This is How Pakistan Looks All the Way Up from Space [Pictures]

Space has a certain way of making us seem small. All of Earth, billions of people, in a little pale blue dot. While Pakistan does not have its own space program, you can still find out how our country looks from miles above courtesy of satellites from other agencies.

Here are some of the most rare photos of Pakistan taken from space:

The orange line highlights the border between Pakistan and India

This picture of Karachi was taken by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet

Middle East is in the middle of this image whereas Pakistan is at the right side of it

Karachi shines brightest of all the cities in Pakistan

This picture of Pakistan from space show the snow covering a huge part of the land

NASA uploaded this image of Pak-China border on their website

Pakistan, India and the Tibetan Plateau captured from Space Station

Pakistan and India from space during the night

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    • No comparison of Karachi and Lahore. Karachi is a city of lights and mega city.

    • All images are photoshoped. That’s why no load shedding. You can search the web. Almost all photos of Earth from space are photoshoped. Any photo showing more than 3% of the earth surface is definitely photoshoped.

  • Agr last wali rat key hai, to baaki dim key huin? Din ko is trah lights nzr ati hain ooper se?

  • Last picture ka title hai “Pakistan and India from space during the night”. To baqi kiya din kay time lee hain jo itni lights visible hain !!!

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