Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Becomes the Largest Open-Source Blockchain Initiative

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) is an open-source blockchain initiative which promotes free of cost blockchain solutions for businesses in partnership with its community.

Since its inception in February 2017, EEA has managed to collaborate and partner with academics, Fortune 500 enterprises, technology vendors, and start-ups in order to develop enterprise software in compliance with industry standards and to keep up with the pace of the market demand.

In a recent development, EEA has announced the inclusion of 34 organizations in its blockchain initiative since late May. These organizations include some huge names like Scotiabank and Cisco Systems etc. The total members are now more than 150 and it has taken a little over 7 months, which is quite astounding. The initiative is now being termed as the world’s largest open-source blockchain initiative.

In a bid to promote open-source industry-compliant development and Ethereum-based tech practices, EEA has taken onboard some of the biggest names from around the world. These organizations are highly diverse ranging from healthcare, technology, energy, government, banking, pharmaceuticals, start-ups, insurance, marketing and many other sectors.

All these organizations are progressive and dynamic innovators, who want to take their businesses forward through Ethereum-based solutions.

The new members who joined the elite club are:

  • 2Advise
  • Amalto Technologies
  • Antibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK)
  • Aquilon Energy Services, Inc.
  • Asseth
  • Blocko Inc.
  • Bloq
  • Cisco Systems
  • CyberSoft Digital Services Corp.
  • Enter Corporation Co. Ltd.
  • com, Inc.
  • Finclusion Labs, Inc. (WeTrust.io)
  • Government of Andhra Pradesh
  • Hashcash Consultants
  • HEAL Alliance
  • iEx.ec
  • Lazarski University
  • Loyyal Corporation
  • MadHive
  • Mattr
  • NetObjex Inc.
  • OTP Bank Plc.
  • QIWI Blockchain Technologies LLC.
  • Revelry
  • RISKebiz
  • Scotiabank
  • Streami Inc.
  • Talkcrypto.org
  • Technical University of Munich
  • Texcent Asia Pte Ltd
  • TIS R&D Center, Inc.
  • TokenCard / Monolith
  • Ventured
  • Ypse IT Solutions

Chairman of the EEA Board, Julio Faura says “The technological breadth, depth, and variety of organizations coming together under the auspices of EEA to create and drive enterprise Ethereum standards bodes well for the future development of the next-generation Ethereum ecosystem”.

While talking about the rapid growth of EEA, he said,

“EEA’s rapid growth in membership mirrors the accelerating acceptance and deployment of Ethereum Blockchain solutions in the global marketplace”.

With a focus on confidentiality, privacy, security, and scalability, EEA aims to develop Ethereum-based solutions in collaboration with its members and Ethereum community worldwide. It won’t be wrong to suggest that Ethereum has the backing to take on BitCoin some day.

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