Website Hacked: Do Not Make Donations to Edhi Through Paypal

In a rather rare development, it appears that someone has taken control of Edhi’s official website and all payments made to a PayPal account — that’s linked on Edhi’s official website — are withdrawn by someone else.

Currently the website is showing a note that reads: “We Don’t Accept Payment Through Paypal On Website Kindly Make a Refund If Any of You Pay Donation To Any Paypal Account”.

This essentially means that a hacker had gained access to Edhi’s website and was collecting funds in his/her PayPal account.

Upon further investigation, we found that under “Donate Us” button — where there are various banks listed — an payment button through PayPal is inserted that leads to following page:

What we are yet to ascertain is the fact that why PayPal link is still shown on Edhi’s website, i.e. why the webmaster is not removing the Paypal link from the website.

While we have reported this to Edhi, it appears that Edhi webmaster is either unable to make any changes to website or he is not aware where Paypal links are embedded.

They simply pasted the note for Paypal refunds — without any investigation on the website itself — after someone told them about the payment that the foundation never received.

Check below the links that are embedded on Edhi’s official website:

This must be mentioned here that Ramzan is peak time for Edhi to get donations and thousands of people — from Pakistan and abroad — visit the website to make donations during the holy month.