This Lady’s School Has Transformed the Lives of 1500 Street Children

As a timeless saying goes, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

Syeda Anfas Ali, the founder of the Footpath School Karachi, made it her life’s mission to put those exact words into action.

In a country where approximately 1.2 million children either spend their nights on the street or earn a living on the streets to support their families back home, Syeda Anfas’s inspiring initiative seeks to uplift the children who live on the streets, in Karachi and interior Sindh.

With an estimate of 25 million children in Pakistan being out of school and deprived of a basic human right i.e. education, Syeda Anfas came up with the idea of the Foothpath School.

In the aftermath of the APS School terrorist attack, Syeda vowed that children from poor backgrounds deserved better and it was up to her to do her bit in this regard.

She started by merely gathering one or two children from the streets of Karachi and teaching them by herself and out of her own resources.

Leaving behind her own well-established business and comfortable lifestyle, the founder of the Foothpath School devoted more and more of her time and efforts towards educating, grooming, and ultimately uplifting the long forgotten children of the streets.

What started out as a mere desire to prevent street children from becoming beggars, drug addicts and victims of abuse through education and literacy, has now become known as the Footpath School, with approximately seven branches in various localities of Karachi and interior Sindh.

Syeda’s school network now hosts a total of 1500 street children.

The challenges, though many, have not deterred Syeda Anfas Ali from carrying out her mission. Even with limited resources and a culture of indifference, Syeda has marched on and worked towards transforming the lives of these unfortunate souls.

Syeda Anfas expects to see more success and transformations in the subsequent years, while her inspiring journey sheds light on the fact that the only way to see a change in the world is by taking the first step.

  • Don’t just praise her efforts… Try to follow her example… Be an example to others…

    To change Pakistan, we first have to change ourselves and our thinking…

    No leader, no matter how great, can lead us to the heights of sky if we are unwilling to move-on and lack any get-up and go…

    Some say “X” leader will change Pakistan; Some say “Y” leader will change Pakistan…


    Tell you what, no single mortal possess the power to change a whole nation… So, stop living in a fantasy world and ‘DIY’ (Do It Yourself)…

    To begin with, stop littering the streets with trash and garbage… Make a daily goal of helping at least one person… Obey traffic laws… Don’t over speed… Be polite with others… Don’t humiliate people…

    Yes, these are simple things… But remember, simple things can go a long way…

    Good Day!

  • Abhi ye sab kisi mini skirt wali bitch ne kia hota sarey liberal jama ho jatey aur tareef karte ab yahi kam eik scarf wali lady ne kia to takleef hori hogi in liberal fatwa brigade ko.

      • Then you agreed with an idiot.

        Long story short, this article does not tell whole story of the school. Google for these things and especially read news items:

        “Ocean Welfare Organisation”

        “Sacked education officer sets up NGO to ‘promote’ education”
        “Syeda Neelofar”

        There is more to the story.

        As far as liberals go, you can find links to sites run & frequented by liberals where they praise it. It is certainly 100% more likely that liberals have helped fund it. So, again, you agreed with an idiot.

          • Oh mere pyaare bhai is Shahid Saleem ke moo lag ke time zaiya na karoo. Shahid Saleem toh is ka real name be nai hai aise fake handle use kar raha hai. Ye Shahid ghar mein rah rah kar is ka demaag unstable hogaya hai ab har jaga ye behis karte we ap ko nazer ayege bcoz he has too much time on his hand. He is conspiracy theorist and a nutcase don’t take him seriously.

  • Nice to see Mam Allah apko itna de k aap lutaa den aur khatam na ho


  • What scarf got to do with it? Its a noble cause and should be praised regardless of it being pursued by a women in veil or jeans. Come out of dark corners and tell me one good thing you have done in life which makes you better than an enlightened person. Stop guaging people, those that you are looking down upon might be more close to Allah. Who are you to judge?

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