Careem Introduces Monthly Packages with Discounts

For many people, ride hailing services like Careem have become the go-to option whenever their own cars aren’t available or driving is just too much of a hassle.

While everyone agrees that these apps have a had a positive impact in terms of generating employment and providing another option in a country where local transport systems are still fairly undeveloped or too cumbersome, there have been rising complaints about surcharges and peak fares.

With the latest monthly packages offer from Careem, that complaint is completely addressed.

The monthly packages enables people to purchase kilometeres in bulk and never worry about the peak factor (or peak surges). Furthermore, airport surcharges are also waived off.

This is the second time Careem has introduced the concept of packages in its service and if you’re wondering what’s different this time around, it’s that the packages are not route-specific now and can be used for any trip.

So basically, Careem offers monthly packages on basis of distance now.

The packages are only available for Go service and payment is done via credit in your wallet. If your funds are exhausted, you can also pay via credit card.

Currently, there are three different packages which Careem offers:

  1. 100 kilometer — Rs. 2,300
  2. 200 kilometer — Rs. 3,440
  3. 400 kilometer — Rs. 8,100

Currently on the 100 km packages, passengers save up to 5%. On 200 km packages, you can save up to 10% and 5% can be saved on the 400 km package.

It is also worth mentioning that customers will still be a subject to availability of rides in their locations.

In addition, waiting charges can apply if waiting time exceeds 2 minutes per km. Waiting time is applied when the speed of the car is below 16 km/h.

This must be noted that least charging unit for a single ride is 5km. Any ride with lesser than 5km in distance will be charged with 5km flat.

Comparing Costs: How Much Do You Save?

This is a comparison drawn to highlight how much you will save on a per kilometer base if you avail the 100 km, 200  km and 400 km packages.

Currently, and on average, this is what Go charges are:

  • For 5 km — Rs. 132
  • For 8 km — Rs. 210
  • For 10 km — Rs. 263

By availing the packages, users will pay the following:

100 kilometer package:

  • For 5 km — Rs. 115
  • For 8 km — Rs. 184
  • For 10 km — Rs. 230

200 kilometer package:

  • For 5 km — Rs. 86
  • For 8 km — Rs. 137
  • For 10 km — Rs. 172

400 kilometer package:

  • For 5 km — Rs. 101
  • For 8 km — Rs. 162
  • For 10 km — Rs. 202

So as you can see, the savings are there. Maybe they would be less obvious if the discounts on the packages are eliminated but for now, the savings and the simple fact that you don’t have to worry about peak factors makes the Careem packages worth considering if you are a regular user.

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  • for 10KM, Go Usually charges me between 190-200 without Peak Factor. I don’t know on what basis you are showing 263+

    • Bhai woh rates discount ka sath hotay hein. Orginal sa compare kiya hai yahan pa.

    • He is right. I travel daily on careem and they charge me Rs. 190 to Rs. 200 for 9 to 10 KM.

  • 200 kilometer package:

    For 5 km — Rs. 86
    For 8 km — Rs. 137
    For 10 km — Rs. 172

    400 kilometer package:

    For 5 km — Rs. 101
    For 8 km — Rs. 162
    For 10 km — Rs. 202

    200 Kilometer package sasta hai aur 400 Kilometer package mehanga hai ?

  • Its better to buy own rickshaw than wasting money on other things.. Those people who cant afford car can travel on Rickshaws…People has a wrong concept that rickshaws are only used as a taxi purpose. But you can own your personal rickshaw and you family can travel on it easily with superb mileage .

  • Charges on 16km/h speed they deliberately will run it on 16km/h or below usually by driving deliberately behind the slowest car despite to many area vacant to pass away

    • i did not notice them doing that. the rating is in your hands, you can rate them poor if you find any suspicion like taking longer route, driving slow without even trying etc

      but taking other routes due to traffic, or rains, is acceptable. driving slow in water etc these should be acceptable to the customer.

  • they should also start thinking something about school pick and drop service – huge scope in that sector – looking at the halaat of private school vans

  • I am frequent user of Careem and a 9.9KM trip usually cost me around 200rs.
    Don’t know how writer came up with 260+ PKR for 10KM.

    The package option is available for me for like ages and the 200KM cost is 4400 PKR NOT what he wrote. Even after updating the app (right now) I got same pricing.

      • My comment is 1 year OLD.
        hadd hai bhai, dekh to letay ik baar date.

        Us waqt Mini thi hi nahi.

  • OP, one thing you forgot to mention that if waiting time consumed in trip is over 2 min /km then they charge 1km for each 2 min wait. Waiting time includes wait at signals, slow moving in traffic when below 16km/HR. So today they deducted 16km against actual distance of 12km.

  • Package validity at one place is 365 days while one month in another. Again 400km pkg costs more as compare to 200km pkg.
    Again direct booking can be availed for a distance less than five km, which may give reduced trip cost.

  • Hi,

    I need to know why should one buy your packages if your day to day rates are much cheaper than that.

    Like i useto travel from Tariq Road to Nazimabad which is around 14kms one side so we say 14 + 14 = 28kms per day.

    Now if i buy package of 200kms which is around 4,400 PKR, so i can have 7 visits RETURN on my this package which makes my one day trip for around 620 PKR (Return).

    Now, the estimated fare of Go Car is around 220 One Side so if we calculate 220 + 220 = 440 Return everyday (without peak in Go Car)
    Then it makes my 7 visits in 3,080… (7 x 3,080).

    So why should i pay 1,320 PKR more?
    Keeping in mind I usually travels on ZERO Peak hours.

    Isnt this a complete rip off from you guys??


    • Dear All,
      AC Car Pick & Drop Service available only for ladies from Tariq Road, G.Joahar to Shahra-e-Faisal. Kindly feel free to Contact: Sohail # 03212797829

    • bhai jan wo GO hay, aur aap GO-mini sai compare kar rhay hayn.

      aap to bikyea par jayn to apkai sirf 1200-1300 spend hongay total 7 visits kai.

  • Out dated information.
    Current packages are:
    100km Rs2100 (5% discount)
    200km Rs4000 (10% discount)
    400km Rs7300 (15% discount)

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