Water from a Spring Kills 2 Children in Mansehra

The people from Khabal Village of Oghi Tehsil, Mansehra faced tragedy recently. Two young children from the village lost their lives after drinking contaminated water from a spring, with three others affected by gastroenteritis.

The incident occurred when Gulab Khan’s five children went on to drink water from a nearby spring. When they returned, their health started to deteriorate. They were subsequently shifted to the Basic Health Unit in Charbagh where Sadia, 11, and Mohammad Safdar, 3 lost their lives.

The other three kids – Mohammad Akhtar, Gul Nawaz, and Maimoona – were then taken to the King Abdullah Teaching Hospital in Mansehra where the condition of Gul Naz was referred to as being critical.


The District Health Officer, Dr. Shahzad said that announcements have been made using loudspeakers in the mosque to warn people about drinking water from the spring.

He added,

We declared emergency in local hospitals following the death of two siblings over the consumption of a spring’s contaminated water as suggested by preliminary investigation.

He also said that the people are being educated regarding the maintenance of hygiene to prevent an outbreak of gastroenteritis.

Cause of Death Uncertain

Investigations have begun in order to understand the cause of death. “Besides other possibilities, we are also investigating if something poisonous was added to the spring,” said Dr. Shahzad.

Samples have also been collected from the spring in order for them to be sent to the National Institute of Health, Islamabad, for detailed laboratory examination.

According to Dr Shahzad, a team of sanitation workers and medics and the hospitals were equipped with extra medicines were sent to the village.

Via Dawn

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    • I would have 2nd you but the thing is this wasn’t supplied by water board, water by springs is common in that area.

      What else is common there? School, and basic health units’ buildings damaged in earthquake in 2005 and still looking for provincial government’s attention. For PTI education and health was priority? Or may be only Swabi, Charsada and Mardan makes KPK.

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