Khel Kay Jiye Jao: Get Cashback From Jubilee General Insurance This Champions Trophy

What could be more exciting than one of the most intense sports rivalries in the world? Yes, we’re talking about Pakistan-India cricket rivalry that is on 4th June 2017.

If history is any reminder, the clash between crickets’ most fierce rivals has proven to be a worldwide spectacle. Billions of people come together to witness history and this time will be no different, since it’s become somewhat of a rare meeting.

To push excitement levels even higher, Jubilee General Insurance is all set to launch its new campaign, “Khel Kay Jiye Jao.

Just buy any of its product online i.e. insure your home, motor, travel or personal healthcare and get up to 25% Cashback.

Here Are The Rules:

  1. Buy a Policy Online from Jubilee General Insurance.
  2. If Pakistan wins against India, get up to 10% cashback.
  3. If Pakistan qualifies for the semi-finals, get up to 15% cashback.
  4. If Pakistan qualifies for the finals, get up to 20% cashback
  5. If Pakistan wins the ICC Champions Trophy, get up to 25% cashback.

If you purchase the policy after winning up to 15% cashback and Pakistan qualifies for the finals, you will get additional up to 5% cashback.

So, no matter if you buy a policy earlier or later, if Pakistan wins the ICC Champions Trophy, you will get up to 25% cashback.

Campaign started from 30th May 2017, and is valid till 18th June

For more details and information visit the website or visit their Facebook page. You can also call the management on this number: 0800-03786.

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