Time for Mothers to Relax Using These Tips for Ramzan

Ramzan is a month for reflection and sacrifice. It’s a month to spend with the people who matter to us the most. Mothers, however, often have to switch between work commitments, meal preparations and Eid shopping. This leaves them little time to enjoy meaningfully with their loved ones.

foodpanda wants to make this fasting month easier for all mothers, young or old, working or not, and they’re offering these tips to make this holy month even more special.

Smart for Sehri

Spend your morning wisely and let us cover you and your family.

What to eat? Smart meal choices help to sustain energy levels and inspire better focus throughout the day. Start your pre-dawn meal with whole grains such as brown rice or whole wheat. Top them up with delicious fruits rich in vitamins or add healthy proteins such as lentils. Finish up with an energy-boosting smoothie.

How? Pre-order fresh and filling meals from Subway by 3 AM and healthy juices and smoothies from Greeno and we will deliver in time for the most fuss-free way to prepare for Sehri.

Healthy for Iftar

With a wide range of healthy restaurants on the platform, mums can spend less time shopping for ingredients and preparing meals, yet still enjoy the benefits of nutritious food.

What to eat? Break your fast with light starters such as a soup or a light salad. Follow it up with protein-rich foods such as steaks, vegetables and lean meats. Complete the meal with a selection of fresh fruit!

How? Order in from Chatterbox, Arcadian, Kababjees, Lachine, Pantry, Ginsoy or Tao latest by 6:30 PM for a complete Iftar meal for your whole family.

Celebrate their first Ramzan

Getting a child ready for Ramzan can be tough, but when you adapt together, it also supplies further occasion to celebrate.

What to eat? Positive reinforcement helps; and so does a sweet treat as a reward. Order a special dessert to celebrate this milestone with your children.

How? Order the amazing Ramzan Deals from KFC, OPTP, Hardees, Nando’s or Pie in the Sky for child-friendly meals and desserts.

With the best selection of restaurants in the city, mothers can have delicious and nutritious meals delivered to their doors right on time for Iftar and Sehri.

Kindness – A tap away!

Giving back and being kind to society is a virtue to strive for during Ramzan. We have partnered up with LRBT, AMAN FOUNDATION and AKUH to make it easier for you with the initiative, Kindness – A tap away where you can donate online with one hand without letting your other hand know.

What to do? Donate starting from Rs. 500 and you can help LRBT, AMAN FOUNDATION and AKUH achieve their mission to provide better healthcare services to the underprivileged people in Pakistan.

How?  Use your foodpanda App or simply click here to donate online using your credit card or you can also choose to pay cash. Our rider will visit you on a pre-designated time to collect your donation and it will be delivered to the respective organization to change a life for better!


  • clearly, this website is becoming a place of garbage… why in the world do you want to order stuff by 3:00 AM when the fasting time starts at 3:15? seriously?

    • Even worse, by ordering food from outside, they’ll put a larger burden on the breadwinner of the family.

      Which is likely…. the father.

      So an anti-savings article disguised as pro-women.

  • Dnt make young mothers so kaam chor. They r already making a mockery of the term ” mother hood”….

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