Pakistan Air Force to Acquire 3 Saab Erieye Aircraft

Pakistan is procuring three new Saab 2000 Erieye airborne early warning and control (AEWC) aircraft. This was stated by Pakistan Air Force (PAF) chief Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman recently.

The first aircraft will be delivered in December this year while the remaining two will be delivered next year.

PAF is aiming to increase its AEWC fleet. As of now the fleet contains 3 Erieyes in 3 Squadron and 4 ZDK-03s in Squadron 4.

Deal Worth Rs. 16 Billion

Sweden based Saab issued a press release on May 15th detailing the transaction as one between an anonymous party and the aircraft maker. The contract for the AEWCs was signed for 1.35 billion Swedish Krone or around Rs. 16.3 billion.

Aircraft deliveries are scheduled from 2017 all the way up to 2020.

Saab did not disclose the customer’s name, as per their policy, but it is probably the deal with PAF.

Damaged in 2012

Back in August 2012, two Erieyes were damaged during a terrorist attack on PAF Base Minhas. They have been successfully returned to service after necessary repairs. The repairs were made by PAF personnel at PAC Kamra with Saab’s support. The last one was returned to service in 2016.

PAF ordered 4 Erieye planes in 2005 which were delivered from 2009-2011. Additionally PAF has also built an indigenous C4I system with a surveillance system and surface-to-air weapons under Project Vision (started in the year 2000).

Currently the information from the ZDK-03s and Erieyes is data-linked at PAF Air Defence HQ in Chaklala, which gives the PAF a single recognized air picture.

Upgrading C-130 Flight Systems

Earlier PAF announced that it is going to upgrade the C-130 aircraft with new flight systems.

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The new flight systems will give the C-130s advanced features such as better navigational capabilities in severe weather conditions, advanced communication systems and modern aviation features.

Via Air Forces Monthly

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    • Pakistani engineers are very much capable but research and development needs lots of money and time which we don’t have. Our opponent, on the other hand, is quickly upgrading its forces with too much money in hand due to fast economic progress in last decade.

      Further, technology does matter. Decades old F-16s are still considered better than newly made Thunders. We must have knowledge that USA doesn’t intend to sell F-16s to Pakistan on credit and has offered India to transfer the manufacturing facilities alongwith technology and selling rights…….. We should know our worth worldwide.

      • Its not about worth, they see Pakistan as possible threat to India and do not want to displease big market like India.

        • Its NOT simply a threat to India but how we have portrayed ourselves as a threat to the WORLD, by having corrupt leaders for so long, who only want their bank balances to increase.

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