Traffic Warden Risks Life to Stop Truck Driver Who Ran Over a Person

A video of a cop and a runaway truck has gone viral over social media. The viral clip depicts a traffic police warden clinging onto a bus, yelling at the bus driver to stop the vehicle after it ran over a pedestrian, who died on the spot.

A motorcyclist captured the whole event on his cell phone and shared it online. As of the time of writing this, the clip has attracted thousands of likes and comments online.

The clip first surfaced at the Facebook Page ‘City Traffic Police Faisalabad’ leaving many to think that the incident occurred in Faisalabad. The dark blue dress of the cop in the clip further lends more weight to this observation.

As you can see towards the conclusion of the video, the truck driver involved in the hit and run was successfully stopped by the police and was beaten by people who witnessed the whole incident. We hope that the driver has been jailed and is going to be tried for his crime and apathy.

What do you think of the traffic warden’s actions? Do you think that given the circumstances, the cop was right in acting the way he did? Or do you think there’s more to the story than what’s shown in the video clip above?

  • A more deadly chases of hit and run drivers happen in western countries by cops who risk their lives to stop these criminal minded people.

    These truck drivers are extremely careless. Sitting in huge trucks they think they own the roads. I once near missed a serious accident with my family when an over speeding truck broke the red signal at midnight and was almost going to hit my car when i smashed the accelerator pedal and pulled car out of his way.

    Now whenever i am on highway and have to takeover i always give horn to trucks because you don’t know when these idiot truck drivers decide to change lane and smash into your car.

    • Exactly … Trucks and also those careless bikers having no side mirrors and no freaking indicators and they ll just change lane without any regard for any vehicle coming up behind them.

  • This beating culture should end. Law enforcement should just capture and bring the criminals in front of court. Also law enforcement should be accountable for such behavior. Whatever he have done, who is that police guy and other people to beat him. Ridicules.

    • He killed a person and fled the scene you idiot. What! people should have garlanded him with flowers??? then would you be happy. ?

      • Masha Allah calling people idiot? because of their opinion….bahi in civilized world people should not take law into their own hands….

      • He simply means that, Law enforcement is the duty of Law enforcement agencies not the public in mass.

      • Yeah, than what will you do, taken the law in your hand and beat him to death. Let the law enforcement deal with him, that too by the book. Its a hit and run case, he will get his fair part of punishment.

        It could be you or I next time or any of our loved one, so if that beating culture continues, people won’t see the facts, its even our fault or not. Let the law deal with it not the people.

        As a commentator said, calling someone idiot for their opinion, not cool.

    • Is moky per bnta tha mery bhai. These all people were witness of what happened there.

      • Kia do thapper maar kay side peh ho jayein gay. If they really want to help they should let the law enforcement handle it. Also keep track of case, offer their service in witness and give comments in court. Also follow the case so that no bribe is given and driver do not get away with any fake witness comments in court. Yeh toa nahi road peh marna shoro ker diya and later follow hi na kiya. There is a reason these laws are made.

    • Sahi keh rahay ho bhai aap. Karachi main agar yeh awam k hattay charh jata to zinda bhi nahi bachta shayad. Despite what he did, humain koye haq nahi ussay marnay ka. Qanoon mojood hai us par amal hona chaheay.

    • Also these truck drivers should be punished. Yeh log banda maar k nikal jatay hain aur phir seedha bus pakar kar apnay gaon ya idhar udhar nikal jatay hain. Karachi main to yeh roz ke kahani hai takreeban. Specially Dumpers to aisay chalatay hain jaisay Fast and Furious ke shooting horahi ho.

  • This street justice is crazy…I’m sure some people in the mob doesn’t even know the background….poor kid watching it….

    • What if the person he ran over had been a family member of yours? Would you care for the background then?

      • What a typical argument….no one should take law into there hands no matter what. No wonder we have so much anarchy on our street.

        • You are right. What Police Warden did was brave and a good thing. What mod did was; “Moky dekh kr hath garam kr liye”.

          Agr log darmyan mein naan aaty tu woh driver aur uska chamcha us warden ki achi dhulai krty. Yeh Confirm hai.

          And that rickshaw wala was also chasing the truck. they were not just random mob. They were the witness of what happened.

        • If it’s such a “typical argument”, then you should have an answer for me. If someone runs over your loved one, will you preach this BS justice? It’s not like the public killed the driver.

  • Well done brave and encouraged step by warden. he have to take this step because in civilized nations if police have to do this type of action they are escorted by complete team which includes helicopter, police cars at least 5, ambulance etc, but for this poor guy no such support was available at that moment and not in whole country such type of action occurs. so wht he did according to situation was perfectly fine.
    if he would have missed him then it would be gone story and driver will not be be chased at any level.

    Well Done boy.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • A rickshaw wala was escorting him instead. And of course a team of 6 men sitting in rickshaw. Lol

  • and by the way Mr. Khurram ShahzAd this beating also happnes in western countries as well, when police captures the culprit after rigid operation they grills the culprits and this is natural emotional behavior……………..if you would have been in such position you will also do the same, infact more than that………..

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