Punjab Food Authority Destroys 25,000 Liters of Substandard Milk

In a massive operation, Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has disposed off around 25,000 litres of substandard milk from different cities in the province.

Milk trucks and other vehicles were monitored at city entrances during the operation, said Noor-ul-Amin Mengal, director general PFA. Those who were found guilty of carrying spoilt milk were forced to get rid of it.

300,000 Litres of Milk Inspected

About 112 vehicles were checked in Lahore, carrying 54,000 litres of milk. Some 8,190 litres of spoilt milk was disposed off by PFA officers once the relevant health and safety checks were carried out.

72 cars were checked in Faisalabad with 4,772 litres of milk thrown away. In Gujranwala, 81 vehicles were inspected and 5,870 litres of milk were disposed off.

As for Multan, 67 vehicles were checked and around 2,870 litres of milk was discarded. In Rawalpindi, 54 cars were stopped with 3,120 litres dumped.

Chemicals and Vegetable Fat Added

Rounding off the numbers, Mr. Mengal said that 0.3 million litres of milk were inspected and 24,842 litres were disposed off. He continued, saying that pasteurized milk should be sealed in bottles to keep it in pristine condition and prevent adulteration of milk.

He added,

Chemicals and vegetable fat are mixed into the milk to make it thick. We are working on imposing stricter restrictions on sale of open milk.

To sum it up, the sale of artificially thickened milk has to be curbed. Any milk seller found using vegetable and chemicals to achieve that are being penalized by the Punjab Food Authority.

Major Restaurants Sealed

PFA recently visited several popular international and local food chains in Lahore, to assess the food quality offered by the restaurants and fast food joints.

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Fat Burger was sealed off while Pizza Hut was fined. Salt’n’Pepper was also fined due to inadequate cleaning measures. Most of the popular food outlets are reluctant to show their kitchens to inspectors or customers even though they have a legal right to check them.

Via Geo News

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