shamsi, a practicing doctor; and Humaira Anjum, an entrepreneur with a small business; Ufone has highlighted the achievements of these extraordinary women whose lives can serve as a motivation to other men and women of Pakistan.

Also, Ufone featured Fazal Muhammad, a young and talented footballer and Hayat Achakzai, a gold medallist boxer in their recent campaigns and highlighted the triumphs of these gifted sportsmen.

These shinning stars became brand ambassadors for Ufone and promoted the use of technology and how it made a difference in their lives.

To continue this tradition of introducing ordinary Pakistanis and their exceptional achievements in various walks of life, Ufone has introduced Malik Zia ur Rehman in a bloggers’ event in Lahore on 19 June, 2017.


Ufone is now working with the talented and enterprising Zia ur Rehman as its brand ambassador. Zia, 39 years old, has successfully been running a rent-a-car service for the past five years in Rawalpindi and Islamabad with a growing customer and investor base.

“I have a clientele base of more than 100 organizations which are on board with my rent-a-car service.”

In his brief but remarkable journey, Zia ur Rehman has not only provided exceptional services to his customers but he has also become a source of living for the families of his eight workers who have been associated with him for quite a long time.

“I have a clientele base of more than 100 organizations which are on board with my rent-a-car service”, Zia said. “Most of my clients are employed at either international NGOs or international Embassies.”

“I have a small company and only 18 cars to meet requirements of our huge customer base, which we manage to do quite well by the grace of Allah.”

The quality of services he provides is fundamental to his business and this is managed by them through rapid communication between the central office, drivers of the cars and customers. Technology he can rely and depend on is of utmost importance.

“With several service orders from various customers in hand, dealing with employees or solving financial matters, are all done within tight schedules. My secretary, which is my Mobile phone, helps me manage this by providing me unswerving and consistent services.  In my business, constant communication is the key especially when you have to take important and snap decisions” Zia shares.

“Due to the mobile phone service, I can handle all queries of our customers including booking of rides, dealing with drivers and supervising maintenance of cars.”

Mr Zia set up a business in early 90’s and it grew tremendously over the period of one and half decade. The number of service orders and assets he owned were limited at that time and could be managed through a landline service phone. As his business grew, he needed to instantaneously connect with his customers, workers and investors all the time even on weekends or on public holidays. Therefore, he graduated to a cellphone, one that was able to serve his business needs cost-effectively.

  • Dear Ufone,
    Tumhe Bhi Ab PTA Ki Next Auction Main Highlights Honi Ki Zarorat Hai :
    Warna Aisa Na Ho K Future Main Ufone Ka Adds Kuch Is Tarha Aye :
    ” UFONE Ab 2G & 3G Ki Behtar Services K Sath Pure Pakistan Ka Sub Se Bara 3G Netwrok”
    Q?K Ufone Ko Peeche Lane Main Srif Tum he To Ho

    • Poora Pakistan? Ufone is still light years behind in terms of 3G coverage. They are yet to cover metropolitan cities, let alone other small cities, towns and villages. Ufone is the only network I came across which still struggles to provides EDGE services in many parts of the country. Meanwhile other networks are providing 3G and 4G services at same locations.
      Super Card is the only good thing ever happened to Ufone but it isn’t enough to hold customers. They are already bleeding customers at much higher rate and will bleed more in coming months.

    • Ufone new ad
      Ufone , Pakistan’s only 3G only network.
      Ufone become a laughing stock

      • Ufone Ka Latest ADDS Hoga :
        Pakistan Ka Last 3G Network : JO Ab Pure 100 Cities Main & 2G Network Pakistan K Kone Kone Main Ayega (Yaad Rahe Sirf Kone Main AYega)

  • Hayeee Ufone . Ufone living in its own fool’s paradise. Looking NGO more than a telecom company . I think Ufone has accepted its defeat . RIP

  • Donkey ke children 4G nahin le saktay toh kam az kam 3G ki coverage hi full kar den aur koi dhang ka package de den.

    • Poori company supercard pe rely akr rhi ha . Aur 3G packages itne mehnge hn jitne doosri companies k 4G packages bhi nhn


  • Ufone SuperCard is good but for some strange reason my data package of 1 GB ends in just a couple of days… I use WiFi mostly only use Data when i am out and wo bhi i dont do streaming i dont do video calling and dont download much of videos. Even then my package ends too soon… I think supercard charge too much on Facebook, Whatsapp and stuff… IS IT?
    On the other hand i also subscribe 3GB Bucket and it works like a charm for whole month with video calls and limited downloads…

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