LHC Lifts Ban on Screening of Indian Content

The ban on Indian teleplays that was imposed by Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has now been lifted. The following was done after a ruling given by the Lahore High Court (LHC), which stated that if the federal government has no objections regarding the content, they may be allowed to air.

As you may recall, PEMRA initially banned all Bollywood movies and television shows but later lifted the ban on the Bollywood movies only back in February this year. The ban on Indian teleplays or dramas, however, was not lifted. Asma Jehangir, the petitioner’s counsel argued with the point that it is strange that how Indian movies are openly being showed in cinemas and televisions across Pakistan while Indian dramas were banned.

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The petition also seemed to challenge the PEMRA ban by saying that it was beyond the powers of both the regulatory authority and the Constitution. Furthermore, the government was also by the petitioner of being involved in “selective patriotism” since Indian movies were being screened in cinemas all over Pakistan but just not on television.

Lahore High Court’s Chief Justice, Mansoor Ali Shah also argued against the ban by saying it made sense to ban particular anti-Pakistan content but not having a complete ban.

via The News

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  • A very bad decision indeed!!! All indian entertainment needs to be banned. Its a culture war!!!

  • sports channel should not ban no matter its indian or not our sports channels dont cover all the sports for ex world oldest tennis Grandslam Wimbledon not shown this year in pakistan

  • Very very bad decision by court.
    All Indian Content should be banned.
    One aide indians are killing our soldiers on LOC and here we are allowing their content.

  • india and pakistan are close neighbours because they have the same language same foods and these are the politicians that are making us fight actually the people in india are equally good as pakistan is and the ban ban that the indians had put on their indian websites in pakistan has been lifted so i think it is the right decision and the indians are also allowing pakistani channels in their country

  • well agar indian dramas ap logo ko ban karna hai to phir movies bhi band kar day because they are making our men crazy and they show so much violence unlike indian dramas which show family culture

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