DIBS Brings Luxury Brands for 50% Off This Eid

Pakistan is a country where designer labels and high-end luxury products are in hot demand. Brands like Hugo Boss, LV, Ralph Lauren, Versace; you name it, Pakistanis want it!

A lot of fashion-conscious people here just can’t get enough of high-end fashion.

Generally, most affluent Pakistanis, whenever they are looking to purchase luxury items, turn to friends and family abroad to buy their goods for them and bring them here.

Wouldn’t it be great if authentic products from brands like Burberry and Hugo Boss were available in Pakistan?


Luxury Brands Are In

Pakistan has always been a prime candidate for influx of fake first-copy items. These copied products cost a fraction of the original’s price but leave a LOT to be desired.

However, the growing sales of first-copy items can be looked upon a positive development since it indicates that the thirst for procuring branded items is growing. And those working in retail here understand that with the passage of time, brand consciousness is rising.

Presenting Dibs

Dibs, a retailer which carries numerous luxury brands in Pakistan, is hoping to capitalize on this trend. It is stepping into the vast world of e-commerce and is aiming to provide its services across the country. Dibs is bringing fashionable and luxurious products from top-tier brands such as Prada, Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton and many more!

Dibs is one of the few websites that is bringing luxury brands to your doorstep in Pakistan. The well-done nature of the site gives the consumers a taste of the caliber of the items available for sale. The concept behind the name is that each item is limited, and therefore the consumer has to call “DIBS” to be the first to procure it.

The CEO of DIBS states that with the rise in popularity of Ecommerce, there’s a clear need for platforms like DIBS.

Authenticity Guaranteed

To start off, all items at Dibs are guaranteed to be authentic. In fact, Dibs promises 150% store credit if any item you order from them proves to be fake.

To keep things exciting, the platform is looking to introduce a bidding system at a later stage, where these limited items can be put on auction.

Aside from Dibs’ exclusive inventory, their team is designing a marketplace to include other groups selling authentic high-end brands. The goal is to make Dibs’ website a one-stop shop for Pakistanis with expensive taste.

Dibs has furthermore started an Eid sale at 50% off on all items, valid till Eid day, to give everybody a chance to bring a refined class and flair to their festivities next week. So hurry and head to DIBS to get some great deals.

For additional information, log on to Dibs Facebook page.

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