This is the Hottest Summer in Pakistan’s History

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), this year’s summer is proving to be the hottest ever in the history of Pakistan.

Various parts of Pakistan have seen fluctuating temperatures between 46 °C to 52 °C in the past few days.

According to PMD Director General Dr. Ghulam Rasul, Pakistan is experiencing an unusual weather event because of which the heat records are being set.

In the beginning of June, Islamabad’s temperature reached 46 °C. Dr. Ghulam said:

It is for the first time in the history of Pakistan that the temperature in Islamabad has crossed 45 °C for two consecutive days, starting from the beginning of June.

The highest temperature in Islamabad was recorded in June 2005 which was 46.6 °C. Sunday’s temperature was close to breaking the 12-year record.

Similarly, Dera Ismail Khan also registered record temperature. On Sunday, the temperature reached 51 °C in D.I. Khan and broke a 31-year record. The previous record temperature was 50 °C in the year 1986.

High temperatures were also recorded in various parts of the country on Sunday such as:

  • Noorpur Thal – 52 °C
  • Bhakkar – 52 °C
  • Sibbi – 51 °C
  • Sargodha – 50 °C
  • Risalpur – 50 °C
  • Mianwali – 49 °C
  • D G Khan – 49 °C
  • Dadu – 47 °C

Some Areas to Get Rainfall

Dr. Ghulam also said:

Due to excessive heat, there will be less rain but more heavy thunder, lightning and hailstorm, accompanied with gusty winds.

Cities which are expected to receive rainfall includes:

  • Malakand,
  • Hazara,
  • Peshawar,
  • Mardan,
  • Kohat,
  • Rawalpindi,
  • Gujranwala,
  • Sargodha divisions,
  • Fata,
  • Islamabad,
  • Gilgit-Baltistan,
  • Kashmir.

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    • And we just don’t give a shit as well since we have built a safe castles around ourselves which assure us that nothing bad is going to happen to us.

    • Shouldn’t that concern you? If you hear that every year is the hottest, it means the average temperature is rising, which is alarming. Not surprising but still alarming.

  • We have been destroying nature for our benefits, now nature is destroying us is in her own way..

  • اور کاٹو درختوں کو.
    کچی آبادیوں کو تیزی سے پختہ کرتے رہو.
    دیہاتوں کو شہروں میں تبدیل کرتے رہو.
    آبادی میں دھڑادھڑ اضافہ کرتے رہو.
    اور پھر جب گرمی آپ کے ہوش اڑا دے تو اسے اللہ کی آزمائش یا عذاب قرار دیتے رہو.
    بیوقوں تمہیں کب عقل آئے گی.

  • The biggest reason for heat in pakistan is deforestation and cutting trees growing alongside canals, streams and in agri lands. I don’t know why Pakistanis hate trees so much.

  • Trees can make a huge difference when it comes to cooling the temperature. You can feel a clear difference in temperature between the areas where there are trees where there are not. I wish we could plant more trees, clean our cities and use renewable resources of energy.
    Also we are close to china and india they are huge consumers of fossil fuels. All these factors combined are causing these high temperatures. But if we educate people and try to take small steps as individuals even then things could be improved.
    Besides very hot summer we are soon going to have water shortage, the speed at which we are consuming ground water is far more than the speed with which rain is replenshing it. We are building roads and concrete building causing most of the rain water to go wasted as run off. I just wish we all could be a concerned about our planet atleast as much as we are concerned about politics, movies and music.

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