Pakistan Ranked Among The Worst Countries For Tourists

World Economic Forum recently released its Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, which analyzes the travel and tourism sectors in 136 countries and ranks them based on the prevalence of violence and terrorism and not on petty crimes.

As a part of the report, the WEF ranks the safety of each of those countries. To come up with this ranking, the forum “measures the extent to which a country exposes tourists and businesses to security risks mainly related to serious harm to people (violence and terrorism).”

According to the report, Pakistan ranks at fourth dangerous most country for tourists, alongside Nigeria, El Salvador, Yemen and Colombia.

The report states:

Religious conflict has plagued Pakistan for years, and violence against certain religious groups is still common throughout the country.

Pakistan’s government also greatly limits freedom of speech and forbids foreigners access to numerous places throughout the country.

Here are the top 10 most dangerous countries for tourists:

  1. Colombia
  2. Yemen
  3. El Salvador
  4. Pakistan
  5. Nigeria
  6. Venezuela
  7. Egypt
  8. Kenya
  9. Honduras
  10. Ukraine

Although WEF is a reputable institute, the ranking does not depict a convincing image of Pakistan as the country has report 45% less terrorist activity in the past couple of years, according to a GTI report.

The steady improvement is there for everyone to see and now, it is up to the government and tourism departments to amend the false image of Pakistan floating on the international surface.

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  • This report is piece of shit India should be at no 1 because there are most extremist people

      • Well, for one thing over 85,00,000 tourists visit India every year. Compared with about 5,00,000 to Pakistan. So even if 10 people are raped every year that is just statistical noise.

        Further more, don’t you think it is very strange that when Pakistani girls are raped, Pakistani people are quick to blame her or her family or her dress or anything like that, but when tourists are raped in India, they blame Indians? I think it says something about our mental character.

        In fact Pakistani people are also quick to share stories about rapes in IOK but never share such stories about Pakistani girls raped by Pakistanis. Sounds like a real mental problem.

        • Firstly, India Is A Much Bigger Country Than Pakistan. It is Bigger Economically , Population Wise And In Area Too. So 8.5 million people going to India per year is not that big as you are trying to make it.

          Secondly, You are COMPLETELY Wrong. Pakistani people DON’T blame A Raped Girl Or Her Family/Dress. Blame goes on the Rapist in any sensible Society. Situation in India is much Worse.

          As one the Leaders of India once Said about Rape ” Bachay hain karte hn to krne do ”

          I Suggest you To See The Situation In India closely and Do some Researching. You will know Who Has a Mental Problem.

          P.s – There is A Reason India Is the Rape Capital Of This World.

          • >>> Pakistani people DON’T blame A Raped Girl Or Her Family/Dress. <<>> Blame goes on the Rapist in any sensible Society. <<>> Situation in India is much Worse. <<<

            Well, by your own logic, India Is A Much Bigger Country Than Pakistan. It is Bigger Population Wise. Stands to reason then that there are more rapes proportionally.

            Lastly, when I said it was a Pakistani mental problem, You just proved me right: by deflecting the problem again on India. Not one word did you spare about protecting or defending Pakistani rape victims.

            Pure facts:

            Rapes in Punjab and Sindh in 2015: at least 3,064

            That is UNDERREPORTED figure because everyone knows you try to register rape case and police will sometimes not help you if you don't have backing of judges or political figures.

            Deny it all you want, but the number of tourists raped in India is far less than that.

    • How much more BS can you be full of? Saudi Arabia, your best friend, should top the list for their history of exporting Wahhabi-related terrorism worldwide.

  • Or India mai jo female tourists ka rape hojata hai ? wo WEF ko nazar nahi aaraha hai ??? Wo jaga to sbsse zada unsafe hai.

    • G Kisi Ko Nazar Nahi Ayega :
      Waha Ki Media Naitonal News Main Chalati Hai Ye Rape News International Media Pe Nahi Dekhai Jati.
      Hamara Media to Sub Se Pehly K Chakkar Main Hamae Le Doob Raha hai.

      • Bhaye Dunya Ka Rape Capital Kise Kehte Hn Jante Ho ? DELHI

        RSS, Shiv Sena, BJP Jese Hindu Nationalist Extremist Parties Kidhr Hn ? India

        Yeh Chezen Sab Jante Hn Magar Fir Vi Biased Report Dete Hn. Last 1 And a Half Year se Pak Ki Rankings Aur Reports Achi Jane Lagi Hn To WEF Ko Aag Lag Gayi Ha Lagta Ha.

    • How many rapes? 1 or 2 rapes every year out of 85,00,000 tourists? 10? 100? How many are we talking about?

      Still less than the count of rapes Pakistani girls and women face every month, why don’t you raise voice against that?

      • Are you Seriously this Dumb or you Just trying to Gain Some Attention ? 1 or 2 Rapes ? Haa Funny ! You Think In India Rape Cases are Mostly 1 or 10 or 100 per Year ?

        I Am Not Gonna Even Argue With You. You Need Some Knowledge About The Situation In India, boy.

        Bolne Se Pehle Kuch Ilam Hasil Kar Leya Kro Mere Bhaye. Pakistan Me Koi Rape Ko Acha Nai Kehta Lakin India Me Leaders Kehte Hn ” Bachay Hain Choro Jaane Do ”

        Don’t Try To Argue With Stupid Blabbering Shahid. Peace

        • If I write Pakistan is not safe for tourists because of kidnapping, would
          you ask me how many tourists are kidnaped? Of course you will.

          Same logic. If you say India is not safe for tourists because of rape issue, then you have to explain how many tourists are raped? Simple as that.

          You don’t have the answer, you just like to make sure everyone knows you don’t know anything.

          >>> Peace <<<

          Ignorance is bliss. and you prefer ignorance to facts…

          • Your whole conclusion is based on assumptions not facts, and the facts you’re talking about 1 or 2 rape, seems like you don’t give any shit about them ? do you?

            • If you have facts, by all means, share them. Share the exact figures on rape of tourists in India.

              Then let’s see if the facts back up the stupid claim that India should be #1 on list because of rapes.

          • Dear Shahid:
            I appreciate your attempts to turn several facts on their heads, and hoodwinking the Pro-Pakistani readers, however a few of us still remain who will give you a response point for point with REAL facts, mentioning sources (which you failed to do).

            I will give you and all readers complete links with facts, unless Aamir decides
            to delete these (editors, please leave links in, and not delete them).

            I am giving evidence (sources and links) of all the figures I am quoting.

            Link :

            678,900 women affected by ONLY rape. @ rate of 0.05% of total population. A woman is raped every 20 minutes, 93 per day, 95% of rapes are
            unreported. (Source:
            These numbers DO NOT INCLUDE SEXUAL ASSAULT/Harassment.

            53% of children in India face sexual abuse:

            From 2004 to 2016 total numbers 4734 women
            affected @ rate of 0.00019%

            7.67% incidence of child abuse in

            Given the fact that I have taken NGO numbers for Pakistan, which are always overstated, I believe the analyses is already weighed against Pakistan, but still the facts and numbers speak for themselves.

            People like you Mr. Shahid, with hidden agendas to malign Pakistan are always active, and rather than research facts and figures, would rather believe Indian and Jewish media sources for their “Fake News”, and readily quote from them,

            Be grateful for Allah’s blessing that is Pakistan, or leave — PLEASE leave! Don’t stay here and undermine us from within like Mir Jaffars with lies and false “facts” or as Trump calls them “Fake News”

            You are right Ignorance is Bliss, and you must be in heaven right now!

            • It has nothing to do with rest of society. It has to do with safety for tourism.

              Are tourists unsafe because of sexual abuse of children in India? If yes, then it should be higher on the list. but it isn’t.

              Keep in mind list was not made by Indians, it was made by independent study.

          • shahid bhai kun bat ko bra raha ho kiya ham indian channal nahy dekhta kiya ham amir khan ka progrm nahy dekhta jesa main khud case samna aaie tha k ap ka koi mintister esa nahy jeshy k oper rape case or dosra cases na ho lagta ha ap india main nahy rahta or jahan tak pakistan k bat ha yahan ak bhy bora log hain lakin female k respect atny ha k bus main bhi onka liya seprat cabine hota or koi female srif ak awaz tu uthai sab hazir hojata ya india nahy pakistan bhai

    • But it is not published by media, it is published by World Economic Forum, which is a Swiss organisation for preventing or working against international wars and conflicts. It makes no money if it puts or does not put Pakistan on this list. It just reports what it knows.

    • Complain to World Economic Forum, they published it. They do not make money if tourists do not visit Pakistan so it is not in their interest to present lies.

      Also when our current PM (or next PM) visit WEF next time in Davos, be sure to protest him or her.

    • Should a report be censored because it puts Pakistan down, even if it is based on accurate facts? Wouldn’t that make patriotism a lie?

  • Mexico aur Venezuela should be on top… I think, non of one can stay there more than 15 days.. !!

    • Venezuela Ke Abi Ke Halaat Dekh Lo Almost 50 Log Mar Gaye Protests Me Govt Ke Khilaaf. Itni Kasshedgi Rahi Aur WEF Ko Yeh Nazar Hi Ni Aya Lgta Ha. Lol. What A Joke.

  • Yeh Report Ha ya Joke Ha ? Jab Saare International Surveys And Reports Bol Rhi Hn Ke Pakistan Steadily Opar Ja Rha Ha Chahe Ap Press Freedom Index Dekhlo Pichle Saalon Ki Ya Koi Vi Aur Reports Dekh Lo, Tb Yeh WEF Aese Faltu Reports Pesh Kr Rha Ha ?

    Okay So Lets See This. Dunya Ka Rape Capital Konsa ? New Delhi ? India Ka Naam Ha Idhr ? No !
    Wahh Dhajiyan Urra Do Honesty Ki.

    Bhaye Agar Report Banate Ho Na To Kuch Soch Samjh Kr Banaya Kro Plz. Last 1 and half ya 2 years ke Surveys Aur Reports Nikal Kr Dekhlo Pakistan Opar Ja Rha Hai.

  • وجہ بوہت سادہ سی ہے
    امن امان کا نہ ہونا
    جو کہ فوج کی ذمّ داری ہے

  • This is a very biased report.

    USA, should be No. 1 on the list because of their gun laws and domestic violence.
    India should be No. 2 because of the many rapes of tourists. Australia should be No. 3 because of its racism, bigotry and inhumane treatment of refugees.

    I am an Australian, living in Pakistan for six years. I find it is a very beautiful and peaceful country, plagued by propaganda from other countries whose interests are only in causing dramas and trouble.

    The real Pakistan is peaceful. There are many beautiful tourist places in the Northern areas of Pakistan.

    • “USA, should be No. 1 on the list because of their gun laws and domestic violence.

      India should be No. 2 because of the many rapes of tourists. Australia should be No. 3 because of its racism, bigotry and inhumane treatment of refugees.”

      Salute to your thorough research.

      • This just happened 2 days earlier. So If the guy says ” India should be No. 2 because of the many rapes of tourists. ” it does make sense.

        And As far as USA is concerned, do you have any knowledge of their gun laws ? Do you know the republicans stance on guns in US ? Do you know the President right now is a republican ? Yes ? Do you know in alone 2015 more than 13,000 people were killed In the US due to Gun Violence ?

        So Yeah Anniyah has a Point. And there’s nothing to say ” Salute to your thorough research ” buddy. Okay ?

        • What the f*** does that have anything to do with tourism? Do you have any idea how massive the tourism industry of the US is?

    • This is a stupid comment.

      Why should USA be #1 because of gun laws? Is there correlation between gun laws and killing of tourists? Are tourists in danger because of gun laws? Do large numbers of tourists get affected by gun laws? No evidence is available to suggest such a link. Therefore, why should it be #1?

      As for India and rapes, I have covered this point elsewhere. Out of 85,00,000 tourists last year, how many were raped? Whatever number you give, I am sure it is less than the number of Pakistani women and girls raped every month in Pakistan. Our own police even refuse to register FIR in many rape cases and even try to indimidate girls and their familes so they are underreported.

      As for Australia, you must know best.

        • Do they? Where are the statistics on gun violence against tourists in the US?

          It does not matter if thousands of Americans die from gun violence every year. If millions of tourists visit and practically zero tourists are targeted by such attacks, then tourists are safe in the US.

    • 85,00,000 tourists to India last year, 5,00,000 to Pakistan. You decide. Are the extra 80,00,000 idiots or do they know something you don’t?

  • This is reality. Instead of blaming India , we should recognize it and go the solution. What our religious groups are doing and tolerance for others . one statement on Facebook other sites may lead him prison.

  • Do you people have nothing else to do than blame your incompetence on India and the west?

    • How is telling facts same as defaming?

      The numbers from Ministry of Tourism speak for itself.

  • Glad to know all my responses to Mr. Shahid Saleem have been editorially removed, where I gave website links and facts and figures to prove what he is saying is wrong. Not one word was abusive
    not one word was wrong, and all numbers were fact-checked.

    So let me give one last try, and I hope Aamir that this time your staff will consider the salary you are paying them, not what “others” are perhaps paying them?

    I am increasingly noting that ProPak allows childish patriotic comments and rants to be published, but Patriotic ones which are intellectually inclined with facts, figures and proofs, are weeded out, which leads me to wonder what is going on at the back-end.

    Anyway I am re-writing the comments below with modifications (rates are percentage of total population):
    Mr. Shahid Saleem:

    I understand that you have only addressed the issue of rape of foreign women tourists, but to understand the entirety of the problem, you must understand the mindset of the nation, and for that total numbers of abused women must be crunched. Even though I have also delved into specifics about women tourists towards the end

    India–> 678,900 women affected by ONLY rape. @ rate of 0.05%. A woman is raped
    every 20 minutes, 93 per day, 95% of rapes are unreported. (Source:

    These numbers DO NOT INCLUDE SEXUAL ASSAULT. 70% of women in India have claimed sexual
    harassment (Source:

    53% of children in India face sexual abuse:

    Pakistan –> From 2004 to 2016 total numbers 4734 women affected @ rate of 0.00019%

    7.67% incidence of child abuse in Pakistan:

    Given the fact that I have taken NGO numbers for Pakistan, which are mostly overstated, I believe Pro Pakistani readers can decide for themselves whether India or Pakistan is worse.

    Switzerland, Denmark, America, and even Russia has a travel advisory against female tourists going to India, and a decline of 70% of women tourists has already happened DUE TO RAPE in India.

    Furthermore, if only violence and terrorism were the criteria, then the most violent countries in the world consistently have neither India nor Pakistan in them, but instead are dominated by South Africa and South America, both of which do not seem to be impacted by violence as far as tourism is

    Also and please see link below, the article is a case in point about world duplicity and bias against Pakistan on this matter, which I would highly recommend all of us to open our eyes to:

    The above article clearly mentions that NONE of the top 50 most violent and dangerous cities are in Pakistan, yet when you read comments — you will find Indians trying to comment against Pakistan specifically mentioning Karachi . . .even though the numbers say something else, as replied to them in the comments as well.

    It speaks volumes about the loyalty of Indians in general compared to us Pakistanis. Even when I meet Indian Muslims not one will ever say anything, even on Kashmir, against India – but many of our stalwarts cannot get enough of hanging Pakistan out to dry publicly over anything from blasphemy laws to security operations.

    Where are these warriors of peace when India is blinding 5 year old children in Kashmir, or burning and massacaring 6,000 Muslims in Gujrat or hundreds Godhra? Where are they when Medeliene Albright says in her interview to BBC that killing 1.2 million innocent Muslim children in Iraq was “an acceptable cost” to getting rid of weapons of mass destruction – which were all proved to be a lie later (please google to see the interview on youtube)?

    Have we lost all sense of shame and perspective? What is wrong with us? Will we belittle our multitudes of sacrifices and our insurmountable pain for a few deaths (and I agree that those few are
    also reprehensible) of others as well?

    Therefore, I hope, Mr. Shahid Saleem, you accept facts with an open heart, and I would urge you, if you are unhappy with Pakistan, please leave today. I am confident that many western countries are waiting with open arms to take you in. All you have to continue to do is humiliate Pakistan — maybe you can win one or two Oscars — or maybe even a Nobel prize as others have done.

    • Mr Fake Patriot, the study is about safety to tourists in countries around the world. If the numbers gathered by the study say Pakistan is less safe then India or US or Germany or Zambia, then by all means, accept them or refute them.

      If you cannot refute them you cannot blame me or anyone else. You can only blame yourself for not understanding the problem or the solution.

  • We cancel this survey report of WEF. I have toured till Khunjerab Pass and Kashimir in the span of 3 years. Pakistan has its own Paradise lays in northern areas. Only thing you need to explore.

  • FATA is beautiful but unfortunately FATA is no go area. Parachinar, Tirah orakzai agency, Tirah khyber agency are places to visit. i haven’t been to other Agencies of Fata.

    KPK is beautiful. Naran, kaghan, natiagali, ayubia, mansehra, abbotabad, swat, Dir, chitral, Bunir and hangu are must seen places. Dir and hangu are sensitive areas with respect to security.

    Baluchistan has beautiful landscapes and deserts but unfortunately Baluchistan is no go area for tourist. Kharan, awaran are very sensitive due to insurgency thanks to ramzan mengal and shafiq mengal. Qila Saifullah and qila abdullah are beautiful but good taliban have there camps there. Ziarat is beautiful but sensitive. Naushki, Padag, dalbandin, aminabad, sargesha, karodok, bazgaz, gat baroth, yakmuch , nokundi, mashkel and khurmagai are places i have seen in Baluchistan. All of them are very beautiful. The mountains are not green but they have their own beauty. and the baloch people in these areas are the best in word. But i don’t know who nurtured the people of these areas with taliban and jindullah philosophy.

    i havent been to sindh.

    Punjab. i have seen deraghazi khan, karor lal essan, mian wali, faisalabad, lahore, multan, muzaffar garh, sialkot, gujranwala, gujrat and it sorrounding areas, narawala, shakar garh, kingra, wazirabad and kamonki. they are just cities. no notable sites to visit. lahore has some historical places. muree is now in punjab and indeed very beautiful. fort munro is beautiful. Punjab can be visited without any security threat.

    i havent been to gilgit baltistan. but i know that they are very beautiful. GB is rich with 8 thousandeers mountains. but tourist have to go through chilas a very hostile area. i dont see any security threat in GB.

  • focusing on internal tourism may be the answer. however bad roads, poor infrastructure to blame as well as poorly trained hospitality staff.

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