Corruption-Free Menu: This Restaurant in London Loves Pakistani Politics

A restaurant in London named ‘Khyber Pass’ serves a special menu that is clearly inspired by Pakistani politics. The fantastically named food items from the restaurant’s menu attracts customers from all over London, especially from Essex, where a large number of Pakistanis reside.

Not only is the restaurant a good place to dine out, but it also serves as a good conversation starter on important political scenarios back home. No wonder Pakistani expats just can’t seem to get enough of it.

Corruption-Free Menu

The restaurant’s menu has been dubbed as “Captain’s Corruption-free Political Menu”, created by the manager of the place himself Azhar Hussain. He’s also known as Captain Azhar to his customers.

To give you an idea, here are some of the dishes that are served at Captain Azhar’s establishment:

Customers get to choose from two categories of dishes. The CPEC Lamb specialties include:

  • U-Turn (BBQ Lamb Ribs)
  • Jarnailly Traditional Whole Lamb
  • Tweet Sweet Rice (complimentary)
  • Dollar Baby (Lamb Leg Roast)

The Park Lane Chicken Delicacies include:

  • Panama Chicken Legs
  • Shaikh Talli Seekh Kebab
  • Go Nawaz Go Malai Boti
  • Dharna Chicken Platter Small
  • Mottu Gang Chicken Platter Large

About the Owner

Azhar Hussain is a retired Pakistan army captain. He migrated to London a few years ago and set up his own restaurant business in London. The owner says that most of his customers are Pakistanis who want to eat food that reminds them of the taste back home.

Unsurprisingly, most of these customers often indulge in heated discussions on Pakistani politics. And they keep coming back for more.

Captain Azhar did do his homework before going with a politically-charged naming convention for his menu. Before launching the political menu, Azhar surveyed his customers to see if it would be a good idea. The feedback he received was mostly positive.

He says that the menu isn’t just names on paper but have got a lot to do with their politically spicy levels as well!

As for which are the most popular dishes, Captain Azhar mentions that Go Nawaz Go, U-turn and Shaikh Talli are the most requested ones.

Dishes to Come

Azhar says

“The idea is to encourage political debate which is essential for a strong democratic system in Pakistan. We encourage political participation.

It’s also important because we live abroad but our hearts and souls beat with Pakistan. Overseas communities take keen interest in affairs of Pakistan and they discuss Pakistan at the dinner table more than at any other place and enjoy their food.”

To dedicate a dish to Pakistan’s victory over India in the Champions Trophy final, a new dish named Fakhar-e-Pakistan will be available as a tribute to Fakhar Zaman. In fact, the heroic batsman also visited the restaurant before Pakistan’s match against India.

Once the MQM issue resolves, Azhar also plans on adding a dish related to the political party.

This isn’t the first time a restaurant has launched a political menu. About a decade ago, journalist Arshad Bhatti also launched a café named Civil Junction with an Emergency Menu in response to General Pervez Musharraf’s (Retd.) nationwide emergency 10 years ago.

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  • Ye Bhi Hona Chahyeh Tha :
    Court Leaks Chicken Leg
    JIT Qourma
    Mouka Mouka Ras Malayai
    Ahtesaab E Kabab
    Istifa Karhai
    Mutton Gormint
    Beaf Trophy

    • This guy will never have anything in menu ridiculing army which jumps into politics and government every now and then.

      After all purana fooji jo ha.

        • Wrong bro. Raheel Sharif case is different. Per constitutional rule, a retired general cannot work outside Pakistan due to his influence for atleast 1 year. 2 years is recommended but not enforced. In this case he got NOC from Spineless Ganja.

  • Why most of ex-army men go abroad. Even after receiving perk and free land from government? Leeches

    • Do you have any statistics to prove your claim that more ex army men go abroad than ex government employees? Regarding “free” land, they are not provided anything free and you should get your facts correct.

      • If you are in Pakistan the nearby destination for ex-Pakistan military forces officers is Dubai. You can’t ask a common man to provide you statistics, one can see this everywhere in the daily life overseas.

        One big fish is Musharraf who holds billions in UAE banks, lives in posh area in Dubai.
        Can a civilian get a land in the same rate that an army guy gets after retirement?

      • Raheel Sharif has been very disappointing. He is needed more back home, yet we lost him somewhere in Riyadh.

    • Seriously? Show us the numbers buddy .. but hey you can’t since you are talking nonsense.. Nobody in my family is in army but i must say they have earned those perks. Settling abroad is a personal choice and nobody is stopping you to make that choice either.

      • Yes they “earn” those perks paying 1/10 of what a civilian government servant pays for a land of similar value/location. Not all army walas are on borders but those actually wearing uniforms but practically doing a civilian officer job all their military career even get the same perks on retirement ……why ?

        You can’t ask statistics but if no one in your family is in military you can’t deny what he is saying and that even too confidently ;)

        When ex-bosses settle in US, Germany and UAE what more you expect from lower rank officers?

        • Everybody has a right to do that, including you sir. Nobody ever stopped you from joining the Army. The fact is, there is nothing illegal / immoral to go and live in another country.

    • When ex-bosses settle in US (Mansoor-Ul Haq), Germany (Kiyani) and UAE (Musharraf) what more you expect from lower rank officers?

      Perks that (irrespective of if they are on combat units or other) they get on 1/10 of what a civilians pays have no match.

      • Baadshah salamat ka pora khaandaan bhi to bahar hai woh yaad nahi aata tumhain.

  • A Pukhtoon will always remain biased and will promote his own people only. So the Captain Sahib introduced the dish “Fakhr e Pakistan ” and named it on only one batsman Fakhr Zaman. Why?. Because he is a Pukhtoon like the owner?.
    It was a team effort, but for a Pukhtoon the only thing matters is to promote his own people and to discredit the others.
    What about other team members?. They did not nothing in the team to get a winning?. Fakhr e Pakistan for one guy only that belongs from you.
    For me the whole team is a Fakhre Pakistan, not just one Pukhtoon that is promoted by many restaurants because of ethnic reasons.

    • No bias here please. His customers are all Pakistanis. His dish names are not Pashto. He has served Pakistan Army. And Fakhar played for Pakistan.

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