Pakistani Nationals Have Stashed More Dollars in Swiss Banks than Indians

While Pakistan lacks behind India in variety of areas, there is this one thing where Pakistanis lead; and that is the amount of dollars they have kept in Swiss Banks.

According to a new report that cites official numbers released by Swiss National Bank, Pakistanis have stashed more than Rs. 153 billion in Swiss banks as compared to Rs. 74 billions of Indian nationals that’s parked in Switzerland.

Report said that while the funds stored in Swiss Banks — that are officially linked with Pakistani nationals — declined by some 16% (it were Rs. 165 billion in 2015), the value is almost double of what Indian nationals have in the banks there.

This must be noted that this value of Rs. 153 billion, that’s parked in Swiss banks and linked with Pakistani nationals, is the amount that’s officially declared by individuals.

There could be multiple-fold more Pakistani funds in Swiss Banks with shadow accounts or under the name of off-shore companies and are not publicly linked with Pakistani nationals

It must be noted that Swiss banks offers anonymity to its clients when requested or otherwise — to be even more safe — individuals park dollars in accounts with shadow titles or name-less off-shore companies.

It must be noted here that total funds in Swiss banks linked to Pakistani nationals were Rs. 375 billion in 2001 that came down to lowest level of Rs. 134 billion in 2013.

Then they picked up again and reached Rs. 164 billion in 2015 but decreased to Rs. 153 billion in 2016.

    • They don’t disclosed information like that, This is the benefit of Swiss Bank ;-)

    • For your very poor knowledge Mr. Abdul Wahab, this government has signed an agreement with Swiss Govt which will allow ANY Pakistani government (from January 2018 as accepted by Swiss Govt.) to ask for information of any Pakistani hiding his/her wealth in Switzerland.

      If your comment is accepted then why this government will sign such an agreement ?

      • Hahahah : Banda JIT, PANAMA Corruption K Bad Bhi Bach Nikalta hai Koi Pakarne Wala Nahi to Swiss Bank K Sath Jo Agreeemnt Howa Wo Pehly Government K Pas Jayegi Phir Media Pe Ayegi Government RIghts to have change anything under the table ! Don’t forget ye pakistan hai

        • AW bhai, pehli baar koi behtreen baat keh gae aap.

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          bhai kahin ye sharait to nahi k Jan 2018 k baad jo paisay chupae ga sirf uska naam batae Swiss Bank? Waise link dena pasand krainge is kaarnamay ka?

  • Either you guys are fools that don’t care about who reads your articles or you’re plain lairs because you you don’t cite your sources.

          • HBL ? ;)

            It could have been a better article if writer had mentioned latest agreement of GOP with Swiss Govt that will be commence from Jan 2018 after which GOP will be able to get info on all Pakistani nationals having their wealth in Swiss banks.

            • 2018 tak ye rahay ge pehlay itna bata do, then chalo application likh bhi di Govt nay jawab kis k pass aye ga ?

  • Makes sense, it’d be hard for Pakistanis to stash Indians into Swiss accounts. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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