PML-N Senator Pretends to be PIA Staff for Free Hotel Stay in London

According to documents sent in by PIA’s London crew, PML-N Senator Mushahidullah Khan impersonated himself as a PIA employee while he traveled to London recently.

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As reported by ARY News, the senator was travelling to London for medical treatment. Once he got there, he stayed in a luxury hotel at PIA’s expense.

Mr. Mushahidullah stayed in the Marriot Hotel from 21st March to 28th March, while registering himself as a PIA employee.

The hotel bill had his name mentioned, under the guise of PIA staff.

Received Millions From The Government

Afterwards, when he came back to Pakistan, he received a sum of Rs. 1.95 million as medical expenses from the government. Given as how Mr. Mushahidullah used PIA’s funds during his stay at London, further receiving those additional funds gives an impression that he paid for his overseas stay out of his own pocket.

What’s interesting here is that Mr. Mushahidullah’s brother is a PIA station manager at the London Heathrow airport. This would answer the question over why he stayed on PIA’s expense in London.

To sum it all up, he traveled to London, stayed there for free and came back home to receive around Rs. 2 million.

Special Flights to Bring Back Pilgrims

In other news, the national carrier has arranged for special flights to bring back Pakistani pilgrims back from Doha, Qatar. The pilgrims were stuck in Doha after Saudi Arabia cut off all land and air connections with Qatar due to political tensions.

PIA CEO Nayyar Hayat ordered for special flights to be arranged for the pilgrims and PIA’s Country Manager to Qatar to help out the stranded Pakistanis in Qatar.

via ARY News

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  • jiss ki laathi uss ki bhains…..
    The important thing is, no one is going to do anything about it. :(

  • Pakistan mei Shareef wohi hai jiss ko kabhi moqa nahi milaa warna iss hamam mei sab nangay hain ” jherra panno ohi laal ay”

    • think positive be positive and do not judge anyone at all. IN SHA ALLAH ……… ALLAH will help in all circumstances.

    • acha tau phir aap namazain ky upurhtay ho ager Mauqay ke talash mai ho corruption ke liye, aisi bhi koi baat nahi ke jissay moqa nahi milla, buhat se loogon ko milta hai mauqa lekin woh Allah ke durr se nahi kertay, thori sharam kerni chahye the yeh baat kerne se pehlay, how can you judge 22 crore people by sitting on desk?

    • dunya me abhi bhi ache log mojood hai ,jinhe moka mila lekin wo Allah se darte hai, sub log aap jese nahi

  • Via ARY News ? Seriously ?

    Like seriously seriously wala serious ? A channel which is known for NOT taking point of view of other side it is bent over to defame and never sorry for fake news ?

    It is justice if you listen to other side as well.

    • Lo bhai, tum nay is corruption pe bhi apna stamp laga diya “halal” ka. How more you would stoop low? Mufti Ali Salman?

    • Propakistani has mentioned source name,,, means all evidence (if any) is held with ARY and Propakistani is not taking any liability of this news (of being fake).
      Its true that ARY is a biased news channel.

    • Bhai main PTI ka nahi houn.
      Zara mujhe samjha do k kaise ye PIA ka staff ban gya aur waapis aanay pe 2 million k qareeb ks khushi main diay gae issay?

  • ProPakistan plz change your name to ProPti …..

    نام بدل لو پھر کھل کر ایسی چولیں مارو

    • Whts pti in it ?ary owned by pti? Or u jealous about pti like Sicilian mafia ?Plz grow up….

  • o pata karo yeh to nahe drug smuggling mei mulawas?? pia ki bohat si uk wali flights mein drugs milay thay.

    • Pakra kahan gaya abhi tou loot maar ka safar jaari hai. Insaaf tab hoga jab is jaisay thagon ko chowk chorahon pe kooray maaray jaien. Jinhon nay mulki daulat ko aisay loota hai jaisay koi katti patang loot’ta ho. Aur aap is shaks ko dekh k hi andaza kar saktay hain k is nay aik pocket maar se leker Noora league k minister banany tak ka safar kitni asaani se tai kar liya.
      Shairrrrrr… Ik vaari ferrrrrrrr!

  • Unfortunately, for people in power Chori is no problem.They are used to with it. Shameless people.

  • In this age you done it what a morality,no body feel ashamed.Even the normal people they would,t say anything serious about this classified thug of our senate.

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