Pakistan Halal Food Authority Stays Non-Functional

Pakistan Halal Food Authority (PHFA) has been dysfunctional since its formation. The authority was created after the Senate Standing Committee on Ministry of Science and Technology passed a bill to establish it around 2 years ago.

Ironically, the bill to establish a Halal Food Authority was moved by the Ministry of Science of Technology instead of the Ministry of Religious Affairs as is the usual case.

The government had been deliberating on this bill since 2011 and it was only passed in 2015.

Even after its formation some two years ago, it has yet to discharge its responsibilities in a befitting manner.

The Authority’s Purpose

PHFA’s main purpose was to promote and enhance trade and commerce of Halal food products and to gain share in the international Halal food market. Another purpose of the authority was to prevent the import of Haram food products into Paksitan.

According to Khalid Siddiqui from Ministry of Science and Technology, 85% of Halal food items are exported to Muslim countries by non-Muslim ones.

An estimated $3-4 billion of Halal products are imported to Pakistan from Europe, America and East Asian countries among others.

Food Products With Haram Ingredients

Some of the food items imported in Paksitan contain Haram ingredients. The Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Mian Ijaz, shared a list of 19 such products, stressing upon the need of a Halal Food Authority to check these items.

Unfortunately the authority hasn’t been functional since its establishment so there is no way to check if more food items imported in Pakistan contain Haram ingredients or not.

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  • We have NGOs for everything but except for this purpose. No voice at all. We can gather thousands of people for politics but not a few for this purpose, that should be obligatory on us. Immensely Kafirana attitude of our business and government bodies. Shame Shame Shame on you.

    • NGO is only for getting Donations.
      Politics is only for making of funds, corruption & transferred money into international account.

      Pakistan Pura Ka Pura PRIVATE People & PRIVATE Organization Par Chal Raha hai

  • So my family went shopping from hyperstar in world trade center islamabad. They bought pangasius fish fillet(vietnam) in a really cheap price which i couldnt digest(though stopped everyone from eating it). so i went online and searched for this fish and the shit that came up you cant even imagine how they bread this fish. Urine from pregnant women fgs!!!!. So we went to store returned these and told the management abt it. Its been a year its still a hot item always in stock and in high quantity. Its a fucking catfish(pangasius hypothalamus) and dont get me started on imported cereals containing pork and ignorant people feeding them to their kids. Government is at fault but so are we if we just google the product before buying it and stop consuming it maybe the importers will stop importing. AND I AM NOT A !) FEET BEARDED JIHADIST NOT A LIBRTURD JUST A MIDDLE ROAD KIND A GUY.

    • Sorry to say sir we should not blame govt specially Pak govt for everything.
      Nobody raise the voice on this issue because of lack of knowledge.
      I believe that we need to educate people.

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