You Can Share Any Type of File on WhatsApp Now

WhatsApp is the preferred instant messaging app for millions of people worldwide but it lacked one basic feature as simple as sharing all types of files over it. It did allow some more mainstream files such as PDFs, Word Documents or spreadsheets but files like APKs, RARs and more were not allowed.

However, a few weeks ago WhatsApp allowed all file formats to be sent over it, albeit in its latest beta version only. But now anyone can, thanks to its latest stable release.

All File Formats

The new update will now allow you to send files of any format.

However, there is a size limit on how huge your sent files can be. WhatsApp on Android will allow file sharing as long as the size of the file is under 100MB whereas iOS will allow up to 128MB in size.

Before this update, only a few file formats were supported for music, images and documents.

Without a doubt, the new feature will add more value to the app and will allow it to compete with its other similar instant messaging apps which already had this feature for a while such as Telegram. Although Telegram has much less users on its platform though.

Download it Now

You can download the latest version of WhatsApp on Android from here and on iOS from here.

  • I tried to send a MS word file yesterday with .docx extension but it gave error of “invalid format” how come we could earlier send the word files? I guess only pdf and jpeg and gifs were supported. Even I’m using updated version.

  • I have a question related to Whatsap, earlier the media files I recd on whatsap were being opened by a 3rd party software (MX Player) which I had installed to work as default.
    A few weeks back this changed automatically and now my media files on whatsap are opened by an un-known media player which doesn’t have any of the functions compared to MX player. I un-installed and re-installed MX player and set it as default but the problem is not solved.

    Any solutions to this ?

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