Shocking: Biscuits in Pakistan Are Made Using Rotten Eggs

When you serve tea with biscuits to guests, think twice before doing so.

According to a Geo News report, a team from Punjab Food Authority (PFA) recently raided the egg processing plant of a biscuit powder factory. The factory is located near Manga Mandi, Lahore.

More than a million rotten eggs were discovered at the unit with a collective worth of Rs. 15 million.

Rotten egg yolks, discovered at the factory

The authority’s vigilance cell was informed about the factory, after which a raid was conducted on the egg processing unit. The team was headed by Director General PFA, Noor-ul-Amin Mengal.

Supplies Egg Powder to Major Biscuit Brands

As per the Geo TV report, the Lahore-based plant is reportedly the only egg processing unit in Pakistan. It supplies egg powder to all major snack companies and biscuit brands. Yolk and egg whites are separated from the eggs to make the powder.

According to the Director General PFA a total of 1.1 million eggs were recovered from the factory. Their collective worth was Rs. 15 million. He said that some of the eggs were in such a bad state that chicks had hatched from them.

Sealed Again?

This isn’t the first time this factory was raided. The factory was sealed a few days earlier but it was reopened illegally and work continued as usual.

Now the factory has been sealed again and a case is in the process of being filed against the owners.

via Geo TV


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    • Or go down, since demand is going to decrease. Its the next thing that’s going to be boycotted by our social media.

  • If they are the only such factory in Pakistan then that means we’ve been consuming their products for years. So it’s all good. If this stuff was harmful to us we’d have learned about it by now.

    I wonder how long they will remain out of operation this time? One day? Two days?

  • Aj pta lga bhai? I’m from poultry industry. Almost every bakery use these rotten eggs. Eggs got rotten during hatching process. These eggs are not laid down by Layer chicken. These are breeder’s eggs

  • Rather dramatizing the whole story with ALL tag they should let common people know the brands. Unless its simple “part of plan” to something fishy.

  • کاش آپ تھوڑی سی زحمت کر کے ان کمپنیوں کے نام بھی دے دیتے، جو اس فیکٹری کا پائوڈر اپنے بسکٹوں میں استعمال کرتی ہے۔ عوامی بائیکاٹ سے ان کے ہوش ٹھکانے آ جاتے۔ آپ نے کون سے اشتہار لینے تھے جس کا ڈر آپ کو بزدل بنا دیتا۔

    • Ishtihar nahi magar commission, chai pani ya bakshish tou leni hai in logon nay. Abhi name expose na karnay pe bargaining karien ge companies k saath. Jis nay maal de diya woh dhul k saaf aur jo setting main na ayaa usko ganday andon ki tarah expose karien ge awam main aur medals lain ge.

      • آسان طریقہ یہ ہوگا کہ گندے انڈوں والی فیکٹری کے کسی ملازم سے پوچھیں۔ وہ بتا دے گا کہ کون کون سی بسکٹ کمپنی پائوڈر لیتی تھیں۔ اسے کسی کا خوف نہ ہوگا۔ بسکٹ کمپنیاں تو ظاہر نہیں بتائیں گی۔ چھاپہ مارنے والی ٖفوڈ اتھارٹی کا عملہ بھی بسکٹ کمپنیوں کے نام بتا سکے گا۔

  • yeh to batao konsay biscuits hain?? sooper etc to nahi hai?? main daily khaata hun gaaf phat jayegi

  • There is no healthy food in Pakistan from decades. And it’s a serious issue. No company is supplying or making healthy foods or juices. Look at hospitals sab bharey parain hain. Tarah Tarah ki diseases hain. Government health par koi tawaja nahi. White flour sab se khatarnak flour ha. Jis Ne logo ki zindagi tabah Kar rakhe hain. No knowledge about healthy food in our society and government. Seriously

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