Three Reasons Why You Should Go For QMobile A1

QMobile recently launched its latest flagship smartphone, the A1. The phone comes at a price of Rs. 27,500 and is available at

The A1 includes several features which make the phone competitive within this price range. A large 5.5″ Full HD screen, an octa-core processor, 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage; the list goes on.

There are plenty of other phones in this price range come with these features. The question is, what makes the QMobile A1 truly stand out?

Here are the top 3 features of the QMobile A1.

Selfie Camera

While you may get the best primary camera, the best processor etc. with most phones, a large majority lacks a good front camera. QMobile A1 is one of the few phones which come with a front camera worth mentioning. It has a 16 MP sensor which should allow for more life-like selfies. There’s an LED flash too which lets you take selfies at night or in low light conditions.

That doesn’t mean the back camera is lacking in any way. QMobile A1’s primary camera comes with a 13 MP Sony IMX 258 sensor with phase detection auto focus and an LED flash.

Fast Fingerprint Sensor

In the age of Smartphones with fingerprint readers, speed is the key. QMobile A1 beats the likes of Apple iPhone 7 and Oppo F1s and unlocks in just 0.2 seconds.

Other smartphones in this price range have iffy front fingerprint sensors which often don’t unlock in the first or second tries. The A1, however, reliably unlocks every time.

Large Battery With Fast Charging

No matter how good or fast your phone is, it all comes down to how long it can keep up with your usage. What good is a high end Smartphone with all the bells and whistles that works for only half a day?

QMobile A1 comes with a large 4,010 mAh battery, which can easily last you through a couple of days. Large batteries also need a long time to charge up, not the A1 though. It comes with an 18 W adapter and dual charging ICs with fast charging support, which means that the QMobile A1’s battery charges up from 0-100% in 2 hours, despite the large capacity.

  • Just bought Xiaomi Note 4 for 25k and your saying this phone for 27k is better then that?


  • پرو پاکستانی بس کر دو پلیز!
    پہلے میں دن میں تین سے چار بار آپکی ویبسائٹ پر آتا تھا پوسٹس دیکھتا تھا
    تمہارا معیار اتنا گر رہا ہے کہ اب ہفتے ہفتے بعد آتا ہوں اور پھر وہی کیو موبائل کی گھٹیا سی ایڈورٹائزمنٹ
    پہلے تو اتنی شرم ہوتی تھی کہ اوپر سپانسرڈ لکھتے تھے
    اب تو سب ختم ہوگئی
    بے شرمی کی حد ہے کہ پورا سٹاف بک گیا
    مجھے پتا ہے کوئی بھی ویبسائٹ پیسوں کے بغیر نہیں چلتی
    لیکن وہ پیسے تم لوگ اشتہارات سے کما لیتے ہو
    زرد صحافت نا کرو
    اپنی ویبسائٹ کا نام تبدیل کر لو
    بکا ہوا پاکستان

  • ONE REASON for which I wont go for any model of Q mobile: Its commercials are very much against our culture and values

  • کیو موبائل کی مشھوری میں تو انڈین ایکٹر لازمی ھوتے ھیں ان کو اپنے موبائل بھی انڈیا میں بیچنے چاہیں یہاں نہیں

      • مسلہ نفسیات سے کھیلنا ھے اگر انڈین ایکٹروں سے فرق نہیں پڑتا تو پاکستانی ایکٹر کیوں نہیں لیتے یہ ایڈتم جیسوں کے لیے ہی بناتے ھیں

  • proadvetorial dot pk no one in their sane mind would go for kyun mobile keep your illogical logics to yourself and next time just put banners if you want to advertise dont make a fool out of yourself.

  • Elephone S7 in 15000 thousand with bezel less and 3d curved Glass displayand 64/4 GB and much much more. Everyone should go for it Even software version also getting updates for 7.1.1

  • Bhut outstanding chez bnai hai Qmobile ne. Camera shape speed display battery everything is great..

    • And copy of Gionee A1 or rebranded gionee A1 with mtk processors no future updates low quality

  • Dear all brothers I really don’t understand why we all are against Qmobile whereas this is the only company who let all everyone to use smart phones, how could you compare other brands with any other brand trust go and check online videos in which most of the tech guys always state that so far no device built which have no flows even in most expensive devices they still have some sort of minor but flows, further this A1 is not a copy its just a re-branded product to bring it in reach of common people f Pakistan. trust me guys I used Xaiomi Mi readmi note 2, note 2 prime version deccacore with helio X20 64 gb, readmi pro 4 gb 128 gb in all these models I found lack of camera quality and low volume in ear piece, MTK processors are used by so many bigger brands as well like our most favorite brand Samsung is using MTK board in Grand prime + crap device in 15K. I have check so many comparison videos of Gionee A1 and trust me it wins in over all aspects speed camers battery bult quality screen resolution etc.. try to check OPPO hell expensive same old design so far always use MTK boards not recomended for games at all lower in battery department and this A1 dose not heat at all in comparison of available phones in this price tags, now let me tell you guys that I am not a Qmobile user I am using note 5 at the moment but yes I like to read and check about new gadgets so that I share my opinion. plz brothers don’t take it personal Take care.

  • bakwas!!! here are 3 things:
    1 no software update promis
    2 not compatible with google cardboard or dayfream or gyroscope
    3 slow processor and even slower gpu and no after sale

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