First Death Sentence Passed for Blasphemy on Social Media

According to a government prosecutor, an Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) sentenced a man to death on account of sharing blasphemous content on social media.

On Saturday, ATC Judge Shabir Ahmed announced the sentence for the 30 year old from Bahawalpur.

The accused, a member of the Shia community, was arrested by Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) last year. Hailing from Okara, he posted derogatory content against Sunni religious figures and the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and his wives on Facebook.

A case was filed against him in the Multan police station under Section 295-C (use of derogatory remarks, etc., in respect of the Holy Prophet) in addition to Sections 9 and 11w of the Anti-Terrorism Act (related to spreading sectarian hatred).

First Death Sentence Under Cyber Crime Law

This is the first time someone has been sentenced to death under the cyber crime law.

Mashal Khan’s Case

A few months ago a student, Mashal Khan was murdered by a mob in Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan for allegedly posting blasphemous content over social media. The incident sparked widespread outrage in the country, with some calling for blasphemy laws to be amended.

An investigation was subsequently launched into this case probing the matter. The joint investigation team cleared him of all blasphemy-related charges as they concluded their probe.

Government’s Stance

The government is also keen on tracking down on blasphemy related crimes on social media. Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar called for banning social media in the country if it is required to block blasphemous content, saying

“We will go to any extent even if we have to go to the extent of permanently blocking all such social media websites if they refuse to cooperate.”

Via Dawn

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  • Blasphemy law.. To kill a person in the name of the greatest reformer that the world has ever seen… Did the Holy Prophet PBUH ordered the execution of all his enemies when Makkah was won. Nope, his decision to spare the lives of his enemies showed us how much deep the power in reform through such acts of forgiveness are… The example of Taif and when the people injured the Holy Prophet PBUH and yet his greatness in forgiveness are the primary examples of what to do with such things.. To execute a person will not stop this as a deterrent.. To change the ideals of that person would be the only way to achieve real meaningful results..

    • When disrespected, only the Holy Prophet SAW had the right to personally forgive someone. Allah SWT does not give us this right to forgive someone if they have been proven to be involved in blasphemy. People dont understand what this law is about. The law is not implemented upon by the people just like any other law. Does not mean the law itself is flawed. It protects people from getting abused by anyone. Had this law not been in place, anyone could have killed anyone. Only, the true implementation of this law is the result. Following this law will ensure that it is the courts that decide who is guilty.

      • Please educate me through referring to Quran and Sunnah as I was told all my life that I was to follow the examples as laid by the life of the Prophet PBUH..

        Also read the following please
        “The only punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is that they should be murdered, or crucified, or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides, or they should be imprisoned. This shall be a disgrace for them in this world, and in the Hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement. Except those who repent before you overpower them; so know that Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

        — Qur’an, 5:33–34”
        Taken from Wikipedia but I’m only going to say that you read the last passage even here Allah blessed the ones who repent with his grand mercy.. Hence my desire to see more reform rather execution is in fact enforced with evidence… So as for the law.. I have no legal education therefore cannot be sure what to make of that.. Do review and respond accordingly and logically please..

        • Just tell me if someone abuse your loved ones especially mother really badly what would you do? will you just tolerate and say go on? And we love our religious figures more than our blood relations. Hazrat Umar(R.A) or Hazrat Abubakar(R.A) ordered killing of a person who committed such act. These laws are in place to punish these miscreants otherwise there will be fitna everywhere if people start taking things in their own hands.

          • To answer your first question, I would first control my anger and ask why he is abusive towards me or my family, apart from insanity, other motives can be talked over.. This is also a lesson we need to focus on which again is based on the examples set by our Prophet PBUH, and to address the second part of your statement, can you kindly share the context and scripture to the orders by Hazrat Umar(R.A) or Hazrat Abubakar(R.A) so I can make sure that I have the required information to speak prior another statement.

            • Why don’t you visit all the people who are abusive against Islam & prech them instead or spreading your ignorance here on social media.

              Waste of time a stupid with no detailed knowledge trying to be famous.

              Laws are made my Law Scholars.

              Islamic Laws are made by Ulema with the light of Quran , Hadith & Sunnah.

              If you don’t know the history you must learn & read in details.

              It not a Religous form where you are asking for it.

              You have pain in head you go to doctor not to the cobbler.

              Visit the Realted form. Its common sense insn’t it ?

              • In your statement, you still haven’t added a any additional element to my earlier statement, so why don’t you and I stop making retorts and instead start being more polite to each other rather than calling names or rude comments which would lead us nowhere!

        • saud if you think u are good muslim or seeking good, and want it from quran and sunnah, then you must ask from autheticated scholore not on propaki, or from me, or not from you aqal, i can give you reference for contact person ,if you are interested , mail me [email protected]

    • Saud Bin Farooq you earn lot of money for paste/writing this bulshi***t on page……………..

    • Seems like you don’t know about habitual blasphemer “Ibn Khatal” who was murdered on the order of prophet Muhammad s.a.w. within Masjid Haraam. After the victory, Allah forbade fighting in the boundaries of Harram.

      There are 2 more such cases of habitual blasphemers mentioned in Sahi Bukhari and other hadith books who were taken down on the command of prophet Muhammad s.a.w.. So elaborate your knowledge before opening your mouth.

      • Interestingly I just read about him this morning
        ” The writings of commentators such as al-Zamakhshari, al-Tabarsi, al-Razi and al-Baydawi provide another distinct report according to which Ka’b was killed because Gabriel had informed Muhammad PBUH about a treaty signed by himself and Aba Sufyan creating an alliance between the Quraysh and forty Jews against Muhammad during Ka’b’s visit to Mecca (According to Professor Uri Rubin, some allusions to the existence of an anti-Muslim treaty between Quraysh and Ibn al-Ashraf may be found in the earlier sources)”
        So clearly stating that his case was an exception.. It is also interesting that you’ll highlight this one person when a whole city was pardoned on the same day.. So I know that’s not what the issue is here.. But still.. Reform before execution.. If not then the streets of Makkah would’ve run red that day.. Anyways.. Have a good day..

      • So anyone who is against YOU guys are Wahabi?
        Asal chehra aur naam k saath aao bhai, is tarhan kisi aur ki aar main chupp kar kisi aur ki himayat nahi karo.

        • میرے بھائی اپنی جان ہر کسی کو پیاری ہے.

          آپ لوگ اب اس قدر خطرناک ہو چکے ہیں کہ کوئی آپ کے سامنے آکر آپ لوگوں سے اختلاف کرنے کی جرات نہیں کر سکتا.
          آپ لوگوں کے تو نام ہی سے خوف آنے لگتا ہے

          • Jawab nahi dia bhai aap ne is ka.
            “So anyone who is against YOU guys are Wahabi?”

            Hum log khatarnaak nhi hoe hain saaf keh do k darr hai k LEAs main se koi na utha le blasphemy k case main.

            Waise (aap ko nahi keh rha) kai makrooh chehroun k peechay kuch ‘khaas’ hi naam dekhnay main aae hain jo ek particular maktab-e-fikar se talluq rakhtay hain. Sab se ziada nafrat unhain hi hai Islam aur uskay followers se.

      • It”s people like you who have a damaged mentality.You are the ones who eventually murder innocents.You should find time and maybe fuck off.

    • Saud is MunafiQ &shab is also one of them.

      earlier i used a word Mulhid from the, I apologize for using that word.

      • Please let me know when or what have I written which may enrage you to call me by such..

        • If you are Not loyal to Allah & Prophet S.A.W then you are one of those.

          Wiki pedia is your teacher. You must Learn Islam from Some Aalim not from google.

          Personal interpretation is not allowed.

          My single word hurted you.

          How we can allow a person to hurt the Whole ummah in the so called freedom of expression.

          Only mulhid & qadiyani hai issue with it.

          If a am not a wine drinker i have no issues with wine laws.

          People like you are always with hidden agenda & take seletion of Deen to seperate Ummah.

          Its not allowed to Kill even a Non-Muslim & to stop him from praticing his religion.

          But Disrespect of any Prophet Or Sahabi , Ahle Bait is not allowed.

          First learn some properly then comment. Or agree what i told about you.

          • So to make my opinion over the lifetime examples from the life of the Prophet PBUH makes me one.. Then I feel no remorse in being called one! May you find peace in your life.

            • You are taking few examples & skipping many. The ibn-khatal was killed with in Haram due to dis-respect. A lady was killed by Blind Shahabi due to dis-respect. Hazrat Umer (R.A) killed one who didnot accepted Prophet’s( S. A. W) Decision. A lot more examples.

              Half knowledge is ignorance.

              You are in Favor of insulting & disrespect. But speaking against law.

              It not me or you to discuss about it. It shariyat not your or mine personal matter.

              The ulema has taken 6-months, all school of thoughts then agreed to it.

              Either u are ignorant & don’t know details or as i sqid some with hidden agenda to Bark & Bark by Misquotations.

              If you are so loyal & have so much knowledge come on some Public Media & debate with Ulema instead of Passing ignorance to Social media.

    • With all due respect, My deeds would be judged by Allah and he is the only one to judge us all. So please refrain from such remarks.

  • Its very easy to make a fake id, get dp and mobile numbers from original id, and put it in fake id and report original id to remove

  • Why mentioning “shia” exclusively. Its same like international media saying “Pakistani born Muslim”. You all media is the same. Here to excite and target. Shame!

  • Admin must disable comments on such topics.

    Its not a religious Forum.

    Ignorant people sells thier personal vision here. Which is some time out of limits.

    Any misquote will be the responsibility of Admin & he would be answerable on Judgement Day ( if he believe in it).

    Thank You

  • as the world reaches mars, and develops various technologies, mullahs in pakistan are discusiing blasphemy. no wonder pakistan is a living hell

    • This should also be for all other religions as well as every religion is respectable and sacred to all its adherents and followers.
      Any Muslim found guilty of disrespecting other religions should be put to death since he /she has also hurt the sentiments of the followers of that particular religion.

  • This here marks the DOOM that this land was narrowly escaping for so long. RIP Pure Pakistan. Only special blessings of Lord Almighty can keep us from falling into this darkest pit. :(

  • The Govt and the LEAs will make sure that the person did blasphemy before giving him any punishment. If he did that and they have prove then I (along with millions of people) will back that decision.

    People from a particular sect (we all know who they are) and libtards first play the ‘He is innocent’, ‘Do investigation’, ‘Someone using his id’ cards but once the guy was proven guilty they’ll come back with ‘Prophet SAWW never ordered anyone to kill a blasphemer’, ‘He is Rehmatul Lil Aalameen’ and other ‘Masoomana’ logics.

    Doob marne ka muqaam hai aisay logoun k liay. Jab unhi Rehmatul Lil Aalameen ko (Naozobillah) log bura bhala keh rhe hotay hain to ye log khush ho rhe hotay hain aur support krte hain unko. Jab bilkul hi phas jaata hai “In ka banda” to phir ye log taawelain peesh krte hain.

  • مذہب کے نام پر اس ملک کو زبردستی پتھر کے دور میں داخل کرنے کی کوشش کی جا رہی ہے.
    آج پوری دنیا میں پاکستان صرف دہشت گردی اور انتہا پسندی کی وجہ سے مشہور ہو چکا ہے.
    آخر ہم کب تک اپنی ذلت اور بربادی پر یونہی مطمئن اور بے فکر رہیں گے
    سوشل میڈیا پر بیرونی دنیا کے لوگوں کا ہمارے ملک کے بارے میں خیالات دیکھ لیں تو قسم سے دل خون کے آنسو روتا ہے.
    وہ لوگ ہمیں جنگلی جانور سے زیادہ کچھ نہیں سمجھتے

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