15 Amazing Images That Show Why Karachi is the City of Lights!

Did you know that Karachi is Pakistan’s largest ever city? And also that it is the 7th largest city in the world?

It is the financial capital of Pakistan and one of its most busiest cities as well. It’s also home to some of the tallest buildings in Pakistan too.

Amidst all this hustle and bustle, Karachi also happens to be known as the city of lights. And here are some pictures that prove why it earns its name in more ways than one!

Here’s why:

1. Nagan Interchange

2. View from UBL Tower

3. Karachi Port

4. Sea View

5. Mazar-e-Quaid

6. Teen Talwar

7.  Boat Shaped Mosque

8. Quaid e Azam House & Museum

9. Port Grand

10. Creek Vista

11. Dolmen Mall

12. UBL Tower

13. Shaheed-e-Millat Road

Credits: Haider Ali

14. Bahadurabad Chowrangi

Credits: Haider Ali

15. Ambala Corniche

Credits: Haider Ali

Featured Image Credits: Haider Ali

If you know the original owners of any of these photographs, let us know in the comments below so we can credit them.

  • Ap BAHRIA ICON TOWER (Clifton Karachi) (Pakistan Biggest Tower) Ko Bhool Gaye Ho !

  • 2. (Did you mean) View from UBL Tower to HBL Tower?

    • Yeah Jab K MCB Tower Bhool Gaye Pro Pk Wale :

  • Shahzaeb Aslam

    Not 7th , it’s 2nd largest city as per wikipedia.


  • Shahzaeb Aslam

    2nd largest city.

  • I’ve never been to Karachi, but after watching these pictures I am surprised :O

    • We Warm Welcome You !

    • BADAR

      kuch cheezain photos nmein hi achi lagti hain. so dont think about it. just enjoy

  • Sheldon Cooper

    Every city is a “City of lights” with long exposure

    • ahmadnowaz

      True, with better ISO value and long shutter exposure even dark sky can be made bright.

    • Afaaq

      I agree… I live in karachi and have been to nearly all these spots where the pictures were taken from. The long exposure and post processing is artificially hiding the dark spots seen everywhere due to load shedding. All I see in real life are dim lights and a lot of garbage on the roads. We have a long way to go for this to be a city of lights.

      • Arsalan Abbas

        kisi dusre ke samne to izzat rakhliya kro bhai apne mulk ki

  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

    Bahadurabad unreal lag rha hai.

    • Yaqeen Manu DSLR Effect hai

      • Muhammed Ovais Alam

        Bahadurabad (chaar minaar) khud ja kar dekho qareebi kisi building se pata chal jaega main kia keh rha houn.

        • Sorry Bahadurabad Wo Bhi Traffic K Sath No Way :,.,

          • Muhammed Ovais Alam

            Chaar minaar pe weekend k elawa rush nahi hota.
            Jabhi kehta houn beech main nhi kouda karo.

  • ahmadnowaz
  • Kashif Nawaz

    Karachi deserve more then these shiny photos. There is NO Public Transport System at all. Karachi should have a Public Transport System Like Mumbai, Tokoyo, London and NY City. But unfortunately PPP Governments only their to eat as much as money as they can. #ShameOnPPP

    • bc_propakistani

      bhai ap kuch karlo baatin cho**ay say bachat nai paida hoty :p
      Samgh nai aya tou pogo dekho