Fruit Prices Fall Drastically After 3-Day Boycott

Retail fruit prices dropped by 40-50% in Karachi following the 3 day boycott. However, wholesale fruit prices remained mostly unaffected.

Social media activists and consumer right groups urged people not to buy fruit from retailers this weekend over concerns that the retailers were making as much as a 300% profit. Wholesale market/commission agents however claimed that the boycott didn’t affect the prices on their end.

According to a market survey conducted on Sunday, retailers sat idly during the peak time (from Asar to Maghrib) as no consumers arrived at their stall. As a result, they discounted their food items as the day went on, in a bid to attract customers.

New Discounts

Some fruit vendors were selling 2.5 kg small melons (kharbooza) for Rs. 100, which went down to Rs. 50-70 per kg.

Bananas were down to Rs. 80-100 per dozen from Rs. 120-150.

Cantaloupe (garma) prices dropped from Rs. 80-100 to Rs. 60-70 while sapodilla’s (chikoo) price decreased to Rs. 100 from Rs. 140-160 per kg.

The fruit grocers said that their sales had decreased around 40-50% from Friday, and that customers were not willing to buy fruits even at discounted prices.

The retailers blamed the falling prices on lower wholesale rates. An annoyed vendor said,

One-day match of ICC Champions Trophy between India and Pakistan on Sunday further depressed our sales.

Wholesale Rates Unaffected

According to Fresh Fruit Traders Welfare Association chairman Zahid Awan, just 10-15% of the fruits were unsold while the prices decreased by 15-20% over the weekend.

He added that the customers continued to visit the wholesale market with daily sales recorded at Rs. 8-10 billion. 1000-1200 trucks arrived at the Sabzi Mandi while 10-15% less customers arrived at the market.

Prices decreased by Rs. 10-15 per kg/per dozen for most of the fruits. Banana and Apple stocks were in short supply due to off season, as they are being imported from New Zealand, China and Iran. Mr. Zahid added that the rates should be fixed by the fruit growers themselves.

Meanwhile the government’s price checking and regulatory efforts proved to be ‘fruit-less’ as a consumer led boycott drove down prices instead of vigilance on part of the regulators.

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  • Bullshit man. Where have they reduced prices? Share locations … The banana been offered at PKR 60/-rs is not even worth looking at, forget about eating it. No Mango is available at 100rs, No Kharboza is available at 40rs … why are you people spreading false shit when its not happening. A fruit seller told me yesterday, Local Govt demanded for 2 caror against this campaign from the vendors at Fruit mandi, settlement made in 50lakhs and now even that will be paid from the pocket of #AAMADMI …

  • If our nation remains united on other issues as well,we might b able to see a ray of dawn soon

    • if we unite against politicians ( luttairay ) then we can have much relaxation in majority of products of different categories. May ALLAH bless us all – Aameen

  • 2.5 kg small melons (kharbooza) for Rs. 100, which went down to Rs. 50-70 per kg.

    100 pkr for 2.5kg is cheaper than 50-70 per kg. You should review your articles before publishing them.

  • Hadh hogayi, what research you guys have put in this article? Bas ek do thellay walay jinke pas fruit kharab hogaya tha woh 20rs kam main bech rahe they aur aapne sara analysis kar lia pori campaign ka is basis par. Buhat zapt karte hain khud ko ke na bolain ProPK ke against but aap log har bar humare expectation se exceed kar jate hain.

  • Hashtag social boycotts maybe successful in west where almost everyone uses social media but here in Pak they do almost nothing.
    Lets be honest most of the fruit/vegetable purchasing is done by mothers here who don’t even know how to use smartphone. It may affect a total of 5-10% of sales AT MOST which is already an exaggerated figure. Otherwise it will do nothing other then just being a social war. Kinda like what PTI is doing for the past 6-7 years and they think they are the winner but when reality comes they refuse to accept it and call it dhandli (elections).

    My point is, social media in Pakistan represent less then 10% of total population which is insignificant for any true change.

    • election ya vote se kuch nai hota beta, establishment phele decide kar leite hai kis ko leike ana hai apne amreeke baap ko khush karne ke liye.

    • literacy rate in Pakistan …how many are smartphone users…how many know how to use many have internet access…how many use social media …how many talk about issues…how many talk sense ….and in the last many go to buy fruits ? :)

      Considering all these factors accept the reality that probably 1% population of Pakistan didn’t go to market to buy fruits during those three days.

  • all WE NEED IS TO PRODUCE FRUITS IN PK NOT IMPORT////AND ALSO ALL READERS OF PROPK PLEASE DONT Wster ur lawn and grow herbs like podena and others…

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