Nawaz Sharif Had a Work Visa for Dubai While He Was PM of Pakistan: JIT

The JIT commissioned to look into the allegations regarding the Sharif family has unearthed even more secret assets and sources of income during its investigation into the first family.

One such piece of information reveals that Nawaz Sharif had obtained a work visa for Dubai and had received salary while acting as the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

JIT’s report reveals that PM Sharif was managing the offshore company, though he had not declared it in any of his income tax returns, wealth statements or nomination papers submitted to the Election Commission of Pakistan.

It should be mentioned that PM Nawaz Sharif, in his address to the nation, had publicly denied the existence of any hidden accounts, companies or other assets. He also mentioned that should he be found guilty of any wrongdoing, he would step down as the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

The investigation team states that PM’s son, Hussain Nawaz was interrogated regarding the company. He had stated that “the offshore company was created by him to buy some properties in UAE, which was later dissolved even though the purpose for which it was created never materialized. He said no other family member was associated with the company.”

However, contrary to the Sharif family’s submitted documents and official claims, the company was found to be functional up until 2014 and was being managed by under the name of PM Nawaz Sharif, who was acting as the chairman of the board for the offshore company, Capital FZE, from August 7, 2006 to April 20, 2014. During this time, he was receiving a salary of AED 10,000 (PK Rs. 286,000).

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In other words, Nawaz Sharif was working privately and for a foreign company when he got elected as the PM of Pakistan in 2013.

A Clear Conflict of Interest?

JIT reports that the salary was revised in 2007. On the basis of his employment, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had obtained a work visa (Iqama) for Dubai dated from 5-7-2009 to 4-6-2015.

Under Pakistan’s constitution, a public office holder cannot be an employee of any other organization. This holds true for the Prime Minister of the country as well.

The report states:

For reference, this is page 208 of the JIT report. Click here to download the complete report.

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      • PM hatanay k sath sath , pesa bhi recover hona chiay, jo maal mulk say loot kar bahir bhega wo wapis layn

      • Nah bat sai ki h technical Bhai jan nay. Yay PM sahab tenure pura krke hi utrygain. Hona kchni hai. Ghalat kaam samnay ajae in PM sahab ka to log yay kehkr defend krte hain k phle walon nay bi to kya tha namely Musharraf Zardari etc. Bhai yay to mano k isne ghalat kya h.

  • Chalo, Ab nawaz sharif ka Dubai employment visa bhi nikal aya…!! Had ho gai hy..!! ALLAH ki Laanat ho in per

  • Hamari proud and pure islamic nation is chor ko 100 bar bhe dobara elect kar day ge. Because as a nation we love corruption.

  • Hi Ahmed

    Your points are very valid. However, what you are missing here is that 1. he has always denied existence of any such company and no such company was ever declared in any tax return, 2. he has clear conflicts of interest with hi fiduciary duties towards Pakistani nation as PM of Pakistan. He should either be a businessman or PM.

    • PM ko khud bahir investment ki fikar ho to how will he bring investment to pakistan ?

    • How Musharaf is residing in UAE ? Zardari, Bilawal ? Does UAE has any special visa arrangement for stay other than this? Point is such companies are on paper only provided if provided record is correct.

  • Well, we are still left with the question of why this income was not declared, arent’ we?

    • JIT was wrong, calibiri font was wrong, BMW registration was wrong, Meri to pakisan may property bhi nai was wrong, Nawaz shareef ki property nai was wrong, o bhai kitni jaga jhoot chupao gay, Allah ka khauf karo. He is PM of Pakistanb, jv PM ko khud dosray mulk may visa ki pari ho us mulk kia ka tareef ki giay

      • yes, where the money came from , how it went outside Pakistan , where is the record of it and tax / duties of getting money out of pakistan

        • Also the peoiple who tried to change wikipedia Calibri font page are wrong,

          Wikipedia has to lock the page

        • chor pakra gia, kehnay laga , sb kr rahay hayn. to yeh jayaz hogia ? For sure probe them too. Politicians and high govt officials must not be allowed to leave country in first place , especially after their rule.

          • Allah ka khauf karo bhai, corrupt logo ka sath dogay to unkay zulm may shareek kehlao gay, free ka gunnah kio letay ho apnay sir

    • What he is referring to is … business license registration only to get a resident visa, you expect income from such a business license? This is not surprising as Mush, Zardari and others have same visas. Has JIT produced any bank account and transactions of this business? As far as salaries are concerned owners/partners have to give salaries via WPS in UAE or otherwise business licenses are automatically stopped. So for such a business license completion of such formalities are also ensured.

      • First you ask me if I expect income from business license registration (not explaining the AED 10,000 figure). Then you say partners are to give salaries otherwise license is suspended. So which is it? Salary is not income? What is the AED 10,000 figure exactly?

  • Why don’t Donkey Khan give up his Britain nationality, admit Tyrian Jade to be her illegitimate daughter, show us how he made off shore companies and public his accounts information to show me where my zakat money was actually spent? If he ever does this i will consider him my leader and vote for him. Otherwise he is no different than Nawaz Shareef.

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