Deliver Hope, Change and Happiness with Yayvo This Ramzan

Yayvo is welcoming Ramzan with open arms as it is the special month of virtues and forgiveness.
Yayvo, for the month of Ramzan, has launched two initiatives this month: Box of Hope and Delivering Change.

With a wide variety of options, you can now donate for the cause closest to your heart. Here is how you can give charity and donate this month:

Box of Hope: Yay Vo Do, Khwahish Puri Karo

Yayvo has launched an ongoing initiative called the Box of Hope in partnership with Saylani Welfare. This is an opportunity to give away all the things that might not be of use to you anymore but would add to someone else’s happiness. The initiative helps you recycle your empty Yayvo box and use that as an agent of hope.

The process is simple. All you need to do is take your empty Yayvo box, add products like clothes, toys and stationery in it, paste the ‘box of hope’ sticker on it and drop it to the closest TCS express center. Yayvo will pick up the box from there and ensure that your box reaches Saylani Welfare.

Find out more here and download the sticker from here:

Click and Donate: Yayvo Partners with 7 Leading NGOs

Delivering Change goes beyond Ramzan – it’s about connecting donors and benefactors to improve lives. Yayvo is committed to improving lives and spreading hope, love and happiness amongst Pakistanis.

In partnership with 7 leading NGOs – Aman Foundation, The Citizens Foundation, Saylani Welfare, Shaukat Khanum, Footpath School, Dar-Ul-Sukoon and Family Educational Services Foundation (FESF), Yayvo has launched a noble cause of Delivering Change to let all its valuable customers make the most of this Holy month.

Here’s a list of causes you can donate for:

There are a variety of packages and options to donate for. You can choose your organization. Here’s a list of what you can do:

  • You can donate for a child’s health and help save lives. The health packages range from Rs 100 to Rs 10,000. The charity will go to Saylani Trust and Shaukat Khanum.
  • You can donate for a child’s education, with packages ranging from Rs 200 to Rs 6,000. There are options to donate for a student’s school fee for a day or a month, books, uniform and stationery. The donations will go to FESF, The Citizens Foundation, Footpath School and Saylani Welfare.
  • You can fund vocational training, which includes skill training for women and IT training for all. This proceeds will go the The Citizens Foundation and Saylani Welfare.
  • Spread happiness through a simple act of kindness. You can now donate to sponsor meals for people through Saylani, donate for Ramzan bundles that will go to Dar-ul-Sukoon and donate for Aman Foundation to help them raise funds.

So what are you waiting for? Give all you can through Yayvo. Your charity will never diminish your wealth but will help brighten someone’s future. All you need to do is to visit and select the cause and organizations of your preference from the options provided. Once done, you will receive a confirmation email/letter by Yayvo on every donation made.

If you’re looking to make a change and improve lives, make sure to select as your online portal. We ensure all your donations go straight to those who deserve it the most.

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