Pakistan Post Launches Countrywide Cash on Delivery Service

As you may recall, over a year ago the Pakistan Post introduced Urgent Mail-UMS-Cash on Delivery (COD) service in Islamabad. The service has now been extended to the whole country.

Pakistan Post is moving towards digitization of its services. The countrywide launch of UMS-COD service will help Pakistan Post compete with private courier services.

The launch of this service will undoubtedly facilitate customers and will prove to be convenient, given Pakistan Post’s expertise and outreach throughout the country. This is particularly significant if Pakistan Post’s service charges prove to be more competitive than other courier services in the market.

As a public service oriented organisation, Pakistan Post stands committed to serve the public in order to meet the rising expectations of its customers in today’s technology driven market.

The service is now available in over 226 cities and towns that are linked with the Unified Messaging System (UMS) network.

Pakistan Post is one of the oldest courier services in the country. It started out as a Department of Post and Telegraph back in 1947. It later on split and started working as an independent entity.

Currently Pakistan Post has an existing network of 13,000 offices around Pakistan that serve a large amount of households. Apart from just courier services, it also helps the federal and provincial governments in collecting taxes and utility bills.

  • Pakistan Post is very good service they should do more advertisement there service is very economical.

  • Finally. They need to get with the times in order to survive. Same goes for every other government run operation, in particular our railway service.

  • So ab hum paindoo b cash on delivery se cheezein mangwa sakyn gay. Pakistan zindabad.

  • Very poorly made website, outdated information and codes, broken links. No online customer support, delivery failed email addresses of offices mentioned on web.

    For packages customers have to beg outside shops for packing because Pakistan Post doesn’t pack parcels, don’t have any boxes or flyers.

    • Service is good. But yes biggest issued is still corruption, as i had to go their alot. They do provide packing facility but charge as they wish and even don’t mention packing charges on final receipt that they will provide you.

  • what are the charges of cash on delivery …. like they take you 100 rupee product to another city then it will be two cases they get money and delivery product or return in case buyer not found or refused to pay like that … so how much pakistan post will charge through out process , charge will on successful delivery or on failed delivery too

  • I feel very bad for Pakistan post. They don’t even have parcels and tape let alone ballpoint. The buildings are huge (can easily serve as warehouses) but people are highly unprofessional and rude. Also no use of technology. Still use paper registers to keep track of shipments.

  • Is it same COD service like other couriers (Leopard) are providing for or what if i am a vendor and want to ship something to other city to my client as COD then how would I get my money?

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