Comedy of Errors: After Calibri, Sharif Family Commits More Blunders

The Sharif family has remained in the news due to the Panama Papers Investigation. A Joint Investigation Team (JIT), which was tasked to find more evidence regarding the case by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, has submitted a series of evidences which prove that the Sharif family’s stance in the case is based on lies.

During the ongoing Supreme Court hearings, more information has made its way to the public.

Some amateurish mistakes have been spotted in the documents submitted by the Sharif family to the Supreme Court recently, which suggest or prove that the documents submitted by the Sharif family are fakes. Some are referring to these mistakes as a ‘Comedy of errors’ by the Sharif family.

Spelling Mistakes

A tweet by ARY TV anchor Arshad Sharif lists the spelling mistakes in the verified and attested documents that were submitted to the Supreme Court by the Sharif family’s lawyers.

Two of the documents (letters from Qatar) submitted by the Sharif family use different spellings for the Qatari Prince, Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani. These can be seen below:

Another such error concerns the word ‘notary.’ Notary services are used to verify documents but in this case the notary stamps used in the documents submitted by the Sharif family feature incorrect spellings i.e. “Notry”. It has also been reported that some people had been trying to rename “Notary” to “Notry” on its relevant Wikipedia page last night (much like the Calibri page from a few days ago).

Wrong Date

The trust deed submitted by the Sharif family mentions the dates of signing and the date of notary verification. One of the dates mentioned on the trust deed has been found to be incorrect.

The Supreme Court bench pointed out that February 4th, 2006 – the date mentioned on the trust deed – is actually Saturday, which is a holiday in the United Kingdom. Others have argued that this does not prove that the trust deed is fake.

Justice Azmat Saeed remarked “What have you done Mr. Raja, you know that this comes under forged documents… No one even picks up the phone on holiday in the UK.” Mr Salman Raja, it should be mentioned, is currently representing the ruling Sharif family in the Panama Papers investigation.

Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan pointed out another oddity, stating that the documents were prepared and signed on separate days.


Upon the court’s request, Additional Attorney General told the judges that submitting forged documents to court can lead to seven years in Jail.

Previously, the Calibri font fail became a popular news headline. During that incident, the documents submitted by Maryam Nawaz and those attested by her brother, Hussain Nawaz, and husband, Captain (retd.) Safdar used a font which was not publicly available when the documents were supposedly prepared.

More and more discrepancies in the Sharif family’s defence continue to appear as the hearings continue in the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Sources: Arshad Sharif, Nation

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    • Or Patwaris see things differently! Surely, Patwaris are special people :D

      • He is still the least corrupt politician among all the lot of politicians. we should be really proud that at least existing government is not corrupt. there is no case of scam or corruption in existing government of nawaz which is rare treat in a country and society like pakistan where everyone is corrupt from a hocker to a CEO, from a judge to a general. Whatever JIT could bring out is 20-30 years old family irregularities. Can anyone demand or even dare to talk about Musharraf who plundered the whole nation?

        • You personally looked at the bank accounts of all these politicians and concluded that he’s the least corrupt so therefore, give him the reins of our country with the hope that he’ll do ‘little’ corruption? What the hell is wrong with our nation?

        • I’m skeptical about it unless we are to make his comparison against Zardari aka Mr 10%. At least, he openly does it not like NS, playing innocent while looting Pakistani public for the last 30 years! Judges were right to call it a Sicilian Mafia family! Panama is about NS corruption of our money which is finally exposed now! Their true faces have been exposed! Call it Divine intervention of Allah! Truth eventually comes out and it has!
          Wake up or stay blind. Choice is yours!

        • so you agree he is corrupt and you continiue to support, dont be the part of his crimes bro, especially if you are gaining nothing, gunnah belazat , Inshallah, sab ki bari ani chiay, sab apni apni raseedayn nikal layn

          • Dumbtard, You people don’t even know who patwari is and use this word to call names to people who are against your kanjar leader.

            • sure, its time to debate on words while every child including your family, in this nation is under loan of more than 1,20,000 pkr Mr fancy words

      • Idiot! Patwari and zehni ghulaam are two different things. At least first clear your mind who you want to lick. Dictators or Talibaan because you seem to be the supporter of kanjar party who only talks against these as they know the consquences and thus choose omnly nawaz to criticise. RO RO RO :)

    • HAHAHAH bs bhai yehi kehty rehna, 2014 se ab tak kisi ne kiya ukhaar liya, likh k ley lo k Mian Saab ko Allah ne izzat di hai aur koi yahoodi ka shohar kaisy usko uchaal sakta hai ? Tum sub PTI waley cheapsters bs apney naam k saath PTI likh kr khush hoty ho aur samjhty ho k Mian saab ka kuch ukhaar lo gy.

      Mian saab ko Allah ne sucha momin aur rehbaar bana kr humarey beech bheja hai, warna 2013 se pehly Pakistan ka haal daikho aur abhi ka daikho.

      Imran khan, APS k bacho k qatal ka zimedar, ek yahoodi, talibaano ka saathi kaisy kisi such momin ko hara sakta hai ?

      Mera wada hai tum se k miyan saab ka koi baal bhi baqa nahi krskta, Allah unkey saath hain.

      Takleefien to huamrey Paighambaaron par bhi ayi thi.

      • Sacha momin ???
        Sacha momin that lies in court. It’s funny everytime people that defend pml n argue, they instead if defending pml n, start abusing PTI and its supports.
        Bhai first tell me how did thus Sacha momin submit fake documents. And if they are not fake then how can you justify all the inconsistencies that have been found..
        Now please don’t start dragging in PTI or Imran Khan into this. Please answer my question

        • It should come as no surprise as PMLN has hired paid supporters, some use of public money as Media Cell under Panama princess does a lot of stuff!
          Ironically, even Pharaoh could make a claim of a sacha momin!

        • Relax guys, iski baton se lag raha he bechara mentally ill he :-/ koi aqal or shaoor rakhne wala insan aesi baaten itni dhitai ke sath nahi kar sakta..Afsos

      • Kalm parh k boldo k corrupt nai or sari income halal hay, dont hide behind , sab say kam corrupt hay, this aint no excuse, parho kalma bhai , bismillah

      • or yeh yahoodi hi wo hay jo corruption khatam krnay ki bat krta hay, baqi maulana diesel ko jo jantay honagy,m sacha momin ………. hahahahahahahaha

    • Khulam khula sub kuch expose hogaya hai k koi andha bhi perh k bata de magar abhi bhi support dekho inki. Yeh log in other way keh rahay hain k mulk lut raha hai tou kia huwa nawaz ko khuli chuthi de dou lootnay ki.

    • Careem wali Rishta Taxi k intizar main bethey hain yeh log.woh aye tou inhain le jaye.

      • Tujhe kyun uski beti ki fikar main mout arahi hai? Tu apni bhen banana chahta hai kia usko? Loot k maal ka hisab dene ki baat kar pehle.

          • Talal patwari aj tak tumhay yeh nahi pata chalay tumhari baaji khyon bhagi thi…….safadar ka sath……………

        • Hahaha ye Patwari bhi na…hosla chahiye itna jhoot bolne ke liye…bhari raqam milti hogi is kaam ki

          • Nahi koi bhari wari nahi, yeh log choti moti dihari pe apni services detey hain. Ab tou bakaida business khul gaye hain k jalsay jalooson k liye dihari pe banday le jayien. 50 aur 100 bandon k order pe khususi discount aur naaray baazi k liye charges alag honge.

            • Ye dihari tera leader imran kanjar bhi deta h khali seats pur karne k liye.

              Baqi tum log khood begerat ho jo apni behno ko ungli karwane is kanjar k jalse main bhej dete ho.

  • Regarding “NotryGate”, PMLN lawyer remarked.
    This is not our mistake its an error of the person working in stamp shop outside Dubai Court aka Neela Gunbad, Lahore.

  • Aadil Shadman’s mind is full of Imran’s PoTI I guess? Why don’t you write a post about Tyrian White the illegitimate daughter of Imran Khan. Imran Khan is consistently denying to give her his name. Why not accepting your own daughter even if it was the result of your sin?

    Also write a post and tell your leader that collecting garbage of PPP and other parties is not going to make his party any better than PML(N).

    • That daughter is not bringing up on Pakistan’s money, that’s why it’s none of our concern. Our concern is that daughter who’s being fed on Public Expense and spending Pakistan’s exchequer assuming it to be a loot sale. So Pakistan is our concern basically. We can’t let these money hungry people to suck up the left over treasury of Pakistan and enjoy abroad.

      • His daughter is my concern. I am not going to make a kanjar my leader.

        By the way that kanjar has built his entire empire with zakat money of people. Otherwise, what is his income source other than zakat?

        • Loot sale ki clarification de pehley. Pakistan k buzrigon nay is liye qurbani di thi k aik alhida mulk bana diya jaye jahan pe chor dakait khulay aam mulk lootay rahien aur un se koi na poochay? Kyun? Jawab de Nawaz k Dalal.

          • mein nawaz ka supporter nhi. par jo kuch ab tere kanjar leader kar rahe hain us k baad mein nawaz k saath ho gya hun. Kon poochey ga zardari aur imran khan ki party main shamil choron se swal unhon ne dolat kahan se akathi ki? Aur teri adalton main khood chor bethey hain. ye chor pehle choron qatilon k case lartey rahe. phir exam pass kar k court k judge lag gaey.

        • How come his income is based on zakat money yet no one in CBR, ISI, FIA, Supreme Court, etc. etc. etc. has evidence of that and you do?

          And whenever he HAS been challenged in court he has given documents to prove it and no one has considered them fake unlike the PM & his family?

          What did you do, post about it on one of your fake content sites and believe the lies???

          • Listen mightly jealous Shahid Saleem,
            How come your kanjar leader is living luxurious life in his Bani Gala palace like house. I got 10 marla house and renovation costs me (and my parents) hundreds of thousands of rupees each time. So from where imran kanjar get the money to maintain his house? What’s his income source other than zakat money of people. How come he got huge bank balance now with no obvious income source. Clearly It’s my zakat money he is living on.

            No more my zakat for him. I will prefer to die instead of going to his hospital for treatment

            • It’s such a strange question “how come he’s rich”

              Well, he was born to a rich family, or was he stealing zakat money from the future with a time machine to pay for education at Aitchison or Oxford? LOL

              He also earned money while working in England and he has provided (not CAN PROVIDE but HAS PROVIDED) bank details for how he got funds to build his house and where the money came from. He was chancellor of Bradford University for 9 years and according to their financial statement records, vice chancellor (one step below chancellor) salary in 2015 (the year he left) was £239,000 per year. How much is that in Rupees? Can he afford to renovate a house or palace with that in Pakistan???

              Let me remind you that you are SPECULATING, you actually do not know at all where his money came from.

              Where does your money come from? 100% from fake sites? Most of which target outside Pakistan? Thus, you depend on foreign income more than IK! LOL! Let’s see your income statements

              > I will prefer to die instead of going to his hospital for treatment

              LOL! As if you would be eligible for free treatment. You have to PAY and each course of (for example) chemo costs no less than Rs 50,000.

              But maybe I also prefer that you would die in that scenario.

              • Belonged to rich family? Yes. His father was a notorious corrupt officer. So he went to Aitchison and Oxford university because his father could pay from his harram ki kamai the very high fees of these educational institutions. Like father like son, imran khan is also the champion of corruption. That’s why his bank balance is daily increasing with zakat money of people. He got no income source now other than zakat and donations.

                My money comes through western union and bank transfers which got all records and tax paid. Plus after this notorious on going investigations i will keep receipts safe in case ape brain like you demand my transactions proof after 30 years i could present that. Plus i bring money from outside to pakistan which means more remittance better economy of country with inward flow of money.

                And bring a single content from my sites which is “fake” and i will shutdown all my sites

                • HA HA you know source of IK’s income better than all the bankers who handle his funds and all the people at State Bank, Supreme Court, etc etc. YOU KNOW IT ALL!!!!

                  HA HA 30 years HA HA you can’t even produce receipts for what you paid for petrol 3 months ago.

                  • You got head injury recently? Because i think you have lost your mind. No pump gives you receipt when you get petrol on cash.
                    And i am keeping western union receipts safe because i don’t know how long they keep the record of payments. Now, Bank statements of past couple of years can be obtained on demand. So no issue there.

                    • >> No pump gives you receipt when you get petrol on cash.

                      You live in Lahore? Go to any Shell station or Total, and ask for a receipt when you pay.

    • Please file case against Imran Khan in court regarding his daughter & I am sure people like Aadil Shadman will write about it.

      Until then, in a news story about PM and his family putting forged documents in front of court & JIT, Imran Khan is not relevant. Stop trying to distract from their public lies.

          • Ia mulk main takreeban har banda corrupt hey. Jo mazar ki kamai khaey wo bhi corrupt aur jo mazar par nachey wo bhi corrupt aur jo nabi s.a.w k deen main nai cheez ijad karey wo bhi corrupt.

            Jo doosrey ka maal nahaq khaey wo bhi corrupt aur jo jhoot boley wi bhi corrupt.

            Chal shabash nikal le ab.

    • He is still the least corrupt politician among all the lot of politicians. we should be really proud that at least existing government is not corrupt. there is no case of scam or corruption in existing government of nawaz which is rare treat in a country and society like pakistan where everyone is corrupt from a hocker to a CEO, from a judge to a general. Whatever JIT could bring out is 20-30 years old family irregularities.

  • Well note another one. Black stamp of 2007 is imposed on blue stamp of 2015.. Unbelievable

    • Come on man, his supporters will probably say it is doctored image, fake news, etc. PM’s supporters are as smart as Trump’s supporters.

  • Ghulaam phir bhi ghulaam hi rahainge aur support krainge aisi andhi corrupt aur jhoot ko bhi.

  • No doubt we should be lead by these politicians, loo k at the comments and the language we are using for each other, can’t even accept criticism with an open mind.
    kya zaroori hai kay foran aik doosray ki maan behnu tak pohncha jaye…
    arguments tameez kay dairay mein b reh kar ho saktay hain

  • jahilon nay ko aam sa crime investigation series dekh liya hota to yeh bachgana mistakes na hotien.

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