Was Maryam Nawaz Being Dictated Via Earphone During Her Media Talk?

Was Maryam Nawaz Being Dictated Via Earphone During Her Media Talk?

The Judicial Investigation Team (JIT) probing the Sharif family over the Panama Leaks is all over the media these days. Members of the Sharif family are summoned by the JIT every other day which is usually followed by a press briefing led by a member of the Prime Minister’s family.

Yesterday, Maryam Nawaz was summoned for the first time and she had to publicly speak on the matter on live television.

It was, without a doubt, a pretty high-stakes situation for the Prime Minister’s daughter, who, experts say, is hoping to make her entry into Pakistani politics. Yesterday presented her with the opportunity to do so as well.

Things Weren’t as They Seemed to Be Yesterday

Many observers who saw yesterday’s press conference, couldn’t help but notice that something was amiss. At times, it seemed as though Maryam Nawaz was trying to hear something. She repeatedly slowed down or repeated stuff.

A video of the press talk shows that Maryam Nawaz was using an earphone, however, it can’t be said with certainty that she was being dictated during her media talk.

If she was indeed being told what to speak over the air, it would probably be the first time that technology has been used in such a manner in Pakistan. Perhaps, given her first public appearance and in the backdrop of her grilling by the JIT, it couldn’t be too out of place to assume that she was been instructed how to conduct herself by a third party.

Previously, we have seen politicians use written notes for guidance, which in turn makes their speeches a bit emotionless.

Take a look at the video above and tell us whether you think that Maryam Nawaz was indeed using earphones and was being dictated during her press briefing or were the fumbles completely natural. Let us know in the comments below!

    • Lets analyse what you have said.

      If you are saying ProPak is using the same cheap tactics that ARY does which is to malign the Sharif Family name then lets analyse that.

      Basically, what this article said was Maryam Nawaz Sharif appears to be using an earphone.

      They did not say
      “What the hell man?!”
      “Are these people even serious with the people of our nation??”

      Saying the above things in the article would have shown that they are using wrong tactics and already hold a view against a party and thus it makes them biased.

      Anyone who watches the video can clearly see how she pauses far too much in between her short sentences and appears to look down during the silence. This raises room for doubt. Nothing is certain but this certainly isn’t regular speech pattern.

      They people who have written the article have not pointed any fingers. They even went ahead and put a poll in the article so the video watchers share their verdicts about what might have happened. The result of which is a whopping 77.98% people think she is listening to an earphone and is being directed. Are those people using ARY tactics too? Or maybe they are all ARY employees?

      What you have done unbeknownst is just confirm that ARY says things as they are.
      Thank you for opening my eyes.

      Its always a good idea to speak the truth to a hardworking nation.
      Because they deserve the truth.

      • She is a novice in politics and there’s no problem in learning what to say and when to say.
        Big mouth politicians seems very good on talk shows but fails when they get authority…….. Trump is very good example…….. No I am not talking about IK…. sometimes he thinks before speaking…….

  • Expressions or bataon mai therao se yehi lagta hai k shaid kuch sun k phr bol rai hain

  • Haters always find something to ignore what Maryum Nawaz achieved here!!! Even your baby Imran khan can not give such an awesome talk.

  • She don’t know what to say and how to hide things from public as his father does. So she needs some assistance at back end to address public.

    • And some “leaders” don’t need any assistance for street language they talk in and can’t live without responding and mocking even a clerk (intolerance). Look around, leaders in any country get assistance to prepare speeches, agenda and public speaking practice. But those who self declare themselves for many positions never look into it.

      • Dil pr lag gai? Doodh s dhula hua ni bhetha apka Nawaz or na hi uski Maryam. But nevermind, log hi ap jse hon to hukumraan bi ese hi anay hain. Dil pr na lena dbara.

      • Those who sold religion and the motherland should be mocked publicly and at all places. Will you speak in respectful manner with thieves and dacoits?

  • lol, when you talk in the public, and think before you talk, that’s Maryam Nawaz is showing live.
    anything else is exaggeration.

    • Such a non-sense, non issue article. This article is as cheap as one leader who always talks so low and can’t live without responding /ridiculing every opponent, every tweet.
      I am so much disappointed in Aamir allowing this for clickbait .

      A donation button will help to have more positive constructive topics.


      • This article is a question, not an allegation. It is up to you what you wish to conclude. if you dont agree, simply vote for No. I have voted for Yes, by the way. ;-)
        PS: I’m not associated to propakistani in any way (replying your possible upcoming question)

  • She isn’t fluent. Jo beqasoor hota hai. us ke zeban ruk ruk k nahi chalti apni safai ke liye.

  • By the looks of it i think she was being assisted in making her speech but i think there is nothing wrong with it, she was indeed in much pressure and her inexperienced personality might have said something which can later taken in wrong context.

  • Aamer. I said it earlier, i am saying it again. You will destroy all the good work you have done in years because of your personal (and irrational) love of Imran khan. No point letting petty politics drown out your success my friend. Stay above of this.

    • First of all, it is everyone’s right to like or dislike whoever they want. You have no right of saying its “irritation-al” whether its Imran Khan or Nawaz Sharif.
      This article seems to be focused on earphone and the use of technology. I dont see how it is in favour of or against anyone.
      If anyone can write notes, they can also use earphones.

    • I find it odd that people think there is some political aspect to the story. I think its focused on the earphone and the uniqueness of the matter rather than any negativity on the subject.

      • If I want to read anything related to politics, I don’t think that propakistani would be the forum for it.

        • Am just saying that I dont see any political aspect to the story. Its just the uniqueness of the matter.

  • If she was being dictated. Then surely during JIT interview someone must be guiding her on what to say and what not to say as well.

    • I agree. She must have used earphone during the investigation. I think it is a criminal offence.

  • 110% sure she was being dictated and this raises another serious question, was she having this device on while she was before the JIT?

  • It is so freaking obvious that she is being guided by someone through an ear phone.. Look at focus of her eyes (when we are trying to listen to someone) and way she is constantly stopping even before her sentences end is clearly showing that she isn’t the one making that speech. She didnt even make any sense when she said something about ‘beti baap k dil ka whatever’.. probably misheard whoever was on the other end. Another criminal offense by shareef family.. taking earpiece to close door investigation..

  • We are dumbest & controversy generating nation. On one side media said She had Level-1 security that means GSM Jammers are installed around her for security. On other side side, media say she use ear plug. All ear plugs are either GSM based or Bluetooth based, If GSM based then jammers must blocked them. Secondly, if its bluetooth based, then other person must be in yards distance, which was not the case….Kuch bhi likh daitay hain

    • If this is like as you say, then she must have learned and practiced this speech. Looks like she isn’t very good at it.

  • What nonsense is this. Seriously?? A public poll on this issue here on this site???

  • So JIT, alleged for taping phones couldn’t get that Mariam was using some earpiece. Lolz
    Propti. Pk

  • what a good catch man.. seriously I hope these all efforts of media can take some actions against these culprits

  • یہ لوگ عوام کو جاہل سمجھتے ہیں…. بیغرتی کی انتہا دیکھیں کرپشن اور دو نمبری کرنے کی تفشیش ہو رہی ہے… یہاں بھی دو نمبری سے باز نہیں آتے جس گاڑی پہ آئی اسکی نمبر پلیٹ جعلی جو دو باتیں
    کیں… … وہ بھی کسی سے پوچھ پوچھ کے….

    … چور چوری سے جائے ہیراپھیری سے نہیں

  • ایک پڑھا لکھا پاکستانی تو ان چیزوں کو سمجھ سکتا ہے کہ ٹیکنالوجی کے اس دور میں ایسا ہونا بلکل ممکن ہے اور مریم صفدر کی باڈی لینگویج بھی صاف صاف بتا رہی ہے کہ وہ ائر فون لگائے ہدایات لے رہی تھیں لیکن پاکستانیوں کی ایک بڑی تعداد ان پڑھ ہے جنہیں ٹیکنالوجی وغیرہ کے بارے میں کچھ بھی پتہ نہیں ہے اور اسی چیز کا فائدہ نون لیگ اٹھا رہی ہے سادہ عوام کو بےوقوف بنا کر ۔۔۔۔۔

  • Mera Apple 7 Ka Head Phone Main Wireless :
    Kaaan Se Hill Gaya Tha Wahi Theek Kiya Main Kisi Ko Q Aieteraz Hai Mere Personal Cheezo Se :

    Maryam Nawam (Qoum K Lottrre Ki Beti)

  • Looks like she was ..
    they way she continuously asked reporters to shut series that she was concentrating hard on listening/ recalling whatever was taught to her.

  • گندے لوگو اپنی سیاست میں بیبی فاطمہ اور بیبی زینب سلام اللہ علیہہ کا ذکر نہ کرو ? گندے لوگ گندی سیاست۔۔۔ مریم صاحبہ آپ نے کونسا علم اٹھا رکھا ہے جو خود کو بیبی زینب سے تشبیہہ دے رہی ہیں جے آئی ٹی سے نکل کر ؟ کرپشن کا علم چوری کا علم ؟ ۔۔۔ فوجی اسٹیبلشمنٹ کو آپ “کوفہ والے” کہہ گئی ہیں ۔۔۔ کوفہ والوں نے تو آپ کو ڈان لیکس میں بچایا ہے ۔۔۔ گندی سیاست کے ماہر ہیں آپ لوگ
    پانامہ پیپرز میں آپ کے نام چھپے۔۔۔ کیس آپ کا سپریم کورٹ میں ہے۔۔۔ جواب آپ کے پاس ایک آنے کا نہیں اور رونا آپ کو اس بات پر آ رہا ہے کہ ہمیں بلایا ہی کیوں ۔۔۔ اپنے رونے اپنے تک رکھو خود کو مقدس ہستیوں تک نہ لے جاو۔۔ کمینے لوگ

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