NADRA Sacks 600 Employees Over Illegally Issuing CNICs

Nadra Chairman Usman Mobin recently disclosed that the national identification authority has sacked over 600 people from its offices for issuing CNICs illegally.

He told this to the Senate’s Functional Committee on Less Developed Areas on Thursday, adding that some  160,286 CNICs were issued to aliens or non-residents of the country. The committee was chaired by Senator Mir Kabir.

“We have removed over 600 employees after conducting several inquiries into the illegal issuance of CNICs to aliens.”

During the proceedings of the committee, Senator Nisar Muhammad asked who were those people who were laid off. Mr. Mobin replied that about 500 of them worked as data entry operators.

Hearing this, the committee asked how much salary was being paid to such operators. The NADRA chairman revealed that a data entry operator usually earns Rs. 20,000. In response, he was asked how much money did he receive as NADRA chairman. Mr. Mobin replied reluctantly that he was paid Rs. 800,000 for his position.

The committee, after listening to the answer, advised the NADRA chairman to “financially empower the Nadra employees to avert any corruption and wrongdoing in the system.”

Illegal CNICs

Mr. Mobin furnished further details about the illegal CNICs, sharing some numbers with the committee about how widespread the issue was. He revealed that 160,286 confirmed aliens with families had been detected across the country.

He broke down the numbers region-by-region:

  • 41,554 in Khyber-Pakhtunkwa,
  • 40,042 in Sindh,
  • 38,063 in Punjab,
  • 24,503 in Balochistan,
  • 7,046 in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata),
  • 6,149 in Islamabad,
  • 1,973 in Kashmir,
  • 835 people from abroad,
  • 121 in Gilgit-Baltistan.

In the end, he revealed that about 78,939 intruders were found in the re-verification program. The community reported 15,752 aliens whereas about 3,640 non-nationals turned themselves in and voluntarily surrendered their illegal ID cards.

  • Only sacked ?

    These culprits must be jailed and prosecuted in anti-terrorist courts

    If we want to save our future generations strict action is required in such cases

  • that’s just shameful and irresponsible.
    They all should have been monitored regularly, NADRA should deploy CCTV cams on seats and watch what everyone is doing

    • No offence or any derogatory remarks intended

      Please consult a qualified psychiatrist ( Mahir-i-Nafsiat) as soon as you can

      You are genius but there are some loose screws in your brain that may be fixed with the counselling of a psychiatrist

      Again there is nothing against you from my side its a concern of your elder brother as if unchecked you may (God forbid) may end up in mental hospital

      God bless you dear

    • Agree with you!
      Strict punishments should be given to culprits.
      “Certainty” and “Severity” of punishment; both are very important to stop crimes.

  • Civilian have done the justice.
    Will army do the same to punish those corrupt generals who are responsible for killing of 70 thousand innocent Pakistanis

  • in our city nadra staff generate token of smart card with urgent fee rs800 for everyone who want to renew cnic without telling the person that he/she will get smart card instead of normal cnic.

  • Instead of bringing in strict control and compliance policy along with added monitoring mechanism the committee advised to financially empower data entry operator!! strange.

    System should restrict corruption at any level, rules of engagement are to be made more robust.

  • Who justify these sacked people really the culprits? it’s a hierarchy game, to loose little to gain more.
    2010 Conspiracy to sold NADRA data to US, it happened where Independent authorities worked under political influence.
    600 Employees Sacked, Should be published, it’s a matter of Deceive your country/nation. Law of traitor applies on these 600 employees, sacked is not enough.

  • Who let these aliens enter into the country, how they wander around so freely, where r security agencies, where border management. Did anybody think why millions of aliens living moving around doing business in the country and having no registration document. Why they get cnic becz they dont have any other way out. Govt itself has left this door open intentionally the fake registration.

  • 835 from abroad, who knows how many of them are working undercover/intelligence.

    Chand paiso ki khater mulk baich diya, young generations k sath khaila (illegal jobs) aur mulk ki security aur halat ky zimedar bane…kis mo se hasher k din samna karo gy, sharam mager tumko nahi ati.

  • data entry operator usually earns Rs. 20,000. In response, he was asked
    how much money did he receive as NADRA chairman. Mr. Mobin replied
    reluctantly that he was paid Rs. 800,000 for his position.


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