FAW V2 Becomes the First Locally Assembled Chinese Car in Pakistan

FAW Motors, the Chinese state-owned automotive manufacturing company, has announced the launch of FAW V2 in Pakistan.

According to sources, this will be the first Chinese passenger car to be assembled completely in Pakistan.

The official announcement came at an event, which was held by company’s Managing Director Bilal Afridi. The event was attended by automobile dealers and vendors from all over Pakistan as well.

FAW V2 will be available for Rs 1.07 million in Pakistan.

During his speech, Bilal said that an initial investment of 2.5 billion rupees has been raised to set up the company and a further investment of 1.3 billion rupees for an improved local assembly setup, and ED Paint technology in their cars.

Talking about the market and company’s qualities, he said:

Our vehicles bring another category in the market where we provide luxury features of a car at affordable prices. We are now being recognized for quality, economy and technological brilliance.

Our products ranging from heavy vehicles to light vehicles cater every need of our commercial and domestic sector and we are rapidly gaining people’s trust.

“As a result of good response and with the encouragement of our customers, we have further invested rupees 1.3 billion in new assembling process and ED paint technology to improve our V2 with local assembly right here in Pakistan,” he added.

A locally assembled V2 would likely mean lower prices compared to the CBU, while a lower displacement engine would also ease out buyers in taxation and registration costs.

The Chinese company is hoping for a positive response as it aims to increase its production to 15,000 units per annum by the end of 2020. Moreover, FAW is also keen on introducing new models in Pakistan at a cheaper price.

Zarar is the Editor of Sports and Auto section and heads the Branded Content as well.

  • Only Assembled in Pakistan :
    What about Parts ? Which is totally imported form China : Not Possible to buy in Pakistan due to heavy cost:

    • Expert is here!

    • Abdul Wahab Chariya

      Lakh de laanaaat!

    • Danish

      is there any issue in importing parts from China?

      • Why They Say Locally Assembled : What is mean Parts manufactured in Pak .??
        As Simple As that Likhe NEW CAR Launch Howi Hai Low Price Main

        • Imran

          name describe itself why you fry your luch in it?? even chinese bike parts imported and assembled in Pakistan

        • Danish

          i don’t think you know anything about this industry. so plz

    • Guest

      Except engine all parts are made here

  • Anonymous

    Best value for money… even Suzuki’s higher priced cars cannot match the features and luxury of a FAW V2.
    I hope Pakistani consumers gets education and the buying trend changes. People should put more focus on safety and comfort features while buying cars rather than resale.

    • ZAB

      But it lacks auto transmission.

      • Chamki

        So does Wagon R & new Cultus (Celerio). FAW is going to introduce 1000cc V2 soon and it will be Mehran killer InsaAllah. REST IN PEACE HRL Z100.

        • shiva the destroyer

          Wagon R and Celerio in Pakistan?

          • Saeed Khan

            Yes Celerio is rebranded as cultus here

        • Ali

          Is there any given date for faw 1000Cc car as i am planning to buy a car

  • Glen Scott

    I think Faw v2 is the best car in 10,69,000 PKR price.
    Which includes 1300cc Engine, Airbags, ABD+EBD, Alloy Rims etc….

  • Anonymous

    I think if someone wants to buy a chinese brand in Pakistan than they should consider the competitor of Faw V2 also that is Z 100 which has more good features than Faw does. Its almost 7 features ahead of Faw V2

    • Syed M. Shariq Ali

      Please mention those 7 features!

      • Ali Baba

        One of those features are sun visor OMG LMAO xD

    • Chamki

      Oh please STFU, Z100 is 100% rip off. You think you can fool poor Pakistanis??? Its not year 2000. Its price is almost 12 Lacs and no airbags, no EBD, no ABS. You lying piece of Sh8t.

  • Kazmi

    The Drive of Z 100 is much better than Faw

    • Chamki

      I’ll be surprised if you guys would be able to sell 1 unit of Z100.
      HRL rest in piece, you stooooooopid employees are soon going to find new job. Kam as kam jhoot bol ke apni akhrat na barbad karo.. hahhahahahah

  • Danish

    Current CBU price is 1.07 million not local assembled, please correct.

    • Imran

      ye price of local assembled car will be same and they did not remove anything to reduce price like other manufacturer.. better quality same price (Y)

  • Adeel Ahmad

    Is range me koi 1300cc Gari nae mil sakti. I guess it’s best car in this range. Far better than pak Suzuki’s ch**ya product cultus VXL

  • Jahanzaib

    Dear Wahab I think u need to understand the difference between Assembled and Manufacturing, FYI we still lack in manufacturing better quality long lasting spares in Pakistan due to its cost is higher then the imported parts.