A Person Just Backed Up 900 TB of SoundCloud’s Data

After news broke out that popular streaming service SoundCloud had 50 days before going offline, many concerned users starting to back up their playlists and other data over fears that their favorite tunes would be lost forever in the future.

One such user decided to go above and beyond, going so far as to claim that he has downloaded all 900 terabytes (!) of music and tunes from SoundCloud.

How Did it Happen?

The reddit user under the name “makemakemake” claimed that he transferred SoundCloud’s files over the weekend at a speed of ‘only’ 80Gb/s. It seems like he made use of Google’s cloud computing services for the task, which can transfer data at such high speeds.

Obviously, like you, many other users were wary of the claim and demanded some sort of proof. As a result a 100GB log file was posted shortly by the user as proof.

When asked for a link to the archive, he said that it would be quicker to download files off SoundCloud right now. His reply seems to indicate that he has no intention of making the data public right now.

It’s quite shocking that a user was able to transfer the files in the first place, considering there are usually bandwidth limiters on streaming sites like these to prevent such attempts. SoundCloud has not given any statement as of now.

The Archive Project

Another group which is attempting to preserve SoundCloud’s data is the Archive Project. They have preserved sites which were at a risk of going offline in the past. Some examples include Google Video, TwitPic and GeoCities.

The team has decided to save the data selectively to prevent any copyright claims due to the large original content present on the website.

In light of all this, SoundCloud has told its users that its not going anywhere and that it is financially capable of running through Q4.

But considering the recent 40% staff cut at SoundCloud’s offices and some earlier legal issues, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see the streaming service shut down in the coming months.

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