Mixing of Water in Petrol, is This for Real?

Recently a video has been making rounds on Facebook about a Shell petrol pump at Askari 4, Karachi, selling impure fuel.

As seen in the video, it appears that the Hi-Octane fuel has trace quantities of water mixed with it.

It was shared over Facebook and has since gone viral, with various people sharing it on groups all over social media.

The video shows Hi-Octane petroleum dispensed into a tall container with an operative dipping a hollow rod into the container and taking out a small bit of the fuel. He then drips it on to his hand and smells it.

A woman in the video complains about how her car broke down on the road due to water being mixed into the fuel.

The video doesn’t show any credible test done on the fuel itself let alone the question of mixing oil and water in the first place, hence the veracity of the fuel being tainted and all can’t be ascertained at this point in time.

We have reached out to Shell for comments on the video and are awaiting their response over the viral video.

As mentioned above, nothing can be said for sure until there are authorized reports from credible sources.

This is a developing story and we’ll be updating it as more details come in.

Update: The video has been removed by the owner.

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  • Everybody knows most of the pertrol sellers in Pakistan are corrupt and cheaters. Employees work on petrol pumps never miss the chance to make fool to buyers by engaging them in some discussions while pouring. During that time they use their pre-planned techniques to steal the amount of buyers by resetting the fuel meter.

  • May be the high humidity factor (seasonal).

    Our office Genset broke twice in last years due to water mixing complaint in diesel. Both times in September. I am not 100% sure but it was due to mixing of water during transportation (humidity – vapors mixing with fuel when its being transported in cans – turbulent state).

    One remedy is not to store full tanks while one is not using the vehicle for quite some time.

  • This Video is Absolutely Right, Recently i have to Take Both of My Bikes to the Mechanic because they were not Starting. When he Opened the Carburetor there was Water and i had to get my Bike’s Petrol Tank and Carburetor Cleaned,Replace the Mobile Oil and change the Spark Plug.

  • Petrol and high Octane are oil bases they don’t get mix with water at any point. When ever u pore petrol and water u ll find petrol floating over it. This can be cause of humidity. But it’s responsibility of pump owner to continously check their storage tanks.

    Normally owners are not the main culprits. Its the workers, they steal oil from tanks and in order to manage the stock levels they mix things. The owner is only involved when u don’t get exactly 1000ml against one liter. They calibrate their machinery for 970ml For price of one liter. They rest of the game is played by the fillers. They do it for their personal benefits.

  • I caught two kinds of robbery of this type. One was when a seller stop filling @ rs 433/500 and immediately reset the meter. The other was at a shell pump. Actually it has a dual control system (from the front as well as its back). My brother asked for rs 800 fill-up when it was 697, one guy tried to make him busy and the other set the meter to 800 from the back. When he complaint. they said that it was a technical problem.

  • water cannot be mixed in petrol both are different types of liquids , they might be added something else

  • Video no longer available.

    “This Facebook post is no longer available. It may have been removed or the privacy settings of the post may have changed.”

  • So far as I know water can’t be mix with petrol. It will be found in the bottom if you try to mix

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