Acumen Fellows Program Opens Applications for Next Gen of Social Leaders

With an aim to build the next generation of social leaders with the audacity to transform society and create a better, more inclusive world, Acumen is seeking applications for the Regional Fellows Program for developing leadership skills among aspiring leaders and enthusiasts from all sectors of life.

What is Acumen Fellows Program?

Acumen Fellows Program is a leadership development program by Acumen – a charity organization working to revolutionize the way the world tackles poverty by developing leaders from diverse backgrounds, creating breakthrough innovations and improving economies and livelihoods by creating positive changes in the societies.

Regional Fellows Program is for individuals from Pakistan, India and East Africa, who want to eradicate poverty from their societies through innovation and will power. Acumen aims to develop leaders who are willing to solve world’s most pressing issue – poverty – through ideas, skill, and commitment to the cause.

20 Fellows are selected from all over Pakistan and are trained through seminars and virtual content in this fully-sponsored one year program, wherein leadership skills are developed and tested. The fellows will have the armada and the arsenal to challenge the status-quo, to bring the much-needed positive change in society by mobilizing communities and what not.

Who Can Apply?

Regional Fellows belong to diverse socioeconomic and geographical backgrounds. Anyone working for the social causes particularly in improving poverty conditions in the society can apply for this program. The following can apply for this program.

  • Social Entrepreneurs offering goods and services to the poor.
  • Public Sector Leaders tackling poverty through partnerships, policy changes or new models, while leveraging government machinery.
  • Community Organizer/Activist awakening communities and working for their cause.
  • Intrapreneur innovating how things work within organizations through new solutions and collaborations.
  • Organizational Builder acting as a strong “# 2”, supporting the growth of poverty-focused institutions from within, but not as the Founder/CEO
  • Who can participate in an English-medium program
  • Who is working to alleviate poverty from the region which reflects through your career/lifetime.
  • Who is fully aware of who he/she is and what drives him/her to devote for this cause
  • Who is looking to develop his/her leadership skills
  • Who wants to contribute and be a part of the Global Acumen Community

The Selection Criteria

The following can be selected for the Fellowship Program.

  • Individuals who’re currently working on bringing a positive change in society through any project, program, initiative or organization whether it is a social enterprise, grant-funded program, government initiative, or socially-focused project within a for-profit corporation
  • The individual must be someone who doesn’t accept the status-quo. Entrepreneurs and individuals who have the ability and the power to bring positive changes in the organization and society.
  • Committed to the region and would do everything in his/her ability to eradicate issues from the region.
  • Who can speak and understand English and has no issues with an all-English program.

The Timeline

The sequence for the program goes as follows:

  • Applications open on August 01, 2017
  • Application Deadline is September 1, 2017
  • Telephone Interviews will be conducted in August/September 2017
  • In-Person Interviews will be conducted in September/October 2017
  • Final Selection will be made in December 2017

How to Apply?

The online application consists of

  • Background information
  • Resume/CV
  • Short & long answer questions

For more instructions use this. Link to the Acumen site for more details regarding registration.

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