Fire Erupts Inside The Centaurus Mall Islamabad

Fire erupted on the fourth floor of The Centaurus Mall Islamabad moments ago, eye witnesses have confirmed to ProPakistani.

While we are yet to ascertain the cause of fire, flames were seen on the eastern side of the building.

Eye witnesses said that the fire seemed to be located around the food court that’s situated at fourth floor of the building and a kitchen leak could be reason behind the incident.

Fire brigade vehicles were seen rushing to the spot.

Witnesses said that fire is in early stages and flames aren’t big enough to engulf other stories of the building. They said that fire should be controlled given the fire brigade vehicles are already at the spot.

It must be noted that fire erupted at a time when mall is likely to be empty or at least less filled due to late hours.

It also bears mentioning that this is the second incident where the safety of the biggest mall of Islamabad has been compromised. Earlier, part of the glass roof broke and fell due to severe winds in the capital city. No causalities were reported at the time, however, it posed fatal risk to those who were present in the building.

Centaurus Mall receives over 40,000 shoppers and visitors every day.

Update: We are getting reports that the fire has been contained and things are apparently under control as of now.

It is a high time that Centaurus Mall revisits its safety protocols, particularly the emergency exits and stairs that are not communicated to the visitors at all.

There are practically no stairs from basement to the ground and so is the case inside the main galley where major commute is done through electric escalators; which by design can not handle any emergency situations.