Xiaomi Sold Rs. 7 Million Worth of Items During its Online Flash Sale

To thank fans for the overwhelming response on the launch of Xiaomi in Pakistan, the china based technology company announced a 50% flash sale on all eco products including power banks and mi bands among others.

The flash sale was conducted on the 23rd of June from 8 PM till 3 AM. Although the initial sale was supposed to end at 10 PM but due to the massive response by Mi fans, the sale was extended till 3 AM, the company said in a press statement.

As per our inside source, that we couldn’t verify officially, Xiaomi Pakistan managed to sell products worth a whopping 7 Million Pakistani Rupees on the day just during the flash sale alone.

This was the first time a mobile company ran a flash sale on it’s own e-commerce platform in Pakistan.

“We have made history. This flash sale has broken all records we had set and we are overwhelmed by the response Mi fans have given us. We are excited about upcoming events and hopefully we will be leaders in innovative sales strategies”, said Zain Aftaab, Director Sales and Strategy at Xiaomi Pakistan.

At around 10 PM during the flash sale, because of the overwhelming response by Mi fans, the Mistore faced heavy traffic on the website and went down for some time due to which some fans got frustrated and turned to the Xiaomi Facebook page for help.

Xiaomi, in response, responded to each and every query, updating people of the status of their orders and the extension of the sale.

The sale was later extended by five hours and continued till 3AM the next day.

  • Fake news 1st site was not accessible then all was out of stock.
    This is featured news from propak

    • There was problem at start but after that they extended it till 3AM and i have bought 4 products. 2 heaphones, 1 powerbank & 1 mi band. Order is confirmed. They haven’t delivered it yet though.

        • They said on their Facebook page, that dont worry about the price it will be discounted once you receive the product. Thats why i purchased it. A lady said the price is discounted while she conformed my order.

    • You are right, website was working at all and not for sometime, the whole time. I doubt if they even sold a mere 7 products. The rest of zero seems to be art of propak.

    • Agreed. website access he nahin horahi thee aur agar access hoti bhe thee to order confirm nahin ho raha tha.

  • It never worked for me, the website was down, Unable to place any order despite of items shown available. When I added discounted item to my order the cart showed full amount of the product.

    Very annoying experience.

    I am a MI user since 2015 December.

    • بھائی صاحب میرا بھی آرڈر فل قیمت پر بک ہوا تھا، مگر ای میل میں پوچھنے پر 50 فیصد ڈسکاؤنٹ ہی بتایا گیا ہے، ایس ایم ایس کنفرمیشن میں بھی ڈسکاؤنٹڈ پرائس ہی بتائی گئی ہے

    • Same exp with me. Tried several time but website was down. and sometime getting database connection experience.

    • If everything was ok at the time of Sale, then all the other people who are commenting are either FAKE or LIERS

      This is not the way MI.

  • Site was down at that moment and when it came back online, sale was finished. This is a scam. They give like 10 products to customers (for getting reviews) and after that they claim they sold 100 millions products.
    This is same for all ecommerce sites…be it daraz black friday sale, bytes.pk 9 rupees sale etc etc…..

  • To all those whining about the site being inaccessible during the sale, the sale being fake, blah blah blah – get your facts straight. If only you had the brains to comprehend those important status updates the Official page was coming up with during the sale. It was a legit sale and Xiaomi Pakistan handled everything professionally. I, myself, was able to purchase a couple of items without a hitch. This post isn’t a sponsored post. It’s stating the facts. If you can’t digest it just because you missed the sale and are butthurt, so be it :P :D

    Oh, and now haters will say I’m a Xiaomi representative! ?? Get a life, people!

    • 1 persone buy only 2 product during that sale how you would buy couple of products lol lier

    • Looks like you are a sponsored comment personal… The website was crashed before the sale starts .. didn’t worked … it’s just a lie…

      • First learn to speak and then retort. The website crashed due to overwhelming traffic but Mi Pakistan took care of it. They even kept updating their FB page regarding everything that was going on. Why else do you think they extended the sale time? Dufus.

        • “Oh, and now haters will say I’m a ****** representative” Unfortunately , this sentence is enough to prove your credibility. Its an old way, representatives use, at the end of their defensive dialogue.
          The sale was flop. Everyone knows. ProPakistani has a reputation for posting fake stats upon completion of online sales.

          • You’re an insult to my intelligence, and your insinuating remark just proves you’re a hater ?

            The sale was a flop for dimwits and retards such as you, mate :)
            Stop whining already and get a life! ?

          • I think they did better than Daraz and those other so called ecommerce sites but the experience was not good for some of the folks.

            Lastly, it is very hard to believe that they’ll hire somebody like @eliothayworth:disqus with pretty good English to defend themselves because we have seen the actual fake tricksters commenting here on ProPK with almost zero knowledge of grammar and that cringe worthy English :P

            Also, if you open Eliot’s profile it is easy to deduce from the comments’ history that he’s not a ‘representative’.

          • *grew you up*? Seriously? Which school did you go to, dude? ???

            It would’ve been better had your parents used a condom instead of conceiving you :(

            • Get your DNA checked first … may be it’s the fault of my parents too they didn’t used condom and you got a chance to comment …

  • Seems like bogus stats. Firstly site was not working. In extended hours, I was able to select an item after many tries, but it was showing the actual price instead of discounted one! Also the shipment charges of PKR 190 is rubbish!

    • Shipping charges applies for less than 1000 shopping
      I also ordered item in full price but after raising query, they confirm 50% discount

    • tumna khol kar dekhi thi website? website was down from sale start time till midnight.

  • Lie lie lie their website is down even before the sale started and their stock is out before any one buy propakistani see their fb page how good they response to the quries lol lol

  • Bhai mazak chal rha hai kia? 7 million ki sale… Website chali nhi, Jub chali tu Discount show nhi hoa or mostly cheezen out of stock theen.

  • Successfully placed order of 2 power banks, by me and 2 friends as well! Product is on its way to reach me! Thank you Mi

  • چند حقائق
    1. ویب سائٹ 8 بجے سے پہلے ہی ڈاؤن ہو گئی، مگر سیل کا ٹائم بڑھا دیا گیا. بہت سےلوگوں کا ٹائم بڑھنے کا پتا ہی نہیں چلا اور وہی لوگ اپنا غصہ نکال رہے ہیں
    2. سیل کےدوران فل قیمت پر ہی آرڈرکنفرم ہوئے، مگر فیس بک پیج پر کنفرم کیا گیا کہ فلیش سیل کے دوران تمام آرڈر پر ڈسکاؤنٹ ملےگا، بہت سے لوگ نے فل قیمت دیکھ کر آرڈر ہی نہیں کئے
    3. چند ایک آئٹمز ہی آؤٹ آف سٹاک تھیں، 20000 ایم اے ایچ والا پاور بنک جلد ختم کو گیا جبکہ 10000 والے پاور بنک 3 بجےتک سیل پر تھے
    4. دراز پی کےاور دوسرے سٹور کافی بار فلیش سیل کے نام پر بیوقوف بنا چکے ہیں. شؤمی نے غالباً پہلی بار سیل لگائی اور ان کو امید سے بڑھ کر رسپونس ملا
    5. یہ پاکستان میں پہلی بار ہوا کہ کسی سٹور نے ویب سائٹ داؤن ہونے پر 5 گھنٹے تک ٹائم بڑھایا

    6. امید سے بڑھ کر رسپونس ملنے کے بعد آرڈرز ایس ایم ایس کے ذریعے کنفرم ہونے میں بھی زیادہ وقت لگا ہے، میرا اپنا آرڈر 28 جون کو کنفرم ہوا ہوا،

    • Did you get the delivery,
      As my order placed on June 23, got sms for order confirmation on june 30, n still not delivered.

      • نہیں
        مجھے کنفرمیشن کے بعد میسج آیا تھا کہ 2-3 دن میں آرڈر بھیج دیا جائے گا
        عید کی چھٹیوں کیبوجہ سے ٹائم لگ رہا ہے
        عام طور پر فلیش سیل کے بعد ڈلیوری میں زیادہ ٹائم لگتا ہے

        • I was following them on fB. Full price ki waja se mene risk lena munasib nai samjha. I visited their website a few times when sale was extended, it was functional and many products were in stock. Sir jab parcel deliver ho to kindly bata dijiye ga k discount mila ya nai.

          • ایس ایم ایس کنفرمیشن میں قیمت 50 فیصد ڈسکاؤنٹ کے ساتھ بتائی گئی ہے

  • They must be kidding with us.

    I tried to open website but it was down most of the time else it was showing original prices when we add products to cart.

    They should at least buy a reliable hosting and hire some experienced developers. It does effect their credibility whatsoever.

  • Sale of items worth 7 million in just two hours, while the website remained down for like 90 minutes. So all of this happened in just 30 minutes, imagine how much they would have sold, if the servers haven’t choked.

    May be next time they can spend some decent amount of money on webhosting? I hope they can take out some money from the Rs. 70,00,000 they have earned during this Flash Sale.

    * Sarcasm ends here.

    • It will be delivered bro they have lots of orders in line so it will take some time.Be patient

      • On my login at mistore.pk, the status is” order pending payments”
        Whereas I opt cash on delivery. And showing full price.

  • I successfully ordered two products from their website and they have confirmed my order Thanks xiaomi
    By the way why people’s are so angry I know it’s really frustrated to get nothing but come on guys it was their first try .They wanted to test the response of people’s and im sure they have got their Answer.So next time they will be better with flash sales .
    It’s the first brand to offer us flash sale.

  • website was not working during FLASH SALE and Mi-band was out of stock after return of website.

  • Aamir Atta bhai kuch to khayal kro, Bara blog chalaaty ho to zimaaydari bhe bari hai, aisay he chitta jhoot post kr daitay ho :) No offence bro! :D

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