Zong 4G hosts Iftaar for Street Children

“A New Hope” volunteers of Zong 4G’s flagship CSR program took the opportunity over this weekend to spend an Iftaar with the Street Children of Islamabad.

The children dwell in the urban slums of the Bari Imam area of Islamabad and sustain themselves by washing cars, picking garbage and selling small merchandise on the streets.

Earlier this year, Zong 4G had setup a 4G internet lab for these children at their school, connecting them to the virtual world for the first time.

Since then, Zong’s volunteers have been delivering Internet awareness sessions to these children in a renovated and more modern environment.

Recognizing the fact that Ramzan is a time of sharing prosperity and helping the neglected segments of the society, the volunteers took Iftaar packages for the children and shared the meal in a festive atmosphere.

Zong 4G, a China Mobile Company, is a socially responsible organization that has always aimed to create an impact in the society by delivering on multiple social causes. Zong’s volunteers have shown a great resolve in contributing towards their civic duties in the past and continues to build on the momentum generated since the launch of the program.

With a 75% market share and plans for 100% 4G upgrade by the end of this year, Zong is dominating the 4G arena propelling the country towards a new, brighter future. Activities such as these provide considerable impetus to the cause of enhancing social inclusion that in turns supports Zong’s desire of a prosperous Pakistan.

  • Excellent initiative from Zong 4G Press Release Ad., in PP. First of all with the digitalisation of Pakistan this is too small statement from a freePress release. Why it is not offered to the street Children for Coding of Street Children in Karachi. As a promotion of 4G and beyond 5G announced it should be the segment with our rate of higher and higher for child birth, every child born should be tagged as 5G child and given a Certificate for Coding and a terminal product. Please save your resouces for Street Children for Coding, which can be done in public parks. I can give you a plan for 4G and 5G trails for children coding in the best public park where access for 4G is the best and likely we may wait for the the trails/testing of 5G also from this park. The children will be gathered in the park space which has Lighting free from UV donated by Siemens/Osram in the park. The park is the space from the Muncipality in Karachi maintained and operated by volunteers. We are trying to avail low price discount from project Ujala for the Park. The uniue thing in the park we may take permission from the trustees of the park for access to space for Coding in computer supported for 4G, and 5G when available, and the digital access resources for the deprived Senior Citizen to learn how to use smart phone, and availability of devices, phones at subsidised rates which likely may also be taken from the Universal Service Fund USF for resources deployed disabled population suffering from Alzheimer, Dementia, and other disabilities. the disabled people men, women, children will use smart device and enable themselves for gain ful citizens to use their mind and resources from smart devices. We have whole plan, places, and will to mobilise the needy, disabled persons, who are willing to stand on their feet. The USF meant for such population will be very pleased to consider and support such moves, along with the service provider as Zong. We have also approached StormFiber for their triple play.

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