Flash Sale: Get Xiaomi Products at 50% Discount Rate on June 23rd

Since its launch in Pakistan, Mi has already become the tech talk of the town.

Founded in 2010 by Lei Jun with the vision “innovation for everyone”, Xiaomi believes in creating cost effective yet high quality products built with cutting edge technology, ensuring that the products are accessible to everyone.

Their price to performance ratio is often market leading and the company itself is receptive to feedback to improve their product ranges.

Building upon their variety, Xiaomi now offers Smartphones such as Mi max, Redmi 4A, Redmi Note 4 and a range of power banks ranging from 5,000mAh to 20,000mAh, Mi TVs, set-top boxes Mi routers, Mi Eco products and wearable accessories.

The Mi Eco products includes their power banks, Mi Band 2, Mi Earphones, Mi Bluetooth, VR and more.

To thank their ever growing users, Xiaomi is offering a flash sale on 23rd June, 2017 on their online store: http://mistore.pk. Consumers can now purchase Mi Eco Products at a flat 50% discount from 8pm to 10pm.

To participate, users must register themselves on the website and each user can only purchase two products.

With more than 70 million handsets sold in 2015, Xiaomi is set to expand its footprints across the world to become a leading global brand.

  • Just Laughing at “Xiaomi is set to expand its footprints across the world to become a leading global brand”. Being leading seller in china is one thing but you can’t take on the world with cheap Chinese products.

    • You do know that almost EVERY phone is made in ‘ChieeNa’ even your trusted iPhone..

      • Made in China aur Chinese brand main fark samajhne ki koshish karain, zindagi main agay kaafi kaam aye ga.

        • Do enlightening me as I find it ridiculous that even after the whole ‘Bendgate’ saga people still shrill over the apple but think that anything relative to inscribed in mandarin is of piss poor quality..

          • No I will not ‘enlightening’ you. It’s something even a 10 year old should know. Go Google it. Next you’ll compare BMW to Chinese branded cars as well because BMW has plants in China.

            • So something that is made in China, by Chinese workers and with Chinese materials isn’t Chinese?…. You don’t say..

        • Oh I know the difference. One offers quality products for a reasonable price. The other sells mediocre hardware for a premium. Anybody with common sense would obviously chose the former.

        • Ammar usually your statement is true about chinese brands. But Xiaomi products are different. I have used Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi and I find the build quality of Xiaomi on par with Samsung. Not only the phone body is of high quality but it also gives you snapdragon processor. In that price, these phones from xiaomi are unbeatable. You have to use it to understand its quality

          • Xiaomi has come a long way. My comment was more directed towards the unknown Chinese brands flooding the markets.

    • Huawei is now 2nd largest selling brand in the world, OnePlus 5 has overold in USA. Just foe your limited knowledge bro.

    • Try to use the phone before commenting on it. I have ditched my samsung s6 phone in favor of Redmi Note 4. Top class phone with amazing battery life.

        • I survive because I don’t have to charge the phone for straight 2 days. And after that I charge it at night , and it again give me 2 days….. (better than samsung s6 experience, which supports fast charging, but I had to charge it twice a day)

    • Oh there you are, on yet another post about a discount promotion. Mind telling us how did that whole deals4pk saga went for you? Got your laptop for Rs.1 Lmao?

  • Mi Band 2, All Headphones & VR Box Already Out Of Stock.. Sooo Whats The Point?! I Wanted Mi Band 2 ?

    • Just order from aliexpress. Takes about a month but you can have it for MSRP with free delivery.

  • MiStore.Pk site crashsed just 10 minutes before this sale now.
    It’s surprising why every online store is repeating the same mistake “not to upgrade their servers”. If they cannot upgrade please don’t offer such sales…

  • All fake all bullshit Nothing on discount and still 15 minutes left and all products are on same original Price Propakistani you need to check such websites before posting

  • I have placed the order in the valid time of Flash sale 50% OFF but in the conformed order no discount was placed,

    Was it all just a gimmick?

    Waiting for your response as I have raised this query in other forums as well.

  • The part of the site for placing orders was constantly inaccessible until 9:15 pm! What was the experience of everyone else?

  • This Press Release, related confusion, chaos reflection from the comments is not to the stature of PP, and MI.
    The site owned by an august PP, and MI a world class publication.
    PP please take serious notice of the matter accordingly of Sale, Confusion and Comments. Thanks

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