PEMRA Hints at Banning All Indian Content in Pakistan

PEMRA has sent a summary to the federal government, advising that Pakistan should restrict Indian TV channels and content on equality basis i.e. same amount of Indian content and TV channels should be allowed in Pakistan as Indian authorities allow Pakistani dramas, movies and artists in their country.

Previously, Indian authorities banned Pakistani content including dramas, channels and even sports events like cricket matches from being aired in the country.

Films, which included Pakistani artists, are also being banned and Pakistani artists are being forced to return to Pakistan.

The authority has decided that it will only allow Indian content in Pakistan when India allows Pakistani channels and content to be aired inside their border.

The summary includes clear suggestions for the federal government’s approval.

Pro-Indian Media Policy To Be Cancelled

As the release of Indian content is dependent on India’s decision now, it will bring an end to the policy launched under General (r) Pervez Musharraf which, in turn, will promote local content and local media industry.

PEMRA has also stated that after 15th October 2016, the authority will start taking action against all illegal channels and content. It is also in contact with all relevant federal and provincial departments in order to properly implement its operations.

The policy which allowed Indian channels and content to be aired in Pakistan was approved by then Prime Minister, Shaukat Aziz.

In light of recent events, PEMRA has now advised the federal government to cancel the policy. Until the policy is nullified, TV channels, Radio channels and cable operators are to limit Indian content to only 6% of the total. Any violation will be strictly dealt with by PEMRA.

Announcement on Channel Landing Rights

During the sessions, the authority also announced a policy regarding landing rights. Under the new policy, fees have been reduced and the whole process to obtain landing rights has been made much simpler. This will promote international channels to start their services in Pakistan.

The officials were hopeful that this help in bringing more channels related to education, research and the environment, thus promoting these subjects in the youngsters of the country.

The session was chaired by Absar Alam, Chairman PEMRA, and attended by several officials from different ministries and provincial members.

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  • Never possible, People sitting in pempra are Pro Indians…!! And they get paid for running indian content.

    • Let’s just not assume and see if it gets done.
      Indian content should be banned every single bit of it!

      • Why ban anything? There is Saudi, Dubai, English, Indian and Japanese anime content in Pakistan. Let the people decide what they want to watch. Banning helps no one and only serves to raise intolerance.

        • I think you are one of those people who say “sharam dress mai nahe ankhon mai hoti ha…koi nanga ghoomay phir haina? “

    • In a wedding hall near PC on mall road rawalpindi I actually saw kids running to one army officer and said “baba baba…phairay howay he nahe aur barat ja rahi ha …” army officer tried to stop his kid in embarrasement.

    • Wesy do din ka khel hai ye abi kuch din kay baad tum sub log indian channels laga k bethay ho gy :p

  • Better ask all cable operators to close indian channel and disconnect these ram ram dramas from our society

    • I actually saw kids running to one army officer and said “baba baba…phairay howay he nahe aur barat ja rahi ha …” army officer tried to stop his kid in embarrasement. This happened in Rawalpindi.

  • Okay. India banned Pakistani content. What will they gain out of it?
    And we’re banning Indian content. What will we get out of it?

    Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you, kindergarten politics.

  • Bhai yeh cable wale jo illegal channels apne bana kar un par illegal movies chalate hain aur ads bhi chalate hain usko bhi pakro. Woh sab bhi band hona chahiye.

  • Ya Allah Pak! PEMRA ko yeh kaam karne ki himmat ata farma aur humare hukumranon ko bhi Aqal-e-Saleem dey ke woh isko approve karain.

  • How about banning indian-made advertisements too? These multinational companies earn from pakistani people and run indian-made ads. why don’t they hire our local media agencies to make advertisements for pakistan region. PEMRA ban indian-made ads on tv and billboard commercials as well.

    • Heartily all up for it as well. There won’t be a better time to separate ourselves from such dung and filth. Good riddance.

    • Bhai I think tu Indian content main tu advertisement bhi aati hai. Lekin agar in logon ne usko count nahi kia tu I am all with you ke usko bhi count karna chahiye. Is budai se ek saath hi jaan choot jae…

    • Agreed 100% almost all our ads are made in India . . if we start supporting local production, not only our local production houses and advertising industry grow, but we will also promote our country’s beautiful locations from Gilgit Baltistan to Gwadar.
      Furthermore hundreds of thousands of new jobs will be created.

  • I want to know, what is PTA plan for banning Indian content from Pakistani version of youtube.

    Because everyone will just shift to online viewing if Indian shows are blocked on cable.

    • Always criticism on progress of pakistan??
      What is wrong with you, are you even pakistani?? You claim you are.
      Bazurgh kehtey hain “agar acha bol nahi saktay to bura be nahi boltay”.
      Change your attitude man.

      • In my comment, there was not one word of criticism. You misread it.

        I just want to know PTA’s eventual plan. And from walking around poorer parts of town, I know many of the Indian channel viewers do own smartphones.

    • Apki Mata Gee Aur Dede Gee He Online Dekhti Hoon Ge Indian Content.
      Phir Aageya Bagal Main Churi Muh Main Ram Ram Karke!!

      • If you think it is my grandparents who watch Indian content, then you are delusional. Go walk around town and look at the channels playing in street restaurants all over the country. Go look at the ages of the viewers. Go look at the people who buy DishTV and other Indian DTH dishes and their age groups.

        You are so horribly wrong, your comment backfired.

    • we send more money to india via their content on our tv screen. youtube needs millions of views to generate money for content creators.

      • If the problem is MONEY, then sure.
        But if the problem is CONTENT, then I think people will want to ban.

        Already there are posts on this website, lots of comments, opinion pieces in newspapers, etc. about the suggested content on Youtube, ever since it was reopened. And most of the videos people are complaining about is Indian in origin.

        Which means, people will ask PTA to block and what will PTA do? That is what I want to know.

        • Well you now have choice to watch or not to watch Indian content on YouTube similar to choice what they have. At least Pakistanis aren’t forced to pay for it on cable.

          • You don’t understand Pakistani mentality. No one was forced to watch blasphemy on Youtube yet they supported ban on Youtube for years (and still do).

            • Pakistani public is hypocritic they want to ban and introduce punishments for everything and they do all these things outside the country. YouTube wasn’t banned for the love of prophet Muhammad but by zardari to get more money out of 3g auction which operators refused to take part in. And that video was available on many other video sharing websites but YouTube was targeted. Our country’s leaders is known to achieve their sinister aims and objectives by using the name of Islam.

    • Faceplam.. PEMRA is not PML N. its a separate and independent institution with its own policy makers.

      Even if PMLN contributed. koi ehsaan nahi hai. its their duty to fulfil nations demand. They are servants.

  • I do think Indian content should be banned! BUT please remember every neighbourhood in our country has a DVD shop. These DVD wallas will start renting & selling Indian content on DVDS(currently they are minting money but with the ban they will mint thundering money). A lot of these DVD wallas also have computers in their shop where for a small fee they upload all the content on USB’s as well. So Before banning Indian/international content a plan to curtail these DVD wallas should also be in consideration.

    I also feel channels such as national geographic, animal planet, discovery and similar channels should be allowed ( remember we are an entertainment deprived nation). So killing one evil of the society , we don’t want to create another bigger evil. When you kill one form of entertainment people will find something new currently we don’t have enough quality content for all age groups

    Now I am a sports channel person. I am happy PTV has its own sports channel but complete idiots are running it . The shows are so damn boring you will fall asleep. That stupid Dr Nauman Niaz who hosts cricket shows invites international cricket legends and then starts speaking in Urdu with our cricketers , the international guests most of the time don’t understand a word of urdu just keep smiling and shaking their heads. ( just saying if There is a cricket match going on I would prefer to watch an international sports channel rather then PTV sports which practically has no entertainment value and putting salt on wounds its bombarded with commercials).

    • u nailed it. nowadays ppl can download movies on internet so I dont expect indian movies to have dvd days again. abt sports hmm, u r right that silly panel needs to be stopped they have half english then half urdu in their program. better tune ten sports pakistan live on its website as an alternative.

  • Agar sab kuch fair tarike se ho to hamain indian content ki zarurat hi nahi paregi for example. Infotainment channels like. Nat geo. Discovey. History. Animal planet. Cartoon network. Ten sports. Disney. Wb. Pogo. Tlc. Ye saray channels indian nahi hain. they have only landing rights in india. Aur phr india in channels k programes ko hindi/tamil/bangla/telgu me dubb karta hai. Isme indian content bilkul nahi hota. To agar hamari dth inhi channels ko pakistan me invite karay aur inke programes ko first phase me urdu me dubb kre aur baad me domestic level py dub kre i.e punjabi/sindhi/pushto/balochi. To hamain indian content dekhnay ki zarorat hi nahi paregi. Aur hamari drama,news,aur music industry wese hi rich hai to indian channels kon dekhayga.

    • I do think indian nat geo and discovery should also be banned and we should have nat geo and discovery asia not india one. India one is filled with shining india , mera india crap….

      • Indian nat geo and discovery should be ban not only bcz it contains shining india etc but they contain hindi language. And now we have to get rid of that hindi.

        • 1000000% correct, actually I stopped watching these channels long ago and just watched documentaries on youtube. Last time I watched indian nat geo was on cline of dishtv. indian nat geo n discovery also have english audio feed but cable wala wont show u.

          • This is my point if u put domestic languages of pak on infotainment channels like india( ie tamil bangla telgu) do then it will be a killer for indian channels.

            • actually Indian policy is more about regional influence rather serving domestic audiences. Dth in all south asian countries have indian nat geo and indian discovery. so only way to fix it would be blocking landing rights to all channels which originate from india.

  • یہ ایک بہترین فیصلہ ہے اور کافی عرصہ پہلے ہو جانا چاہیے تھا.

  • There are more Indian & English contents in Pakistan than Pakistani ones, industry won’t bear this ban.

  • It is so Annoying yo watch International content with the family when we will start cable tv there will be English content who gonna watch that rubbish which is so bold and bulshit content English channel has in it.
    Its not a good step by pemra by giving Permission to international content yo be viewed in Pakistan in our homes it is so shameless step by the pemra permitting the English content in Pakistan.
    It is far better they should arise its own Pakistani channels as much as they have potential to Catch the eyes of Pakistani viewers….

  • Aisay TV Channels Jo Hmary mahool ko mazhabi level pe kharab krty hen wo sb channels band hony chahiye
    Ham Sb pe ye farz banta hy ko jo chez ham galat dekhen usk khilaf bat kren aur agr allah ne hmen takat di hy to usko roke’n
    aur Inshallah hm jub tk zinda hen apni takat k mutabik burai k khilaf jang laren gay!
    Allah talah Quran-e-pak me farmata hy k agr tum suchy ho be-fiker ho jao me allah tumhary sath hon.

  • I think indian dramas are much better.And indian movies are also interesting and enjoyable so i think it should be permit to play these dramas and movies

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